For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


I leave it to you to Google this yourself

"The Story of India"

find either YouTube or better still the torrent of the whole series. It is a great documentary by the BBC on India and our own history, every single one of us, dating back to times 10-15,000 years ago, with wheeled vehicles, horses, complex written language and, surprise surprise, people taking a concoction of Opium, Cannabis and Ephedrine to induce spiritual dimensions.

From this came the writing, the oldest known historical text, the Rig Veda a text that had been passed on orally previous to the writing and one that combines the spiritual past of man and the historical bricks-and-mortar past too.

An amazing history that was kept alive and lives on in India today! over 10,000 years later!

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The non-fix

I've said this so many times and even heard that it is not so original at all, recently on a new recording (to me at least) I've head Alan Watts quoting someone saying similar in 1945.

The idea is, and I just restated it yet again over on The Rambling Taoist in a comment;

"It is those who attempt to shape the world who make such a mess of it. My choice then is to not attempt to fix the world, lead by example in doing this, and just wait for nature to correct the balance (as she does so well). Interference no matter how well intended always, no exception to date, messes things up more."

I prefaced the statement with a question "Is the following an excuse or wisdom indeed?" and after posting I went through a routine in my head.

A) States the above " "

B) "The fact you began with a question means that you are unsure of yourself and my answer would be; yes, it is an excuse, and further that your method of not-fixing is a method in itself so also fails by its own definition."

A) "Ha, well done, but my non-fixing is wu wei and right along side Tao, I do not do I just allow her flow, and trust the solution will come."

B) "The fixer is also going with the flow and maybe it seems cross grain to you but this is the very fix Tao has in mind."

A) "Indeed we can say of the Amazon that the destruction is a great thing as all that needs to be reborn must first die, all that is to grow a new must first be destroyed. I am however talking of the path of nature. While man prevents one forest fire, thus saving that which should never have been saved, he also destroys another patch of land for financial gain and this land should not have been destroyed. In either way it is the great way of nature to redress balance and grow back. This, natures way, is the Tao I will not stand in the way of. The fix for me is to let her be the clock for what perishes and when regrowth shall come and let man find wonder in that so he does not need to seek wonder in destruction. Destruction that is an outward expression of inner disharmony."

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Everyone does something and this is the world

It seems to me that everyone does something and it may well be that the daily routines of a materialistic day-to-day person are not different to those of a sage or nun who follow routines to keep them focused on what they believe to be real over what they believe to be not.

I accept all of these ways as being the way in motion but I am inclined to think that those who live more simplistic lives are less troubled by the world and so live in a more sustained and comfortable manner.

This is what these people MAY do on a daily basis.

"Enlightened" (not that we really know)
Sit in silence, smiling or content. May answer questions when asked.
Eat minimally. No intoxicants. Likely to have a base they rarely stray from. Pleasure is from being itself and having no distinctions to trouble the mind.

Set routines may involve a rarely changing pattern of sitting in contentment. Likely to have people bring offerings of food and so on.

Happy free, learned. May live mainly alone, may have followers and visitors they answer questions of or guide. May often wander may have a base.
Will eat light or in some cases eat heartily if circumstances say so. May use intoxicants. Likely to eat from nature and gifts.

Set routines could be strict, such as waking, eating, meditations, praising, mixed with seemingly random fits that follow nature.

Eats light to normally, no intoxicants. Gives and gives. Always looking to help others. Lives frugally, moves frequently, rarely a fixed base. Sole aim to help others.

Set routines likely to involve prayer, reading of scripture, giving respect to images and or places in nature.

Likely to live alone and only mix with similar folk. May interact with day-to-day people to give medicine, healing advice or so on. Eats light, from nature and some gifts. Likely to use intoxicants to enter states and explore realms not normally seen. Likely to wander and have a number of places to stay which are likely nature based.

Routines could well involve intoxications, nature based events such as events defined by star positions, seasons. May follow pilgrimages to set places at set times.

Likely has a base, may wander. Strict diet. Likely to want to give out teaching and likely direct in methods. Probably reads, may write or use art such as painting, carving or gardening to display creativity and to occupy time.

Routines likely strict such as waking, meditation, worshiping of past masters, teaching times, eating times.

Strict diet, perhaps strictly enforced exercise, culturally related say tai-chi, yoga, martial art..

Usually a very strict routine of devotion. Much time spent following set patterns of wake, prayer/meditation, eating, and routines defined by the master.

Religion a key part of life and time spent but also involves family. Time spent in contemplation. Not so strict diet but some restrictions. May restrict intoxicants or use a select few. Likely to pray quite often, likely to seek and take advice of leaders and attempt to adjust inner cravings into line with defined betterment.

Routines will involve daily routines of work and family mixed with weekly and yearly cycles of key events.

Lives a normal life of work, family friends. Has a calling or tradition to uphold but this is not the key drive in life. Eats freely and intoxicates as defined by the law of the land.

Routines are to wake, work, eat, shop, seek release, seek entertainment, seek self gratification by betterment over people in similar places to them and seek to change their life on a scale as defined by material ownership, external looks and money.

Not really
As above but spirituality is likely to be rarely fulfilled bar for occasional interest in self improvement books and systems pointing to increasing material gain by spiritual half-truths. Most pleasure taken from material goods and intoxicants.

Not at all
Completely involved in daily routines of work, family, entertainment, material goods. Distaste or no interest in a spiritual outlook finds the material world enough of a distraction and only growth seen is in material ownership, status gains and dull intoxicated highs.

No path
Wanders out of society with no spiritual calling. Eats by availability, intoxicates by necessity, also by availability and solely as escape. A wanderer with no path. Generally a life of suffering.

Routines involve set patterns of wandering, scrounging.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt46

Live first at peace with yourself. Discover your spirit, then your true nature, work from the inside out; arrive at your new ego last with a new realisation of oneness and compassion for all life. The new you and new others will come together to form new influence over anyone you interact with. By understanding your own true nature first, you discover the nature of all and you will carry this with you in every act until with a world of newly awake people we will have evolved into a heavenly reality and not the hell most people claim to see on earth now.

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A tidbit

America spends more on prisons than schools and a majority behind bars are there for drug crimes.

What that means is that society has chosen and embraced tobacco and alcohol as intoxicants and anyone choosing another intoxicant (although many of them are not intoxicating but spiritual in nature) are worthy criminals worth more than educating the youth.

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Shaman Documentory

On the subject of documentaries I'm revisiting one I had watched before, it is also (along with the one recommended down the page) very good.

Shamans of the Amazon

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Best Documentary I've seen in a long time

Holy Men and Fools by Michael Yorke

Here is Dr Michael York discussing the movie after a screening.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt45

*deleted* very long and rambly.

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The holy spirit

I had a bit of a joke post about breath being more important than god some time ago but now reading the Upanishads there is a clear link between the holy spirit, air and the reason that the holy spirit can not be tainted.

The reasoning in the text is of how sight may be tainted (by the mind basically) to form good and bad sights, so too sound, so too smell, taste and so on. Breath however is untainted, being both useful on in and out and never having a quality good and bad attached to it (unlike smell, taste, sight, touch, sound) - The sacred spoken tone of Om is this resonant purity and (although translated to English using English terminology) there is a strong feeling that this is the holy spirit, breath itself.


Additionally if they were all tripping on Soma and the sights, sounds and so on could lead to dualistic good and bad trips, then perhaps this holiest of holy syllables, Om, was a way of getting a level.

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Rig Veda the magical mushroom mystery tour

Read the Rig Veda (oldest known written text dating 4-12,000 years old) and tell me it is not about drinking a hallucinogenic potion to induce spiritual highs.

And that lead to the mother religion of recent years, Hinduism, which can easily, by anyone with an eye half open, lead to Christianity and so on.

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Immortality again

I've been attempting to research the Chinese side of the Tao again and its not too fruitful. My attention was perked up by a visit of an Anglican priest to a Taoist retreat on an impossibly high and steep mountain but the insight was minimal. Further searching has lead me time and time again to the Taoist side of Taoism that I find all flowery and insubstantial. I am as you will have gathered into philosophical Taoism and even as such I often use that to springboard into my own take. Even given the title of this blog Tao for me is just a philosophy that at best points the same way as me but not something I label myself as. No label is me.

Now time and time again the Taoist ideas on immortality pop up as you research this area and I have voiced my own opinions on this subject before but am inclined to do it again. The view is nearly always that one may cultivate their human form so that it either lasts longer than average or even escapes the grips of death altogether - and for some reason people find this desirable.

I rarely get too tied up in ideas that speak of "this energy, this avatar, this method, this becoming" or so on, I nearly always speak instead of an inner completeness, a non-divided oneness where "I" is the totality and "I" is not a separate entity - by this view I see immortality as something quite different to the standard view.

In the complete oneness model which pure Taoism, Zen, Ch'an, Vedanta and others speak of there is no separate self and so you are already infinite, you exist previous to such mind made notions as time and neither the minor blip of human existence or the huge scales talked of in the physics of space are more than fantasy created to explain something already misunderstood. Like a chess piece attempting to explain the universe by the constraints of the game he believes to be real.

You're infinite, deathless and immortal because you are the infinite dancing and so you are the reason for time, not some entity constrained by it.

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parsley sage rosemary and time on my hands

The unenlightened state is asking what it should do to become enlightened( - seeker), or lower down the scale it is asking what it should do to ease the mind, to occupy the mind or so on( - general person in day-to-day life).

Prior to this state was the non-asking state and unmanifest energy, be they for the sake of vocabulary, Yin and Yang. The person was undisciplined so this state was not maintained and Yin or Yang were allowed to rise out of balance or they began to dance in a way. This activity gave rise to a person-world and the person was lead to ask either "what shall I do to occupy myself" (- general person) or "What must I do to gain enlightenment" (- seeker).

The general person we know looks to the media, entertainment, self gratification and other such fixes which temporarily occupy the mind and distract it from unease. We also know though how this leads to more unease, the care of opinions of others, the maintenance of the distractions and an inevitable tumble as mind again takes over.

The seeker is attracted to distractions but is aware of methods to draw the mind not to distraction but back to its root. Not to satisfy cravings of imbalanced Yin and Yang but to instead cultivate Te from this interaction and use that energy to draw back to the root, to neutralize the imbalance and again settle to the Tao, the state where all just is.

A master, can see the patterns arising early and cope well with them, they may also have routines in life that help them stay centered and so less liable to suffer imbalance.

A sage is so rooted that such rises and imbalanced moments are mere shows that go to enforce their solid unwavering grounding.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt44

[Things Te would say.]

Heaven and hell are only experienced by us in life. You could have been a mother of a bomb victim or a young father in Africa of a family all with AIDS. You could be miserable because you care about something someone said, even though their intentions, reasoning, your comprehension, mood and more stood between them and you, you chose to occupy a negative created by your interpretation, you chose! You could be an old man by a lake fishing, wearing ancient clothes, and a huge contented grin. You could have used your brain, looks, physique or a skill to make money. Your bank balance could have over 8 digits. You could be anyone and you are just that to someone. Let us act as one and feed the world first, then form an economy afterwards and stop acting with individual importance, no matter how small or controlled it seems, it’s there. Yes you have desire; you want to be who you want to be. So do. The world is made entirely of great people who will live together joyously when they are free from influence which places them at odds with others. The actual guys in the armies fighting for fabricated (you know better than to deny this) reasons are guys who eat drink and think about sex and want to be happy. That’s the guys on both sides, they don’t really care which group of oil barons gets a particular contract, even if they don’t go to the same church. Why do we show allegiance in war when we would never kill a child, to a country who enforce tax and law on us including laws not to kill? Like we need telling! Why accept the reasoning? Why are these soldiers killing each other for men who wouldn’t even enter a fist fight themselves but do so want control of a certain flow of cash? Those ones who stand above us and decide there will is best. Leaders, are acting with an unchecked lust of result, they have decided that their thoughts are, in the main, correct and just and that countries and people of the world or small companies and people of the world can depend on their perception and desire over their own free will and wishes. They occupy these roles because we service them, by voting or not, we let them in, respect their claim of control, accept their reasoning and any action even when children die and millions starve. While we know that the majority of people interested in power mean well, they cannot bring about anything coherent or lasting, will make mistakes, and will be biased. This is not due to the minority affecting them, but by the impossibility of building static rules for a dynamic. Although anyone with the desire for rule should be filtered wisely if for no other reason than this desire, we are to believe that the best ones get the job. Even so the best intentions to rule without complete adaptability will fail some people by overly benefiting others and as people vie for a position in this fabricated divide we instantly develop a vast canyon of separation. The flow will absorb interference and unwittingly our actions will have effect, perhaps never connected or seen for years. But if you are still missing the evidence all around you…!

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Nothing Tao Religion Tao Nothing

Nothing Tao/Dharma Religion Tao/Dharma Nothing is the path that life surely takes.

First there is no description then there is Tao, then come the religions, then through disagreement they are exposed, back to the simple Tao, and then forgotten again, nothing.

This does not need to be a cycle of many years though that we must watch or expect to end, not at all. As as one person somewhere is taking on a religion to serve some inner call so too someone is casting one aside. This cycle is more a natural intertwined system where all possibilities are always the case.

It may well be that you are leaving religion and seeing the purity of Tao, maybe you are seeing from the wisdom of Tao that simplicity needs no name - maybe you are upset by life and turning towards religion... so all of these go on together, but following this flow.

That is in fact Tao and that is in fact Dharma, the recognition of this natural flow and how all people are somewhere in it. Not that a great cycle is underway that we are all attached to, no, but that we all flow our own ways and that flow is.

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My greed

This is what I'd do with a whole ton of money.

I'd take a piece of land in a place with a good climate, encourage people who want to live from the land, do yoga, tai chi, or similar, read books, meditate, relax in hammocks, to join me and then I'd sit as one of them and enjoy my time.

With only such ideas as keeping the place neat and non-toxic to the nature we sat within there would be few other rules and these rules only to discourage the out right slacker from thinking this would be an ideal place to waste their life.

For most who chose to live so simply, meditate, read and discuss eastern philosophies, live from the land and so on the idea of keeping the place nice would be natural.

And their I'd stay.

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Reclaiming the Unnamed

I'd shaved my hair. The reason is it is practical, I don't care how I look, I have a diastase for paying for something I don't really want and not liking the results, so I just shave it every so often.

At work someone I had not known so long asked why I had shaved it, so as the real answer is dull, I said it was for religious reasons. Naturally after the slight to and fro in their head of should-I-should't-I they asked me what my religion was, and as I don't have one I said, I have not named it yet.

This left them a little stumped but where most dull people would give an "oh, right" they smiled and said "that's good", which it is (even though they were still humouring me). It is very good.

Going back to mans' roots to the times that combinations of wonder and curiosity went to forming ideas on the world I'm quite sure that their first ideas were not to name and formulate their ideas. It was only when differing groups, much much later, attempted to communicate ideas did the names and formulae come about.

At the beginning when ideas are pure they are not trapped by words even the name Tao is a horrible trap leading to books and books, more and more words, just to attempt to get the definition right - and you can't. Dharma in many interpretations is the same as Tao, an underlying principal of the universe, but so too a million more words will be written on their dissimilarities. Nameless as I have often said is the only sure bet.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt43


Yan and Yin realised Nirvana a few years later. They experienced a similar offering from nature and with Te’s guidance they knew there was no better way.


All live in the Garden of Eden now. They will all die a natural death and meditate to the one they are so aware of, painlessly, with joy, as and when that natural part of the ripple occurs. The escape they all found was that ability to reach the state away from the pain of attachment and not following ideals set and perceived by others but realising everything has its own nature. Everything is at its correct point at any given time because it can only be that way. Whether sprouting, budding, flowering, cross-pollinating, going to seed or wilting, you will always have your root in nature.

*(Not quite. there are 47 parts.)

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt42

He assured his parents that their choices in life and in lifestyle were good. Their choices regarding him had not only given him a chance of rebirth but had vastly enriched their existences. He assured them that there was a way and their path was a good one.

Yin and Yan lived out their years in harmony with nature. They spoke to Te using a meditation technique. Yan learnt much of science. With age he grew more spiritual, after all he had had some experience of religion now! And science, his life’s love, did hold answers that people in his mindset needed. One day there would be one answer for all, it would account for conciseness. Yan learnt that his own viewpoints were not entirely without merit. Just, maybe, needed, some of the words changing, and some new ones adding in their place!

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8000 asanas

It's the two moves towards the end that I just can't do. The one where he gets like a 6 pointed star and the one soon after when he gets the mandala pose.

Maybe you have grown tired of the few asanas you know so here are a few more to practice. I know for some people just bending to touch the toes is too much and for others a one hour session is too short and in either way here is Baba (who's 86 years young) giving you a few new moves.

This is from the documentary "Kings with Straw Mats" which I recently found in a folder with some much better movies on the same subject. I just had to post this particular clip though just in time for you to set your new years resolutions to learn the whole routine.

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You must be strong and have faith

"You must be strong and have faith" they say.

Really? I'd say to be effortless and not try at all would be automatic oneness.

Any strength, faith, determination and trying is of the ego and doing nothing but drawing you deeper into the illusion of the separate suffering you.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt41

Back at their paradise camp Yin and Yan were overwhelmed with a vision, Te appeared to them both as if really there, and he communicated. He gave them both the most helpful and heartening news, he had seen the illusion they call life. He had been made aware of their plan, was happy to say it had found its most fitting conclusion, and was grateful for the gift of viewing their human lives. He told them that his life could have been no more pure and that it was not death but Nirvana, the escape from Samsara; or more importantly the realisation that Nirvana and Samsara are the same, and in this way he had been shown a gift few people in the modern world would ever enjoy.

Without saying too much Te explained that without the constraints applied to the few billion people all over planet earth, escaping the constraints of Maya to reveal Nirvana was the natural way for a human to enjoy bliss and exit life as we know it. Enlightenment was there for all of man until a few thousand years of progressively more ‘modern’ thinking. The pollution of the mind and the constant battle between the polarity of right and wrong were leaving most souls in an endless loop of existence. Many people were not aware that escape from the extremes perceived in life was to view their own apparent relativity to them and their merely conceptual boundaries then escape.

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money in motion

I'm watching "Regaining your Sovereignty" which is of interest to me as while my spiritual self is quite happy with being no one my name self is quite trapped by this manufactured system the world uses.

I'm reminded about some responses to money as raised by people questioning spiritual people on money.

Questioner (to spiritual guide) "Does not your attracting donations soil your spiritual freedom and path to liberation?"

Spiritual guide "Money is fine as long as it flows. It comes to me, I use it to give all the people in my care bread and butter. It comes and it goes again, flowing, facilitating trade, no attachment.

Money is only a problem when held on to, hoarded and so desired."

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Imagine predicting the future based on the stars,

but being unable to predict tomorrows weather.

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As Tao continues

As Tao continues beyond its description so too shall I flow to where I don't know.

It must be beyond that descriptive part of the mind that truth is truly worth knowing and so, I go.

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I was sitting very peacefully looking over the water near my house as swarms of people went about whatever it was they were doing. Where I was sitting there was a little space as I had chosen a spot where the natural flow of people didn't seem to go.

Along came a man who seeing this space decided to make use of it, he sat quite near to me shuffled himself until comfortable and lit a cigarette. So naturally I let off a big fart and held my breath until he and his smoke left for a new place to sit.

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never ceases

People thought the 60's and Woodstock were important events, the hippie times, the people going crazy and defining change through spiritual highs and out of the ordinary lifestyles.

Had they never seen India? An estimated 2,000,000 known Sadhus live dedicated only to such lives, millions follow these ideas either as short pilgrimages or as life long dedications. Worshiping nature, submersing themselves in wonders of the earth, reaching heights unimaginable with a linage dating back far beyond any modern religion and back to times we assume were cave men hunting buffalo.

Should modern society kill itself or should it blossom to new heights always there will be that line of people, known in books as sages, sadhus, mystics, wanderers, living on their magical ways, ways that modern society only once leaned towards because a chemical escaped the lab just long enough to open the door so we could see.

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On the hole

I'm just back from a cycle ride which on the whole was great and on the hole was a little sore. Sore hands too, it's been a while since I rode so far and a few things rubbed, but it was great.

I headed out initially towards the beaches, starting and Bondi I rode the length from north toward the southern end where I watched the skaters on the skate park. I love watching them and I love the organic flow of the graffiti on the park, far more natural than the vast lump of curved concrete that goes to make the promenade.

From Bondi I continued south up a little then dropping down to Tamarama beach a nice quiet beach with high cliffs, the rocks are great to look at here and from there I continued to Bronte beach which is a very lovely smaller cove popular with families and the more relaxed folk taking a step away from Bondi.

The choice then was either onward to more beaches ending at Coogee or to turn inland towards the park and I chose the latter. It is a very steep climb from sea level up to the peak where the huge park starts but after that it is nearly all down hill through the park and towards home.

This part of the ride was by far the best, as much as I like having great beaches right by the city this big park with its several lakes is where I find great peace. Birds sing, trees sit with great pomp and the water feeds all. I took some time to rest my hole and sit taking it all in before I headed back home.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt40

As his parents sadly pondered their actions, Te went to a part of the island only he knew of. It was a waterfall of intense beauty secreted in the heart of the island. Te knew that this was the best time of day to be there. The waterfall was in shadow most of the day but at noon the sun shone down through the water creating a heavenly image of twinkling droplets and shafts of light. Te leapt from the top of the waterfall, a daily bit of fun for years now, but this time not. As he fell, nature told him that his life could get no better. With no chance of a mate, he had served nature in the best way possible-. Te realised there were divisions and choices in life. As he accelerated towards the plunge pool, he was given visions to comprehend. He chose what he understood to be fair. Falling now at almost the speed of the water his mind and body began to fade from the four dimensions of the world around him. By the time the splash should have occurred Te realised Nothing.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt39


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The problem with ecstasy

The problem with ecstasy is that no one had any problem using it. It was a massive hit benefiting all from the shy, to the cancer victim to the person who wanted fun. What it did not do was produce a taxable controllable product, so it had to be controlled by government in the only way they know how - discredit it, dirty it's name and make it illegal.

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Quantum shift

For humanity to understand and accept the benefits of psychedelics would be as big a shift as it was for science to make the shift from Newtonian to Quantum physics - and many have still not made that shift.

Maybe the reason we don't understand our past is because our ancestors did understand what is still out of our reach. With drug control as it is then understanding is forever stunted and at the same time the few humans on earth who have a hold on the psychedelic world, the Aboriginal and the tribes people, are left misunderstood and approaching extinction.

Did cavemen hunt kill and paint walls or were they a fantastically advanced race painting visions on rock faces?

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The fallout of paraniod views on LSD

The most paranoid and affected people on LSD were the ones who did not take it.

The DEA, made to fight the war on drugs, a budget that could never be cut grows for 30 years to billions and billions a year for a war that has never been and can never be won.

"A disaster ever worse than alcohol prohibition. What it has done to the criminal justice system is indescribable. More than half the people in federal prison are there for drug offenses. We are arresting half a million people a year for possession of cannabis. We are locking up kids, sometimes for life for first offenses. We have no room in our prisons for rapists, child molesters and murders because we are filling them up with these non-violent drug offenders."

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Who can see life as it *really* is

Is it entirely anti-sociable and thereby wrong to be an LSD dropping hippie dude who wants to sit in a field next to a multi-coloured bus and discuss the fabric of reality?

Is it extremely wrong to be so determined in the future stability of the world that one man enrolls in politics and demands that thousands go to war to kill millions in the name of 10's of past dead?

Is it unquestionably bizarre to want to work a job to support a child through day-care?

Should one who talks to invisible people be locked in an asylum?

Should one who talks to God be held in high esteem?

All of these people can be seen as wrong and all can be seen as dead right. Only a couple may be said to see life as it really is and none of them actually do.

The politician and the religious man are the most crazy in my eyes, the one working to support a child through day care is a sad artifact of the current social current.

Everyone sees reality but none see the same one, perhaps only the man on LSD is wise to the fact that reality is a construct.

The reality seen is not the only one, far from it, the reality we see is one version of an infinite realities simultaneously unfolding. The only reality "as it really is" is the infinite itself and any view of reality from one persons view is not that.

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Can the mystical experience of saints be obtained through drugs?

Was the mystical experience of mystics nearly always the result of drugs?

How many vicars do you know who have had a mystical experience, produced a work of wonder and promoted peace and love - and how many just read ancient stories, unrelated to the modern world, as if bored?

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt38

Yin and Yan expected a reunion. They did not know that Te had been observing them for over two years and was yet to consider them any more pressing an engagement than the other characters the island had to offer. They looked up in anticipation of Te climbing down from the tree and offering an apple. Te, however, was looking the other way at an animal dropping from the sky and swooping up from the sea with carrion; sadly their chance had been blown. Te had attempted to interact some time ago now and since the strange reception he now only saw his parents as a curiosity, as much a part of the land as him, but as distant as the sky.

Yin spent hours gazing into the tree tops. She did not want to interfere with Te but expected at some time that he would come down, at least out of curiosity. Without warning Te swung to a near by tree, then another and down - but quickly out of view. With no better ideas Yin called Yan and asked him if he would join her in thought.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt37

Te’s life was so much more a part of nature than that of his parents. They seemed to live from the land and enjoy its many pleasures; they attempted to define ownership, and left a mark. Te was the land he interacted with it as one, he took and he gave, he was integral but would not be missed.

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Real books on Taoism

You'll want real books, if you are into the ideas surrounding Tao you'll want more than a few translations of the Tao Te Ching and Chunag Tzu, you've probably found Hua Hu Ching and the Lei Tzu but you've probably also found a load of rubbish peddling itself as the "Tao of X (Y or Z)", Taoism in the A (B or C) and so on telling you everything from inner cultivation to how to arrange your tea set. There is a load of crap out there and only a few and select truly good books.

There may be a few modern writers who can hit Tao on the head but very few I know of. Thankfully one such person came to the attention of The Rambling Taoist and now several written pieces have been published. I carry one complete book The Book of Chen Jen and that is free for you to get a hold of. The Rambling Taoist also publishes books in sections for example The Simple Way The Life & Teachings of Zhouzi which is being serialized now. To get to an index of that book and others go here - look in the left navigation bar under the name Scott Bradley.

What Scott has is the ability to write new stories in the classical way with great depth, meaning and importantly, humour!

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No Time 2

It is always midday, always midnight, always sunrise, somewhere.

It is always winter, always summer, always a tree is falling somewhere.

Someone is always happy, always someone is sad, someone is always being born, someone is always at death, and it's always you.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt36

‘Good morning baby’ called Yan, Yin broke her pose just enough to raise a wave and present a rich smile.

The conversation at breakfast that day was just a little different than normal as it veered to the past and the day with the lizard. Both had allowed their differences on that matter to pass over, it had not been mentioned.
‘Maybe that is natures way?’ said Yin
‘This was our way of finding out…’
‘It was Yan, but I feel like I have allowed my emotions to get in the way, we have now lost not only the answers, but our Te’ Yin looked intensely sad.
Yan reached out to Yin and as he did he saw something in the corner of his eye. He made sure what he was seeing was what he thought it was then he gently pushed Yin’s head to the direction he was looking. Both could feel flushes of joy in their system.

In the tree tops a figure, much more man like than they remembered, was looking down at them. A familiar pose, he was holding an apple. Te had been using the treetops to watch over his parents for most of the time they had not known his whereabouts. He had learnt much of the life they chose to live; it was a different as can be to his.

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cyclic time, linear time - no time at all

Certainly more spiritual is the notion of cyclic time over linear. Linear has creation and destruction and order, cause effect and meaning which all lead to a whole host of issues such as reason and top-down control, also such wonders of creation over such horrors as destruction and such pains as life after death and eternity in damnation.

Cyclic time is a wiser, nicer, description that says we, like the planets and seasons, go through cycles so good times are always replaced by bad and back again.

What I must draw attention to though is that time itself, linear or cyclic, is mind-made illusion. Taking the Hindu notion of Kalpas, extremely long time frames that the great cycle transitions through, we are lead to consider a highly inventive and pictorial story of times of great perfection slowly degrading to times of lesser and, obviously eventually resulting in pure horror only to then swing on through back the other way as times improve once again. In some tellings the cycle sort of jumps from total destruction to a new birth and this in a way fits linear views.

What is more the case though is not cyclic time, be it vast or not, but no time at all and simply a viewpoint. In all moments there are people living terrible lives and people living perfect ones. The world always seems to be degrading or at a point of decay where people talk of either end times or a time where the cycle should reverse but in the non-time view it is simply that there exists the total net of infinity and this can be seen in any way by each and every observer.

With infinity we must accept that an infinite universe can not cycle, it must instead be all possible configurations at once and always. It can only seem to change because as a part of the infinite dance it brings about complex characters who form a world, time and space from senses and minds. These beings who are just one configuration of the infinite produce a view that seems to have time, space, cause-effect and meaning. That is the fascinating place of the human, seemingly creating a little blip in the infinite that has meaning, right wrong and duration.

Simply a little bit of the infinite universe that seems to be the entire universe. What a fun game Tao plays, for never and never.


So it does not cycle good/bad, it just always seems to contain good and bad. As long as there is mind, there seems to be 'as-long-as' and good and bad. Being that the infinite is always infinite then you need not concern yourself with the suffering or pleasure others seem to have or not but just to live in acceptance that you are playing a part of the infinite dance under a vivid illusion that of so called reality.

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sticky leaks

A scenario to concider:

Assange used as scapegoat and fall guy for a situation where some not so secret stuff is released, the backlash is mass hacking of mainstream sites such as Amazon and some banks with threats of this hitting government sites. (already happened)

People begin to fear this and after hacking goes epidemic suddenly the internet as a whole goes under. People on-mass call for the internet to be controlled and the internet becomes a very controlled, limited and non-free (as in beer and speech) place.

The solution being that Wiki Leaks was a 911 kind of event brought about with the intent of forming a fake situation where the intent is to cause humanity to demand protection they do not need and give away more of their freedom.

...yet this could also simply be a wider way to slight the character of a hero and only time will tell if this particular side-show of wikileaks will result in anything positive. Of course we all hope for the best but in the world of espionage how can we ever know?

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Julian Assange views

A worthwhile alternative and deeper view of Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks on Red Ice Radio. Deeper than the mainstream media and speculative in nature.

Key question: "Is Wiki Leaks the controlled opposition?"

[with the intent of drawing together people interested in this information to one place and away from the bigger picture]

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt35

Two years and some months later, Yan’s record of time was awry, he woke on what was now a more typical morning. He took a drink from the rain bucket and went down to the sea to swim. Yan spent many hours in the sea thinking about sea life and the cycles of energy within. He especially liked to swim at night, the stars, moon, phosphorescence and glowing coral fascinated him and while he did try to just observe and be part of it all he couldn’t remove science from his thoughts.

Later as Yan walked back up the beach he was met with a familiar view, the beach was as nice as can be, the shelter, table and garden he had made blended with nature perfectly and Yin was in a yoga pose looking out in the other direction towards the aqua marine and her beloved. Yin had second thoughts on that night two years ago, she never did find Te and they had seen him few times since.

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masonry secret societies and the free you

This blog is more about the unknowable, infinite universe that comes forth as an incredible show than about the micro-show of human pop media culture. I don't have TV or follow the news but the particular areas of freedom of information and speculation over the control of humanity are areas that interest me.

Let's begin with human nature as it relates to the well known entry level secret society/cult of Masonry. Brilliantly no Mason will tell you one word of truth about the inner workings of the Masons so everything they say on the subject to you is a lie. This is because this is one of the first oaths they take, to never pass on the inner workings to a non-mason. So anything said by any Mason who comes to stand up for themselves in response to this post or to you if you question them, will be a lie.

Masons will accept that they form very beneficial back-scratching relationships within the private workings of their organisation and it is simple then to see how such relations, going on behind the veil of secrecy, can easily lead to covers and facilitators for greedy, self-serving work and for further levels of secrecy. Naturally, as is human nature, two men with the ability to control a situation, will. They will also beyond this go on to form higher levels of secrecy and they will do their utmost to contain and pass on this power to only a select few.

If this can happen in the local village, in small business, then obviously it will become big business, it will soon involve police, secret service people, politicians, bankers and they will all, while serving the one cover, say Masonry, also form new in-crowds who protect their particular line of interest. Masonry is said to operate on many levels where lower levels are completely bamboozled by higher ones, this to the point where one man may well believe he is a Mason for good and he genuinely has a community serving role but those above him are using his good name to hide darker acts behind the next door.

Now in an infinite universe this is just one little human side-show but as all readers of this will be humans we will in this human form be quite interested how this natural path from secrecy and self-serving results in absolutely every single decision made by banks, government, media and so on. These self-serving secret societies are so ingrained in the workings of the world now that your every act, where you shop, what you buy, what you watch, what war your country fights, which people of the world shall starve, which lives are deemed less valuable, what the energy policies are and everything that touches your life, is governed by greed of those hiding behind secrecy - and who are sworn, even at entry level, to never tell you a word of truth.

We may as well all just get on. I'm sure that all of you reading would be happy to just wake up, see your local fruit and vegetable seller, exchange some goods or services for their produce, go home and have a nice day. Smiling at everyone you see, having a nice get together and just being pretty damn happy and peaceful.

Why then do we wake up to war on the news, drug crimes, hate crimes, fear of terror, a world whose population is staggeringly poor, most of us are in abject poverty scratching for a living, no education, no hope, in war-zones controlled by 5% of the world who have 95% of the money.

Naturally we'd be simple and happy. Unnaturally we have this bullshit that everyone accepts as normality - the reason it exists is that we have given power away.

The goal of this blog then is to have everyone realize the fact that they are the expression of the universe itself. And to dance a new dance.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt34

[Time passed, or awareness of memories constructed the appearance of a past.]

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Julian Assange speaks

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Access to Wiki Leaks material

Cataloged wikileaks articles.

View by popularity cloud.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt33

Yet this was Yan dreaming the words of his Te and not Te’s own words and as Yan was tentatively close to consciousness he soon lost track of the dream altogether and awoke to the bare fact of reality. ‘Where the hell is Yin? She must be meditating somewhere close, maybe harvesting for breakfast? But then Te had no need for his food parcels now and we are enjoying a rich summer produce… so no real... Hmmm…’ He attempted to tell himself that Yin would not do anything silly. ‘She is perhaps even scared to approach Te alone, she must be close by. Don’t panic’ he attempted to reassure himself, but he had never seen Yin like this.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt32

As Yan slept he slipped into a lucid state and was aware of a fantastic alternative to the current pain in his reality. His best wishes guided him on a dream set not too far in the future where he imagined Te as a great leader to the world of science. In the dream Te was in front of a captivated audience of the greatest minds known to science and of the Religious world’s greatest thinkers and leaders. He was dictating a picture of the universe, space and time as we perceive it, but with an incredible sideways look from him. Western and Eastern minds were in rapture to the ever innovative and thought provoking lecture. Scientists seemed desperate to run out of the room to test any theories they could, all of which seemed so amazingly astute, yet remained, gripped. Note pads were overflowing, Dictaphones running out of tape.

‘The visible galaxy…’ he said ‘ a fraction of ‘The One’ we find in the mind of Religion, yet for a perceiver contained two opposing forces in a basic sense, the initial division perceivable and unperceivable. Therefore matter and doesn’t matter. The sub forces which manifest as matter are vastly more comprehensible than the One, especially the minority apparent to our senses. These help us see change and from this the illusion of polarity; being or non being, instead of just now; life and death, instead of part of the ongoing flow- with no start stop mechanism!; good and bad or right and wrong instead of appropriate, and so on. In fact any situation where you visualise an extreme instead of a relative natural position in flux somewhere between these conceptual poles. Or you follow an ideal not set by you but defined by an elaborate set of other peoples’ principals.
But that is actually everything you know, think or say! Because nothing you have is uniquely yours, so be mindful of your every act. Why do you sit like that? What opinion can you have over any situation if either first hand or from memory, let alone from another’s and conveyed with the restriction of words and comprehension? You could certainly not describe a painting over the telephone and expect a perfect copy. You could certainly not describe your emotion exactly; even the process of doing would quickly send you through several variations in emotion. So why take someone’s view on anything? Or even respect your own opinion you formed on a different day, in a different mood? Is it convenience or lack or awareness? How with this inaccuracy in communication, even in our own heads, do we explain science, space, conciseness and being? We invent a language of exactness! And this to explain the most infinitely dynamic of all things!’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt31

Yan spent the rest of the day fearing Te would return before he had time to convince Yin not to get involved. He had hours of work to do to prove to Yin that this was to be expected and they could not interfere. Yin took a lot of convincing.
‘He is a savage’ Yin sobbed.
‘It was protection instinct.’
This was to be a long argument. Neither wanted to loose, both knew Yin was right. Yan’s main ideal that he was standing up for was that ‘…this was the whole idea, to see how Te’s life panned out… it couldn’t all be rosy.’

That night Yin slipped away.

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This body life

This body life is only a bit of me, yours too.

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Happy birthday god

It's 2011 years since Jesus rode his mum's ass out of town and 3 wise men tried to buy her ass.

Let's watch TV!!!


I posted a similar line in a comment on a blog elsewhere and on repeating it to workmates I found out it got laughs so published here too. And, no, I don't have TV.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt30

For some time Te lead and his amazed parents followed, he took them to watering holes, ripe fruit trees and showed them how he cracked coconuts. All of this they had seen before, but only from hiding places. They were curious how such skills develop, but that had to wait. Until now neither had seen him interact with a human, and this was the point of today. Te seemed uncontrollably happy at the interaction.

Te was in the moment, he was becoming more daring, and he pulled at Yan's hand then pushed against Yin’s leg as he began to run around more. He disturbed a large lizard who peered over the rock he had chosen to sun bathe on and - Te lashed out. He hurled a stone towards the lizard, which moved quickly but lost his tail to the accuracy of the shot. Horrified, Yin started to run to restrain Te and Yan was forced to grab her and pull her back. Te seemed to be conscious of his mother’s reaction and his laugh subsided. Soon he was running about again making noise. Yan took control and guided Yin back towards their camp. Te’s energy burst began to subside and he vanished into a near by crop of bushes.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt29

Now aged 7 Te was showing a great desire to explore and his parents’ thoughts had been dedicated to how they would get him to communicate his pure thinking to them. ‘What can we learn from him, anything?’ They were startled that morning, just before sunrise, when Te stumbled across their camp.
‘Nughn na! Nugna vaaaaa…’ Te poked at Yan then, giggling, he hid in the shadows. Realising in a second who had disturbed them, Yan held back his initial urge to protect and turned instead to check Yin’s was awake for the show. As the pair looked to where Te had run to Yan pointed towards the silhouette of a fruit being plucked from a tree.

A little unsure of how Te would react to them they held each other and held his gaze. Inside both were excited and fascinated by every move he made. Te approached holding the fruit, taking a bite he then held it as an offering to the anxious couple.
‘Nyyyg’ said Te, gesturing with the fruit towards Yin. He paused to rub his belly.
‘Is it good? Is that nice apple for me?’ said Yin.
Confused Te dropped the fruit near Yin and went back a few steps. Yin smiled and took the fruit, ‘thank you’ she said and gestured as to whether she was welcome to take a bite. Te looked on. Yin rubbed the sand from the apple and took a bite, she beamed towards her child and said ‘thank you… Te’. Again Te giggled and this time ran in circles a couple of times. He pointed to the tree where he had found the apple and signalled for them to follow his lead.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt28

[The earth completed relative laps of the sun a few times. And certainly some mad paths relative to other objects in space too.]

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt27

Yan understood the attraction of defining with opposites, be it in love, in a chemical interaction or in magnetism. Also he knew how flawed the defined opposite was and that opposites really just define the relative scale and nothing can exist at one polar extreme without containing an element of the other, at the very least in its polar definition.
‘There is no positive without negative. So even the extreme contains the other and any situation is the same, sitting not at an extreme but at one place in flux containing at least two possibilities. Where exactly will the next rain drop fall? – Answer. You can’t know! Boom – enlightenment! Realise you can’t predict the future; any reference from memory is flawed in relation to the future by factors at perception, storage, retrieval and application. Realise that the solution is not the goal; the goal is to remove questioning. Allow nature to flow and don’t try to predict or forcibly change for lust of a particular result. As you drift the flow will go everywhere it possibly can, enjoy the ride. Your desire will not alter the flow but leave you waiting for particular change or even without. You will be left missing what is on offer.

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Proof Harrison was an incarnation of Vishnu and the best Beatle

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt26

Yin attempted to clarify. ‘And the outcome being One, perceiving itself performing an infinite interactions, including, many times over, perception. The perceiver you deem to be you is naturally confused by its apparent location in between your eyebrows and begins the road to separateness, ego, individuality, hurt, and confusion, you scientists!’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt25

As for Te’s parents’ views on division, well Yin had no reason to doubt that all was derived from one conciseness. The understanding she took from her own and related cultures, was that any division thereon, was interdependent of any other division and the whole.
For Yan it was the flux within all this which first took hold of his imagination. All was explained by the only constant being change. The interference of perception undoubtedly inducing more change had become apparent in quantum physics, and this led to scientists like him recognising a potential futility in working with a field where the foundations could switch to the next wall to climb. ‘You cannot form a reliable science without accounting for every influence and the influence of perception over any situation is huge. This leaves nothing provable without allowing for both perceiver and perceived.’
He continued and lost himself in a battle of logic over when and how the perceiver was perceivable.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt24

Te’s thoughts were without doubt affected by the two souls he had encountered earlier in the day. He saw great familiarity between himself and his visitors. He was aware of a kinship between them and towards him. As this thought occurred to him he felt a warm glow. Te saw how the pair behaved; quite differently to each other, but far more similar to him than anything before. Of course he noticed their size over his, the smaller of the two was certainly softer. They were more than the rocks and sand around him. Te had, until now; given equal care to the plants he ate, as the ones he didn’t, as the sky and the clouds, as the sun and moon.

For the first time Te grasped with the idea that he was not the only occurrence of thought. In his mind an unproductive comparison, the potential seed to a forest of doubts, derived from the illusion of division.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt23

Thoughts in Te’s mind turned to, who knows? How many dimensions does a thought occupy? It at least involves time, so consequently space. Is it just minute chemical variations over your entire brain forming your whole reality? Where are these thoughts? and what are they made of? Why should Te’s mind choose to occupy any thought other than the primal need for food and shelter? Yet, isn’t everything derived from thought, especially with hallucinogens and other substances? New religions, painting, new building styles, and music, if not derived from thought entirely, were a thought in reaction to a stimulus, to the same end. This is why Yan’s idea called for separation. All he knew which was close to fact was that the reality Te formed for himself would be shaped by his interactions. One of the strongest potentials for this being any action he and Yin made, and Yan only wanted Natures reaction to itself, not another occidental human clone.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt22

Yin retorted. ‘You don’t learn to be a Spiritual! You couldn’t just teach anyone! Science can be taught; it evolved in exactly that way. Science comes in books and anyway you got the perception bit all the wrong way…’
‘You are wrong I am right, Te will prove one way or another.’ Science has further to go than it has come already. It’s just having a rough time.’
‘Yan, please don’t describe Te as a piece of apparatus who is set to prove your theory over mine. I know you didn’t mean to, you have an interesting point. Not a unique one, or very a well put one but,’
Yan interrupted with a kiss. ‘Hey I went over the top, sorry, lets see how the boy is doing. And stop being so damn cheeky’ he gave a wide eyed smile then winked.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt21

Yan jumped back in before Yin threw him off track. ‘No, you are not on my wavelength, stop trying to put me off. I am choosing to rebel again. You could teach our Te Buddhism more easily than you could the sciences. Science needs proof; religion requires you to dispel doubt. Religion is based on the way we think, so fits any human situation. Except “I am human, therefore I think!” – and people like me need answers!’

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Other times, places, epochs, eras ..

Can we imagine 1432, horses carriages, people with a lot and people with a little, rapes, murders, robberies and people saying how the world has gone to ruins and is sure to fall apart for good soon.

Can we imagine 327BC, Donkeys, people with a lot and people with a little, rapes, murders, robberies and people saying how the world has gone to ruins and is sure to fall apart for good soon.

Can we imagine 1948, Planes, people with a lot and people with a little, rapes, murders, robberies and people saying how the world has gone to ruins and is sure to fall apart for good soon.

Can we imagine 2011, Segways, people with a lot and people with a little, rapes, murders, robberies and people saying how the world has gone to ruins and is sure to fall apart for good soon.

Can we imagine 32,000BC, walking, people with a lot and people with a little, rapes, murders, robberies and people saying how the world has gone to ruins and is sure to fall apart for good soon.

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Other beings, alien beings, other realms, worlds, states..

We are surrounded by beings we can interact with and we still have little time for many of them and can't get close to communicating with trillions of them be they similar in size or very different indeed.

People imagine life before their birth, life after death, other states, other worlds, other possibilities, other realms such as heavenly ones, alien ones, and while in an infinite universe there surely exists more than you can imagine, these imagined worlds are just that; products of the mind and shaped in such a way as to simply be variations on the theme we live already.

What infinity truly has to offer is far an away beyond those simple ideas of other places and beings, it pushes ideas of being, or space and time and goes far and beyond.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt20

‘So that was your point before. When the mystics uncovered the cause of thoughts and observed desire and questioning, they observed that to follow your own nature, and act without lust of result, led to you acting at one with your inner spirit, which is naturally happy, until driven down by desire which can never be quashed...’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt19

‘The point is’
‘There better be one’ She grinned, hoping Yan would loose his barley apparent thread.
‘The point is that, well like I did, I turned towards religion, Mysticism and its ancient wisdom. It had held all the answers all along’
‘Very good!’ Yin smiled. ‘That’s your point? I was there you know?’
‘It’s not my point; it’s the start of my point... The point is that religion is a gap filler. Science is trying to bridge a gap. The reason religion has the answers is that the purest oldest religions are based on mans’ pure perception. They are a fantastic summary of how we perceive our world. Mysticism can never be wrong. It will always be able to fill the gap because it is based on mans’ perception, so ultimately will be the answer to mans’ quest. Very, very smart thinkers got it right.’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt18

Te had just eaten, really quite well. He cut a fit and slender figure as he preened his favourite plants and trees which he picked from and he was blessed with fruits, crushed roots and leaves which appeared next to him when ever he awoke. Yin had provided quite a harvest with sunrise this morning. The lack of sleep and changing of the seasons had made for a good nights produce. Te was drawing shapes in the sand. Yan watched on from out of cover, they had decided to stick to the plan.
‘We really have done the right thing.’
‘And we know we can always change our minds if we both agree. Is he drawing a face?’

After meditation that afternoon Yan, who had been increasingly interested in how science was said by some at least, to be leaning towards Eastern Philosophy, said.
‘But isn’t it the case that religion has always filled the gaps? Wind was the wind god, then we realised it was caused by baked beans.’
Yin poked him and laughed, Yan continued.
‘No, he, it, I have a point. God fills the gaps. Long before science, mystics had everything down to God; it is an entirely natural assumption for man. Many people took the name God to be a superior controlling character, who would send you to hell for not believing it was all down to him, instead of just the name for the ultimate One defined in all religion. Along side people questioning God, science was evolving with the attempt to measure and deconstruct, to find building blocks, and God’s necessity waned. But then science became so awe inspiring that it appeared to many as God or at least Tao or ...’
‘Get to the point Mr Scientist’ Yin joked, as she breathed deeply to cope with the bombardment.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt17

Later in bed Yin lay on her front with her head facing Yan and with a finger raised up, she touched his nose. ‘We do love him! We have done the right thing.’ As her head sank into the pillow her heart sank into the bed, she thought again of taking Te away.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt16

Te was not the only one struggling with interaction. It was making Yan ill and between himself and Yin they decided it was certainly stress. It took toll on Yin too who was doing all she could to hold herself back from fishing Yan and Te up and taking them to the mainland, before Te completely missed the boat on modern reality, and the whole thing made her ill like Yan. Then she had faith and it was her strong mind keeping her focused.
‘I’m changing the plan; I want to play with my boy.’ Yan grumbled as he lay pitifully in Yin’s arms.
‘You are no…’ Yin said, just audibly and she flushed the expression of a straining heart before kissing Yan’s forehead. ‘Yan I desperately want to involve myself with Te. I know we talked so much about how we had to stay strong and keep each other focused. We did both agree this is what we wanted.’
‘Go with me on this, let’s drop the plan. We can let him grow up in Eden but love him and play with him. We can still see how his mind evolves, perhaps even more clearly than if he is left alone and never learns to speak.’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt15

The thoughts in young Te’s head turned to the faces and the interactions he had had that day.
He perhaps only thought of differences, similarities or maybe something like size or softness. In his time Te had interacted with the animate, the inanimate; things he chose to pull at, things which ran from him; things which felt wet, from the sky and on the ground. Most things he had attempted to put in his mouth. He may have imagined he would appear soft to them when things touched him back; when he sat on a rock it would feel him as soft and bearable. When he poked himself he felt soft and most other things were hard or tough. He could assume in return they would experience him as soft perhaps like some fruit. He may have, until today, thought he had been everything and one, the perceiver and the perceived, no less curious about his own individual conciseness in wake or dream. Today must still have had impact; his natural curiosity had a new element to dissect. In the dream two faces grinned at him ‘They were con…’ He couldn’t place it. The dream changed path and Te stirred under the stars.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt14

The jolt disturbed Yin who was sitting as if to meditate.
‘My head’ Yan complained.
‘Sleep.’ Yin suggested.
‘I’m gong for a drink’ Yan's head was spinning, his vision closed in as he almost blacked out. Holding his head he stood and walked towards the rain bucket. As Yan reached down for water his head flushed with colour.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt13


whoops posted part 12 twice.

Or I missed a bit out of the story, not sure.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt12

Imagine the language of a thought, created in a human mind, yet without words and the concepts they define, without prejudice. Is every thought; a direct link to what we drank, ate and how well we breathed, just a chemical situation at that point, linked together with patterns of chemicals in memory and thus forming reality? Or is it built directly out of your belief that you are unique and therefore think your own unique thoughts because you are you?

Within them and without them, dreams were taking place. The vision of one involved two colours in no definable shape, they morphed to form a cloud then a bird shape. The colours mixed... ‘What does a human mind perceive without education?’ Yan Jones wanted to know. He wanted his Te to be free of the constraints of the modern mind; he wanted to understand a pure human thought, and nature and desire and condu...

Jolting, Yan realised he had been sleeping. What he didn’t notice was that the ‘pure’ thought he sought to find was apparent to him daily. The simple difference between anyone’s mind and a pure mind is that until we allow thoughts to pass without our interaction we will need a tool.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt11

That night in bed, Yin asked Yan ‘How will we know what he knows? How will we understand him, will he..?’
‘Shhh, this is working perfectly’ Yan turned to face his gorgeous, yet overly inquisitive, partner; he didn’t know the answer. He smiled and kissed her goodnight, neither slept at ease and as Yin lay frustrated she asked herself rhetorically, ‘People surely need people?!’.

In a film Te would grow up to speak English with an American accent and we would hear his views. In the story of a child destined for enlightenment, how would he communicate? Why would he need to?

Under the cover of stars, Te slept. Thoughts were passing though his mind.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt10

‘Will he be lonely when we leave him alone completely?’ asked Yin.
‘Alone from who?’ was the scientist’s response.

[Time passed. They stayed distant.]

When Te was four and a half, Yin could hold off no longer, he was given his first human meeting since being a baby. It was agreed that he should be made aware of ‘others’. The doting parents had enjoyed hours of parenting; seeing Te encounter his first butterfly, watching him locate his first food and laughing as he realised that salt water wasn’t so tasty- But that was all remote and justifying this contact provided them both a very special moment of interaction. Yin knew that she couldn’t interfere in his unknown quest, but she needed to hold him! She said ‘a meeting could not be seen to affect anything.’ So it was decided.

The great plan, as first conjured on that hot day some years before, was that Te would be allowed to form a completely free mind. Dad was a scientist so was curious as to what that could be and Mum, well she loved him dearly, and needed to interact.

The encounter was short and both could have had it last forever, Yan was fascinated and didn’t blink. They both allowed themselves to stay longer than they knew they should. Yan talked excitedly and far too much, even as his ramblings veered to that same conclusion and of the futility of speaking English in front of ‘Tarzan’, and the potential effect on the experiment, he couldn’t hold back. Yin touched and held and kissed and cried a little too much. Their Te was beautiful.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt9

The early years were hard mentally. Even with the calming mediation and time consuming fetching of wood, and then searching for seasonally less abundant food, still things tore at their minds. ‘No interaction! Is this plain child cruelty? Is this remotely fair? If this goes wrong then we could be seen as mad, even evil.’
No interaction was impractical to begin with, a baby needs a mother and there was no intention in the plan to interfere with that. Yin applied some milk from a plant to Te’s skin as he slept to ease sunburn and of course they provided food and water. They both held him and moved him into the shade as needed, but this was as a baby, and the deal was that he would grow up free of influence. The boundaries were getting blurred as their Te grew more aware of them.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt8

Yin’s words faded leaving just a helpless face. Yan felt compassion, and as if to about to answer her questions he leant to hold her, yet remained silent – They knew he couldn’t know.
Te lulled in the shade of an oversized palm.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt7

Glowing with pride for their son Te in one of the few unspoiled parts of nature left on earth, still both were quite new to living from the land. The island had many corals and related sea life thereof, fish, shellfish plus some thousands of other species variations. The land was habitat for many fruits, coconuts, roots a few small reptiles, mammals and many visiting birds. To allow for, and due to meditation, the couple were vegetarian, so ate well and the main task was to keep meals interesting. The seasons were few, slight, yet had noticeable effect on the sky, plants, bird activity and temperature over a year. Shelter was simple and mainly acted as well needed sun shade.

Te was in the Garden of Eden. The vision Yan had had almost a year before, on the deserted beach moments before the couple’s most simple belongings were taken by the sea, was becoming real. Every day Yin prayed for sickness to pass Te by, and it seemed to work. Yan stood by his assumption that his boy would grow strong.
‘He can’t catch mumps or flu, there’s no one on this Island but us 3. Te has nothing to be afraid of. Your prayers only help you inside but we both feel that way.’
Yin shaped a hesitant smile. ‘It is in my nature to worry, what if our choice proves wrong? He will never fit into a normal life and school, and..’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt6

‘I am too, we stick to the plan or we don’t’ Yin said very calmly as she held their newborn and gave Yan a loving smile. ‘This is going to be so very hard for me to be as strong as I know I need to be. And! We have agreed, Te is no lab rat, we must allow ourselves to exercise compassion.’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt5

Te was born to the couple one summer. He was to be unique; this was the largest uncontrolled experiment on a human ever to take place.
‘Like the reverse of Tarzan!’ Yan exclaimed.
‘Hardly’ said Yin. ‘Please don’t get carried away. Your idea sounded like you understood so much about the mind, you developed this plan to find our true nature, then you have stupidity to an art form too...’
‘Stupidity?...! Te is going to prove that a western mind can,..’
‘No Yan!’
‘…hang on… he’s..’
‘…Te! …is not going to prove …Anything! …Woo!.. Te will be Te. We have agreed his path is to be like the wind.’
Calming slightly Yin continued
‘Te could go East or West, even somewhere altogether new. We will not be of influence’
‘Sorry, I’m excited’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt4

‘Oh my’ Yin looked down at the naked camp.
Yan continued ‘This is wild this is something new, we actually have nothing!’ He sounded like this was the most fun situation to be in.
Yin was concerned.
‘Is that really so good? - Yan, please relax, and communicate… clearly?’
‘OK, listen.’

As hours passed by Yan wove a path or consciousness that confounded him and his partner. Yin was able to find only some light in the mass of ideas he put forward but knew they would not stop coming until Yan was sure there was no potential left in his outpouring.

Yan Jones the spiritual became Yan Jones the scientist, and to and fro. Masses of ideas, many unguided, many half baked, many contradicted within a second of utterance. After the beach had long spun away from the sun around to the dark side of the earth, Yin stroked Yan’s head, the pair lay against a tree and exhausted, they slept.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt3

[The story began like this.]

Dead silent and posed as if gazing into each others eyes, yet blind to all the paradise around them had to offer the senses, deep meditation was taking place. Had the uncomfortable surroundings been apparent, had the meditation not so deeply absorbed them, perhaps one of them would have heard the sea creeping in below. Only an hour later did they stop meditating and find all they had brought from the mainland gone. Te’s first steps to enlightenment begin in advance of conception.

Yan was first to become aware of reality, he leaped up from the sand and spun around, jumping and turning, checking all directions he noticed all of their belongings had been taken by the sea.
‘This is it!’ he shouted, noticeably happy. Yin looked up towards him.
‘What is it? Did you find something special in your meditation?’
‘Yes, no, well of course..’ They were both well practised in meditation and would commonly reveal clarity to dormant issues as they passed through a transitional state between meditation and waking relaxation, and Yin was interested. Yan was not. ‘…I mean yes. But ignore that, look around you!’

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt2

Broader horizons were Yan's intentions when he decided on a sabbatical from physics. He took interest in ancient concepts such as Tao, Suchness and Brahman. Eastern mysticism soon enveloped him and he found more and more answers and unforeseen clarity in the words of spiritual elders. Completely absorbed, and provided with a seemingly never ending supply of wisdom, he sought a teacher to guide him. He met Yin.

Yin came to sacrifice all the conventions, even in motherhood, as her relationship with Yan developed. Yin chose to work with Yan on a most eccentric, yet well-meaning, scientific experiment. Almost 12 years had passed since she and Yan met, fell in love, and created the unique unguided path for their Te.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt1 (of 47)

As water poured over Te’s head, he awoke.

10 years ago Te was born to Yin Young, who was an open minded Eastern woman and Yan Jones, a Western educated physicist. Te was utterly from nature and he was not to be his parents’ child. Genetically, Te was half Eastern, half Western; by nature he was like us all at our birth and the moment of death; unlike us all - he stayed that way in life.

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Nisargadatta and Taoism Quotes

Son Rivers has collected together some very powerful lines as spoken by Nisargadatta.

Here are the ones that instantly ring of Taoism.

"Nisargadatta said"
Find the immutable center where all movement takes birth.

Just like a wheel turns round an axle, so must you be always at the axle in the center and not whirling at the periphery.

Immobility and silence are not inactive. The flower fills the space with perfume, the candle—with light.

It has nothing to do with effort. Just turn away, look between the thoughts, rather than at the thoughts.

It is all quite simple. Turn away from your desires and fears and from the thoughts they create and you are at once in your natural state.

Nothing stops you from being a Jnani here and now, except fear. You are afraid of being impersonal, of impersonal being.

There is nothing to renounce. Enough if you stop acquiring.

The problem is excessive interest, leading to self-identification. Whatever you are engrossed in you take to be real.

The 'I am' in movement creates the world. The 'I am' at peace becomes the Absolute.

I am not concerned with the universe. Let it be or not be. It is enough if I know myself.

Pity the self that is, not the world that is not!

All these attributes; being, consciousness, love and beauty are reflections of the real in the world. No real—no reflection.

Change the current of your desire from taking to giving.

The passion for giving, for sharing, will naturally wash the idea of an external world out of your mind, and of giving as well.

Only the pure radiance of love will remain, beyond giving and receiving.

In love there is not the one even, how can there be two? Love is the refusal to separate, to make distinctions.

The world has only as much power over you as you give it. Rebel. Go beyond duality, make no difference between east and west.

You are eager to separate right from wrong, because you need some basis for action. You are always after doing something or other.

It is right to be oneself, it is wrong not to be. All else is conditional.

Awareness is dynamic, love is being. Awareness is love in action.

By itself the mind can actualize any number of possibilities, but unless they are prompted by love, they are valueless.

Love precedes creation. Without it there is only chaos.

Chaos is movement for movement's sake. True action does not displace; it transforms.

Just remember, nothing perceivable is real. Activity is not action. Action is hidden, unknown, unknowable. You can only know the fruit.

Through the film of your mind you project a world and also a God to give it cause and purpose. It is all imagination—step out of it.

Pure being, filling all and beyond all, is not existence which is limited. All limitation is imaginary, only the unlimited is real.

To be free in the world you must be free of the world. Otherwise your past decides for you and your future.

First return to your true being and then act from the heart of love."

~~ I meant to edit out lines which I thought were not instantly Taoistic in nature but actually they all are, but I suppose, for the defining words [Tao, Love. Jnani, Master..].

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not because

When someone says "this happened because.."

Say to them, 'if they think it is because then they must be able to trace all things back to a beginning?'

To say this is the way things are due to something is not the organic view but the linear chain-of-command view.

And no, we can't change it.

And no, that is not passive indifference or determinism as what/who determines? To speak of determinisms also brings back the linear chain-of-command idea.

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I sat for 22 years in either the monastery or the grounds, on rare occasions I sat on trains or buses and then briefly in the locations I had been called to. In all of that sitting I was determined to realize fully what I had accepted mentally, that the Tao is all that is and this life is a captivating reflection.

For years, years and years, I worked towards this place. My determination was rewarded by rank in the monastery and this rank only soiled my path. I desired more to be small and I worked harder at menial tasks to lower the rank so fictitiously bestowed on me. I was seen to have near perfection by my compatriots and masters but inside I knew my path was still winding, it was not settled, I had not got to where I had by reason deduced was my end.

After 23 years I walked out of the monastery and I went to sit with my wife of now 33 years. She welcomed me in, a much different man than the one who she so compassionately let go of his family commitments to serve his higher draw. She sat me down, looked upon me through wrinkled, loving eyes, smiled at me a warm and loving smile and handed me a bottle of what used to be my favourite beer.

As it hissed open and I took a sip, the fresh bubbles spitting onto my top lip as I sipped. I realized what I had always wished to realize. As a tear moved down my cheek towards my lip so my wifes lips came to touch mine.

I was awake, my journey was complete and I was in love with perfection.

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Terrence Grey

If you haven't read any Terrence Grey (Wei Wu Wei) then start here.

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All is Te

All is Te.

That which you deem to be you is Te.

You must believe that in its totality before the instantaneous blissful realisation hits you that the real you (sought by seekers) is not and can not be Te - and cannot have any property whatsoever.

All is Te.

Ignore Tao for now. You will discover its nature after following this path.

Te emerges. Its first property is to compare itself to itself but it is itself – All you know is this.

By comparison space-time is formed. Space time is Te. Space is Te, time is Te. All is Te. It is comparing itself to itself.

This happens constantly and has no real time. Time is Te and so is not real. It is Te reflecting on Te.

The emergence of Te into anything from rock to tree (a memory of Te in Te) is Te looking at Te and Te (the birth of consciousness) looking at a record or memory of Te made from Te in Te. It’s all Te.

The emergence of a dog is Te looking at Te and believing Te is real (the birth of self).

The dog believing the sore on its back which it is chewing is its real self is only Te looking at Te and feeling Te (the birth of suffering).

A human is Te looking at Te and suffering; believing Te to be the self. The ego is born from Te seeing Te and looking at a world of Te and believing it to be the truth and the real “I”.

That is the “I” you deem to be you reading this. It is Te (the false ego) looking at Te (the false self) and Te (the false reality) and seeing Te (the false pleasure and pain).

That happens over and over again in a succession too quick to for Te to ever catch up with. Te is fooled by its own self.

The true reality.

What can allow movement? – something without that property.
What can allow time? – something without that property.
What can allow suffering? – something without that property.
What can allow relativity, object, subject....? – something without those properties.

The gift Tao gives those willing to see it; is that it is birthless deathless and of no property. It was there at your birth, is there now – unchanged. It is the stillness that allows for motion to be seen. It was there when Buddha reached for a bowl of food – unchanged; it can see the ultimate slowness as it does not contain that property; nothing can be too fast for it as it never moves. It allows for that by not being that.

These words are Te. They are being read by Te. Processed by Te’s big ego – itself made from Te. All is Te. Te only exists because we have the privilege of stillness formless changeless Tao.

Know Tao to be the ultimate reality but that your concepts of it are Te.

All is Te.

Te is of Tao.

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Do unto otters

I don't eat meat as I can not kill.

        Then why not let someone else kill it for you? Meat comes nicely packaged in a Supermarket.

I can not kill and neither can I wrap the flesh of the dead in plastic. What would I be doing asking others to do this for me?

        What of the lion?

If the lion were able to wrap flesh in plastic and she had the facility to take payment for services rendered then I see your point. If not, then I don't.

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One thinking of the past said:

My Is is distracted by what was.

One thinking of the future said:

My Is is distracted by what could be.

One distracted in the present said:

My Is is distracted by what could have been.

One, perfect, said:

My Is Is what Is.

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Tao Leaks

Information is power. Bleugh! That speaks of secrecy and control of information.

Information is of true worthy value when it is removed from this idea of power and who holds what. When information is accessible to all then we have a situation that would scare those of a controlling nature; religions, politicians, marketeers and empower humanity.

Take drugs (that is as an example and not a direct order), drugs are a fascinating subject and I could rattle on for pages. A brief overview is this: All kids will come into contact with drugs, that is a given guarantee, and when in contact they will react in a way affected by education. Given a ruler who tells them that all drugs are an evil and then for them to smoke weed and enjoy it. They will then form a distaste and a questioning of authority, seeing that authority lies, they may due to this explore further and into trouble.

Given wise and true advice they may also experiment, or not, and in either case they will make more informed decision and they will trust their source of information and seek more advice later.

If drugs are illegal and hard to get then they have mystery, chic and cool. If they are just well known things then they lose these qualities.

If a drug has a cost and you can't get it (as for example it is "illegal" and controlled) then you must work hard to get the cash for that drug. The more it is controlled then the more the cost and the more work or crime is needed to afford the drug.

If though all drugs are absolutely free then there is no market and no crime to feed habits. Want heroin? then you go to the place it is available and you take it, as with any other substance. This seems crazy but it is absolutely wise. There is no market, so no dealers, so no crime, petty theft, mugging, and so on to feed the cash flow required to feed an illegal habit. All you have is the effect of the drug on people and not the related crime fueled by the market.

Taking alcohol as an example, you may kill yourself with it, you may make poor decisions and you may be very anti-sociable - you may also be very sociable indeed and have a bloody good time. You may be ill because of it, you may form an ongoing habit - you may not.

Some drugs are very similar and some wildly different to the alcohol example and people should be aware of the pros and cons well in advance of their possible contact with the substances.

The legality of nicotine which is highly addictive, gives little to no high, is very expensive and terrible for health is crazy to most who consider it. Certainly if cigarettes did not exist and someone invented them here today then they would never get a market.

The fact that we have receptors in our brains whose only purpose is to connect to THC, the active chemical in cannabis, is peculiar indeed if you are to explain it as an accident or coincidence. Chemicals by comparison that are now added to the food we eat daily are alien and damaging indeed compared to illegal cannabis or illegal mushrooms, illegal DMT or other parts of nature deemed illegal. It is legal for a company to sell you damaging food additives but illegal for you to go into nature and eat a certain naturally occurring plant.

These discrepancies cause even normally uninquisitive minds to question the validity of information sources and to easily accept the chance that we are lied to for control.

Many can not imagine a society where information is shared rather than rules enforced. One where information is open, all is free, and it is left to the individual to look after the individual. When considering these options people are too far prejudiced by the very system they are juxtaposed to query and strangely they are too trusting of a system they know full well does lie to them.

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Destiny or Free Will?

Destiny or Free Will? Done or Do?

Does Conscious give rise us or did some goo get complex and become conscious?

None of the above are strictly the case, only perspectives.

Such questions are quite apparently the product of mind and mind is naturally polar in its operations.

There is a happening which does not strictly form the next happening and is not strictly caused by the previous. Senses make up a world and a moment later they do the same, theirs is the continuity, the mind is convinced the continuity has reality but it is far from the case.

Study patterns of oil on water, study the stars in space. When studying the patterns of oil on water allow your mind into the constituent parts where the patterns are no longer visible. When studying the patterns of stars in space allow your mind to accelerate the process and see patterns. That time-dimension that causes the stars to seem vast and the patterns of oil to seem small are mind-made. The vastness and the small are polar as you always build a world relative to you as middle and center.

So to with Doing and Done, with Right and Wrong, with High and Low, you build a binary from you as center. Truly none are the case, beyond the mind this being is infinite, ungraspable and all grasping, all measuring, all ideas, all this and that, doing and done are illusion made for entertainment, not remotely real.

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That time of year when we say:

"Happy birthday Jesus, still dead huh? Well that is what you get for fucking with the Jews - Still we will remember you when we sacrifice a fat bird, eat until we sleep, exchange gifts of shit we don't need in exchange for shit we couldn't afford whilst watching crap on TV."

Or, we have outgrown the whole thing and we just take the time off work and do our best to ignore the worship of materialism in the name of a long dead fictitious black man who was painted in white paint to enforce moral control and who's origins echo back through many other Sons or Suns from Horus to Krisna to a whole host of anointed ones who rose and set again.

Even though the story of Jesus took place in the Fictionolithic period it has had quite an impact over the years with some people even believing the tale, as some I suppose believe Luke did actually kill Darth a long long time ago in a galaxy far away.

Fiction or not the tale speaks of perhaps the worst impact a person can have on the world, be pro peace and have people even thousands of years later kill in your name.

Personally I'm going to go out and kill a Stones fan in the name of John Lennon. I may also sacrifice a small dog and eat it to show my true respect.

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Global Happiness for All Who Want It.

Run down the street and scream GHAWIIIIIIII!!

I just got back from dancing with my wife where she needed her own dance floor but, space limitations accepted, was forced to fit on the same one as everyone else. Still this did not restrict her dance moves that made me think of; all of the Jackson5, an entire Bollywood production, a cupboard of 15 gay man and an MP3 of dancing queen, wrapped into a tablet, swallowed by her, and washed down with 3 pints of cider.

She motivated everyone from security guard to glass collectors to the average drunk idiot, to get whatever limited funk they had, on. It was a great laugh.


We allowed a group of passing cave men (who had accidentally rolled into our portion of space-time) to stay at our place. Later the same day I went out to put our recycling in the bin and I found our guests sitting outside in the shared hallway of the apartment block. Were they to know the boundaries as defined by a door?

I asked them via ugs and sign language what they did of an average day. They danced, fucked and ate. Then they answered me and said: "we dance, we fuck and we eat. We make sure everyone is happy and then we find something to trip on.

When I took them to my workplace to show them what modern people did of a day they, for my own benefit, clubbed me over the head and teleported me back to a day in time before thinking was so foolishly invented.

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"Of course it was a big fucking problem! It involved the whole village!"

3 hair lice took root in a nice fresh hair forest somewhere on a local head. As times came, the hair was cut back and it grew again. And so the lice kept record.

With generations it was spoke as lore of a time when the hair did groweth for many a year and this was a great time for lice who lived in high number and had food a plenty.

Now, years later the lice have less homeland and as hair recedes they look back to days gone by. They speak of times when the hair did reduce but then come forth again, they speak of times when the hair was regularly inhabited by a whole host of lice and they worry now how their homeland is reducing.

Fear grows and they collectively talk of conspiracy and downfall.

Just as their habitat seemed lost forever, they all saw a new fresh land of plenty and jumped.

Now two lice lean against the trunk of a young strong hair and speak contentedly

"Life has always been so good to us ..... we have always been so lucky!!"

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Technology with meaning.

We can make a bomb that steers it's way, guided by things floating in space and transmitting data we can't sense, down a street and can mutilate everyone in the area.

Aren't we fucking geniuses.

How about a large factory that is fully self automated and it's job is to provide all the food and medicine the average person needs to live?

Think we can't do that? then look at what we can do.

Think we can't afford that? then look at all we do afford.

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large hadron collider

I can not accept a finite universe as, if finite, it must be held by something and so then it was not finite at all but given a boundary.

Most of us agree for some reason or another that there is an infinity. What then are we doing trying to measure or describe that? Only a lunatic could set about trying to measure or break infinity into constituent finite parts - Mad as it is, that is science and we as tax-payers fund that lunacy even though we believe in infinity.

I want my money back. Large Hadron Collider - I'd rather spend my tax money on a meal a day for all of humanity for life.

Then. If reality is infinite and so indescribable, immeasurable, unknowable and far and away beyond the limits of our senses and minds, science, religion and any form of explanation is farcical. What is worth our ink if all of the big questions are struck off the record?

Perhaps we are left with philosophy, deciding what is right and what is not, this though is just as mad. As who is deciding, who is in any position to say what any other may or may not do?

What else then? I would say the only thing worth any thought: (science is out, philosophy is out) all we have left is the human condition and working for global happiness.

Now we have a very special start point here. We are all human and very similar by that core fact. We can not know infinity and we can not decide what is right and wrong for others but we can relate to suffering and we can, by being human, recognize in others when they are happy, sad or pretending to be happy. We can know real happiness and we can point others towards it.

This is perhaps the only thing worth your heart beats.

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