For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Balance is a dance

When we see yin..

..and we see yang...

We may often debate. Remember though in these cases, Yin and Yang can never overcome one another, can never replace one another, their being is by one another. In relation, be this valley and mountain, male and female, giving and taking.

Often Tai Chi is not the cancellation but the magical dance of the two.

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How could I need birth?

What exists needs no birth.

There is only transformation.

What is can not become nothing.

And what is not nothing will always be something.

I transform, was never born, am infinite.

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What is it to be a monk?

In a small room of a shared house sits one man. By day he works a job and by night he eats and lives simply, with his wife, and not much my modern materialist standards. By title he is not a monk but his reading material is work of the Buddha, Lau Tzu, and so on.

In a temple in Thailand a monk sits in an air conditioned room, in standards high and above the average person, playing play station and watching porn. Nearby the police are called in to investigate how local chickens are dying. A local stake-out spies monks stealing chickens to rape in their bedrooms.

Nearby the temple locals are encouraged to give food and monetary donations to the temple and passing monks. A number of monks sell gold, Buddha images, lottery tickets, some work as whores. Monks have a privileged life where they never need graft a hard day, never need farm dry soils in baking heat and with the knack of sleeping in near lotus position they have the art of making recital time into a daily rest-break.

In the small room of the shared house, the one man takes from no one.

Where is the monk?

According to sources close to me, who do very much have the authority to make such claims, say that there are no monks left in the world, only the lazy, work-shy kinds who avoid the work of the commoner by wearing the robe of the holy. These same sources say that, while the occasional real monk does still wear a robe and live the Dharma, the true monk now is simply someone who; lives a simple life within the world of normal people, extends good feelings, develops themselves, attaches to no title, belongs to no sect, never visits a temple and asks for nothing of anyone.

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Can you worship Tao?

You may worship a deity or any other thing for qualities therein. Tao though is the supreme balance of all. Qualities then are detrimental as they, by inferring one thing, discount another.

Free from the realm of qualities, tao is unworshipable.

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Flow Ching

We all know the flow.
The flow you can know though, is not the one true flow.
Once described,
it has died.

We all know that up makes down,
and an upside down smile is a frown.
A valley is made deep by the height of the mountain.
soft water pressurized, makes for a fountain.

That we think we exist means we can not exist.
That we are born, guarantees we’ll be mourned.
Death, dying, aging, decaying,
life, the flow continues unswaying.

Where do we make divisions? They are all in the mind.
Where then is unity? In the palace of the no-mind.
Think you want peace?
Allow thinking to cease.

Accept that mountains make valleys.

A rope can only scare you if you know the snake,
You can only feel lost in the world because your true-self is awake.

Dual, the only battle is in the mind.

Doing speaks of non-doing,
Going comes with coming.
To see all gets done, don’t do.
See how the flow, does itself, and flow too.

Resistance is infertile.

There is no value over one part of the flow,
This is a very deep thing to get to know.
The value of dirt is to feed and hold the tree,
and the tree it aims to be dirt, you see?

If I say one thing has value, I’m discounting another,
Like saying that father is more important that mother.
Put gold on your head and you’ll loose both,
simplify your mind and needs, and you won’t.

Qualities they are most often hidden,
the thing given value often depends on the common.
Ask me if I need air or lungs,
You’ll see I don’t separate so my mind is not hung.

Earth, sun and air, they don’t choose to feed you,
Your bodies needs, so simple and see-through,
Caught up over one issue you’ll tie up your mind,
Realize the infinite and your thread will un-wind.

Those we see driven by greed,
and those we see living in need,
Put yourself beneath, to truly succeed,
As the ocean draws rivers you’ll gain wisdom indeed.

Empty of ideas you’re open to the flow,
A mind full of money we’ve seen you, we know,
Has no room for compassion, no love in the heart,
Draw to simplicity, life, the flow, is your art.

Is intelligence seen in concrete and steel,
or does the song of a bird and sweet perfume appeal?
Some know enough and for nothing await,
Others never content run circles, stagnate.

Drawing distinctions, making deals,
Is trapping the free-mind in bracelets of steel.
Gates wide open, accepting the flow,
Nothing here and no desire to go.

One climbing a rope and one on the way down,
Both have calamity here on the ground.
The one held routed in now, taking what-is,
Heaven is for no one else, for now it’s all his.

There is nothing we can say of the flow,
We chase to name it and see it go,
No qualities, loving, hating, having,
No compassion it has, but nourishes all things.

Wait and it settles, shake and it rattles,
A wise one knowing this leaves resonance to metals.
The way wise ones ride calamity is the example of gravity,
Flow redresses balance, this is all it will ever be.

See how water settles into a lake,
when the time is right a stream it will make.
Did you fear birth? Are you sure death is an issue?
Water never dies, let the flowing one guide you.

At peace we don’t offer our freedoms about,
Only by fear do we run scream and shout.
When you see people giving control to exteriors,
This is not the flow but the way of inferiors.

When you rely on customs to force you to love,
Then you’re a million miles away from your seat which is love.
Never should you need telling, all have equal blessing,
That this must be said to the world is so very telling.

The more there are rules, control and cunning,
The more the flow must yield to revert to smooth running.
When one hoards the wealth of the world, take take take,
be not surprised that of others robbers this make.

If I look simple then you have elevated opinion,
If I seem to have it right then you will drown in the ocean.
Only on the boat, open to change can you know,
that the only way is the way of the flow.

One can not guide, can not teach of the flow,
There is no one here and no one can truly know,
If you asked for my guidance I’ll send you away,
Only then will you hear what I say.

Give yourself up, give control away,
Tie to no idea, from this moment, today,
Be nothing, so that you can know all,
Infinite flow, now, this is your call.

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Satori-like experience may well be a reflex reaction

A satori-like experience may well be a reflex reaction to the right conditions. As you are born there is a reflex to breathe, to suckle and cry when discontent. When a doctor strikes the correct part of your knee there is a reflex to kick out. Given correct conditions certain unlearned and purely reflex things occur.

It has been shown by a modern doctor that several age old techniques for calming babies actually call upon a reflex reaction in the baby. Human babies are born while they are still very immature as there is simply no room for them beyond 9 months. Babies have to leave the mother quite a time before they are ready, calling for complete development at the breast and not inside the womb. It is quite a transition.

Whilst in the womb the baby is unable to cry, it is held quite tightly, it is also subject to a loud and constant noise. If a mother reenacts these conditions for the newborn it will, by reflex, stop crying and remain at perfect rest. The mother first wraps the child tightly, moves it to a side on position and makes a very loud shhhhh noise into the baby's ear and to complete the process they may then wobble the baby (not rock) thus, by combination, reminding the baby of its time in the womb. This process is not though fooling the baby but triggering a reflex that was in place for the 9 months previous.

When a person is stressed they are, both ironically and quite literally, unable to do anything relaxing. The techniques we have for calming ourselves are somehow put-off and fretting and anguish remain. There are though useful tools, sitting positions, breathing techniques, aromas, sounds and so on that induce a calmer state. We are all aware of breathing but let's look at sitting.

You may not be able to sit in a full lotus position but the key features are; hips wide apart, back straight, lungs open, shoulders down, back and open, whole body steady. It is my idea that this position triggers a reflex. I am especially interested in the 'hips open' part of the position. It seems to me that most stances the modern person slips into are stress inducing or the result of stress. Sofa and chair sitting generally causes the lower back to bend so that the stomach is squashed, the lungs reduced in capacity and the hips roll inward, together and tightly trap the bowels. Just the opposite way a healthy person should be sitting.

If you do not already consider the way that you sit then I would ask you to first, deliberately, get your hips as wide apart as possible. Place one hand under the buttocks or thigh, rock your weight the other way and rotate the hip out with your hand as you transfer the weight back down. Then do the other side and repeat. You'll notice that your lower back is caused to straighten up and from this you'll set the foundation for a perfectly erect torso, one where the bowels, gut and lungs operate at full capacity in full freedom of movement.

Beyond this is the position that I feel triggers a reflex satori state.

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The reason everyone is wealthy

One reason that everyone is wealthy is that anyone could give me all that I need, nothing.

One reason everyone is wealthy is that everyone has all that they need, nothing.

One reason that everyone is wealthy is that they are an expression of the infinite Tao, they are everything and in need of nothing.

You are it all, you're being itself, magic being is you.


Feeling lacking is due to this: A fabrication of a false I and attachment of things to this I. This I then, as it has some attachments, is by default, lacking the rest.

Mind made suffering that disappears in sleep and death but haunts you in dream and wake.

Shake it off.

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Zero is the universe

0 = x + (-x)

Take anything, no matter how simple or how complex, and add it to its opposite, you get Zero.

So the universe is all things, and is nothing.

Any thing implies its opposite. So the universe equates to nothing.

Infinity is just one dimension above the one you're at. You can traverse either of the two dimensions freely if you live in the 3rd. You can traverse any of the 3 dimensions of space if you live in the 4th dimension time. You'd be free to travel all of time if you lived in the 5th dimension.

The root dimension, which is infinity itself, is zero.


We like to call the universe, one, the indivisible, the one with no other, the one with no two. In this case the universe is zero and it is one. Reality, ideas and so on are the incredible fluxing between zero and one. Zero and one are the same.

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Awareness, just as you go to sleep

You're forming a world with your senses, and your 6th sense is forming thought. All of this makes for a very convincing illusion that you call being awake and living in a world.

You make this world in precisely the opposite way that you think you sense it.

As you are dropping to sleep there is just one moment, hard to catch, where the 5 senses stop making a world but thought is still produced. In this moment you may float, fly, dream, but what you are doing is making thought without also making a world to relate the thought to.

This state where you stop forming the world illusion but continue to create the thought illusion, of someone thinking, is a very telling state. You're still aware and awareness is all knowing. Given a glimpse of this state the intelligence held by awareness becomes more wise to reality.

Awareness never tires or sleeps but the senses and mind, as they work so hard and consume so much energy to keep the show alive, do need rest. Awareness is able to watch as the senses stop and the world ceases to be. Awareness is able to watch as thought stops and awareness remains, the only true reality, your whole life and beyond.

Awareness is truth as in all of the transience, it is the one unchanging, root, element.

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tao be or not tao be, escape the question

Growth of the universe,

decay of man,

ends of times.

Only exist in a linear dimension,

in a linear mind.

Escape dual,

escape mind,

" ".

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Find me something in nature that is linear. You will struggle to find a good example that can not be refuted, nature, is cyclic.

Realize how somewhere the power in a vacuum that is fulfilling its destiny of getting smaller, is by virtue giving rise to the space and matter you call real. Nature works by balance.

Take the theory of evolution and see how it is linear. Goo became us and we are the peak. See how this is unnatural.

Look at a mobile phone and tell me how an ancient Egyptian would make one. Look at the intricacies of the stonework in an Egyptian temple and tell me how you would make it.

Tell me how you would make honeycomb if given flowers and very hairy legs.
Tell me how you would convert sunlight and air into an epiphytic plant.

Nature is the intelligence and she shines forth in many ways, at different times, in phases, cyclic, not linear.

We could be at decline, we could be due a decline, we could well be at a peak, we could be still rising and unless you are very old indeed then you can't say.

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open the gate to instant infinite peace

Mind has a problem so it sets mind to the job of finding a solution.

Draw to the root, to the no-mind and the problem is not there, so solution not required.

Mind makes a job for itself.

No-mind is out of work, always at peace.

Mind would love peace but finds it hard to believe that no-mind is the gate.

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Take me to a lower dimension.

6. Torus live in loop, self consuming/regenerating. Dimension six. Complex Vortex.
Time space making no sense to linear minds.

5. All of time seen as one is torus. Dimension five. Doughnut.
Time-cycles and time-jumps easily passable but all 3D space and objects jumbled.

4. Wave viewed from constantly variable place is spin. Dimension four. Apparent spheres in space-time.
Where we live. 3D objects and space are traversed by linear perception of time. Loop time impossible to view from here.

3. Consciousness over time makes oscillation into wave. Dimension three. Waving.
Objects not seen here, only constituent wave-forms. Impossible to escape linear view of time.

2. Information, creation, between conscious and idea. Dimension two. Oscillation.
Infinite moment where objects and wave-forms impossible to see.

1. A point of reference is the idea. Dimension dot. Consciousness.
Nothing seen, time is not registered. Objects and space not seen. No parts.

0 Awareness. Dimensionless. Infinite.
All is one in unity, no space. no time, no division, non-dual, no observer.

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The next phase

This can't be rushed and will occur by itself, by good will or forced necessity. To be one of the leading lights your job is to simplify your needs.

As we globally simplify so too the worlds greedy will be forced to do so, their ways of strangle holding markets for their gain will be weakened by unwilling markets and less profitable ventures - gradually we will all move the way of simplicity.

As this occurs the poor of the world will move up to meet the rich in a state of balance and all will be richer in spirit. Information carried by the oldest of traditions will become highly important as we, more in-tune with nature, feel new direction in our hearts.

More in-tune with nature our ideas will be to live at one and from this there will be great rewards. Natural fruits taste better, natural lands allow species to flourish and diversify, nature will shine with a billion colours.

After this move back to nature we will discover nature based technologies, qualities of stone, plants, land, peace in our hearts and minds and we will move in directions unseen by our self-centered materialist past.

All of this is just a dream as is reality right now. One way or another we dream a reality and sleep-walk the dream, convinced we can not alter it. We are though the root to the dream, we are not the sleep-walker. This life of me and you is the dream we the unified root are manifesting. Time to dream a little deeper, a dream less self-centered, a dream where love is the law.

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End times 2012

Christian cosmology supposedly has end times, apparent ends of days, ends of lives, and so on. What happens at the end of one era though is the beginning of another.

Taoist, Hindu, Mayan and Egyptian cosmologies all have cyclic time and not linear time, we alter form one era to another and on until repetition.

The Hindu cosmology is the most adventurous and pictorial, it has a golden age of perfection followed by the seed of imperfection which gives rise to the silver age, as man worsens and becomes more self centered we have a bronze age and finally iron, the worst, yet also shortest time-frame where there is nothing but bad. People say we are there now.

This cosmology and epic time-frame is also mirrored by Mayan and Egyptian ideas which may well have shaped the Hindu thought via the Vedas.

Taoism is a little different, we are all aware of the great Tai Chi, often referred to as the Yin Yang and the two small dots that live within the signature. These dots are the seeds signifying that when one thing is at its peak then the seed of the opposite is set, so in times of total Yang -the seed of Yin is set to burst through - what we have here is a cyclic version of time which does not signify time-frames or that one end of the spectrum is any better or worse than the other. It is all change one way or another and that is the life and beauty of the universe, not something to fear or to egotistically feel one should take control over.

So these end times supposedly seen by the Mayan civilization and now feared and theorized over by many are certainly nothing to worry about. After all midsummer and midwinter are far more of a big deal than the subtle transition of spring to summer and in all of these there is gradual change, not chaos. Nature and the universe operate on time scales we don't fathom and they don't jump and start, they smoothly and regularly rotate.

If we are convinced that 2012 is a turning point then we must accept that 2014 will be very similar to 2010 and that 2012 is just the middle of this minor shift. Large differences will be seen between years 1800 and 2200 but the differences come about gradually and not in a big jump. Just watch the seasons rotate, also look at the difference between 23:59 tonight and 00:01 or even the wheel of a bicycle - note how cyclic motion is smooth, it has no jumps or catastrophe, it continues on and on because it is smooth and free from the binary and linear traps of the human mind.

As one thing reaches climax so the seed of the opposite is set to return. No part of the rotation is better or worse than any other and this particular cyclic motion, that where 2012 is a supposed turning point, is one far and beyond the limited human life span, so nothing to fret over.

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I have to recommend this series of Pyramid documentaries as over the episodes they allow themselves to go much deeper than mere bricks to the meaning, energy, spirituality, cosmology and feminine aspect of our missing past.

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One rule for all

An Eskimo seeing how ice stuck to various objects and an Arab man seeing how ice slipped quickly over surfaces both took their new inventions to the land of the other to sell.

One size does not fit all.


It is very often the case that this mentality of humans, the one where they are right and all others are wrong. Also the fear of how 'others' will come to take their jobs, livelihood, freedoms, that they decide they must enforce rules that level the field, rules that say their way is THE way and there shall be no other way.

A man at sea level is healthy and fit eating fish and rice. A mountain man gets his warmth and sustenance from the buffalo, a man on the plains dips wheaty bread into home made soups a jungle man goes for fruits and drinks vines. While all very healthy they would be fools to enforce their diet on the others. All would starve if the diet of another were made compulsory.

So too then a man forced to think one thing is starved of free thought, a man forced to enjoy one thing is starved of free choice, a man forced to believe in one thing is starved of inner spirituality. The rule of one for all is deadly indeed.

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I care because you do

The only worth in humanity is the peace of all humanity and all else I do not care for.

We are well aware as humans that the mind is a tricky tool to have at our disposal. Very often we become fixated on one thing, we project 'what-if's' and we induce stress in our system. Stress is a part of the human condition and so then the only medicine worth making is one which combats this stress, leaving peace. The only form that medicine can come in is no-form as to have a medicine made of TV shows, alcohol, beliefs, and other releases and veils only forms new dependences.

Stress is the upset in our system, it is the ageing agent, the ill-health agent, the grease to the slippery slope and the wax to the candle of burning out. Stress is part of the human condition and we can all imagine a world free from it. It sits for us in the realm of idealism and wishful thinking yet it is a condition required, the only condition required by humanity - so then the only thing worth time and effort.

What does the world put effort into? Producing food, medicine for the sick, support for the needy, education for the youth, fashion for the flamboyant, protection for the rich, toys for the boys, statues to the dead, war on the poor, division on religion, politics, laws, controlling control, patrolling borders, making orders, TV for release, drugs for the obese, and ways to gain and take power.

As a travelling monk in India I stood in a small Himalayan village at perfect peace realizing fully how all we need is good air, water, shelter, medicine when needed and a little good food. That was peace and happiness and to give that to the world would take far less effort than it does to make all the mischief we do make, all the excess and wasteful crap that makes for a world where the rich exist on a blanket of suffering poor.

The nature of stress that is a condition of humanity has forced out another human condition, one of greed. The idea behind greed is that you have so much at your disposal that you may never need be stressed, you can have all you need forever and not have to worry. So the idea is that you have a place to live that is yours, you have savings in excess that you could never quite spend, you are free to do as you please never concerned for tomorrows bread. The desire for this condition is almost epidemic.

From the initial stress over tomorrow and personal protection comes the greed and from this the need to control all who are not you. To form laws that protect you and weaken all others, to take more than can be given so that in making your wealth you make the other poor. This is a disease, not a human disease but the disease infecting humanity as a whole.


All of the politics, the material excesses, the TV, the operations of banks, the control of nations and people I can not care for one bit as it does nothing for the happiness of all.

Only those who choose a simple life so that in reducing their desire they free up enough for everyone else to have the same are doing right.

And only they can be truly happy in their heart.

If there is one thing worth time it is peace for all. Obtained simply by realizing your true needs and living there and not living in control caused by desire induced by stress.

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God Love Evil

I will start with the simple play on words but will get much much deeper as I go.

The fight of Good and Evil.

The fight of God and Devil.


Love is not a dualistic device. Real love is not real when reciprocated but real. Real.

I do not need the love of my family to love my family, or my wife or my enemy - love is all, undivided.


The most powerful tool used to manipulate humankind is that of divide and conquer. India, the oldest living civilizations still with a genuine hold on that past, was next to impossible to control by normal means for the greedy invading nations. A near continent with no strict border it held a mass of people of many differing beliefs and values - who lived in an organic, generally accepting, manner. To control such an organic and, on the whole, peaceful group of people, for the subsequent control of recourses, took the method of Good Vs Evil. -Set the people amongst themselves, give them reason to feel different to others, to fear the strength of others over them, to instill borders and then, once in chaos, control the weaker system.

You too are manipulated by such devices; which political party you favour, which football team you like, which groups of religious people you favour or dislike. You're weaker, we as a whole are weaker, as we are kept divided.

Not one but one.

I do not say we must be one nation ruled by one rule - not at all! I say we must be one organic whole, with our natural differences, in celebration, and not at ficticious odds.


Love is not divisible, love is not the opposite to hate. Hate is a lack of information, hate is the result of division and division is a control agent injected into weak enough minds.

In the battle of Good and Evil you are always Good, everyone is always good and the "other" people are bad - there are no bad people in a war, everyone is good and everyone has god on their side - funny isn't it? In religious wars both sides are absolutely correct - a little irony to go with the stony issue.

Once a man is given the idea that another group of people are out to steal his livelihood, take his job, control his decisions, he is divided, weakened, and will be conquered. The most aggressive, simplistic and perhaps well meaning, plus those with most passion are drawn to the front lines of battle and so they prune their own numbers by killing each other in bloody battles.

Those with most love in their heart do not feel the divides and so call for reconciliation and so they too are divided and conquered over a different line, one of desire. "When desire opposes the situation at hand then conflict appears" [SOURCE] Once you have a reality in mind that is not the same as the reality you see/make in your head then you have a conflict, a conflict that separates you from the very loving and real bliss of being.

The natural simplicity is a dream for most and lived by a near zero human beings. Living a natural and simplistic life you are not divided, you are not looking out how to grow in relation to others, to fear their actions, stature, opinion, you are instead just a being - even more so you are free from being a being, you are being itself, dancing the Tao.

Humans are all too easily drawn to fear and competition and desire. Too easily drawn into a battle of Good and Evil of which they are always the good one. Too easily lead into false groups where only they are in the correct hemisphere. Too easily drawn from undivided, unconditional love into a battle where they stand apart, weaken, and are lead to give away control to manipulators.

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