For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

someone in my bed

One guy at work today described how he went to bed last night and before he could go to sleep he was pounced upon and smothered. As he wrestled with the assailant he fell to the floor - when he looked up to his bed he saw himself in the bed. Then he awoke from a dream and he was on the bed.

He is happy that this was an outer body experience or OBE. But he asked everyone at work to please help him explain what it all meant.

What surprised me is that in these modern times we all had such varying yet highly superstitious responses and reasonings for this event.

Responses ranged from; Someone trying to tell you something, a message from God, punishment for not praying, punishment for thinking or doing something, a haunted house, and a chemical flooding the brain.

The latter was my input. I said how the strongest hallucinogen known to man is DMT and it is produced by and released by the brain. A little is released to induce dreams but if too much is released when you are not unconscious then the conscious mind has trouble dealing with normality and a dream all at once. OBE, NDE, alien abductions, and more have been explained by this and not only that but clinical trials where patients who are wide awake are hit with a dose of DMT all, bar none, had OBE, alien abduction experiences and so on.

So was his mind flooded with an unexpected does of DMT or was he attacked by a ghost?

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Did you kill anyone today?

Was it the law against murder that stopped you murdering anyone today?

Did the law against murder stop any murders?

Is law necessary?

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if only things were different

(i hear you say)
If only things were different,

(so I reply)
then they wouldn't be the same.

Even if you planned them out,

You'd only still complain.

As life is just the way it is,

It can be no other way.

You can only be here and now,

listen what I say.

You can't be in the future,

and you can't be in the past,

you can only be here and now,

isn't life a blast?

Spending time complaining,

is just a waste you see,

time that'd be better spent,

in awe of infinity.

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The Middle Way

There is no middle of infinity. The middle way is for one who has set extreme polar views on a linear mind idea.

Where is the middle of infinity? It can not exist, and so the middle way is only for those trapped by mind.

Infinite being oneness is not caught by such ideas as middle. Middle of what and who is defining?

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4 more awakened than thou

He said "I am that" and they thought "oh, wow, he is THAT, he must be so awake"

Then another said "I AM" and they said how this one must be even more awake as he AM, he is, he is not even associating with the all, with the 'that' but saying he 'is' with the statement 'I AM'.

Another said simply and grandly "I" and they were blown away at how this one was I! just the I! no further distinctions, he must really be the one and the all, truth manifest!

And one said ".." and stood mouth open and still. They said of him "Wow, such powerful silence, this one is truly the one of truth."

Then he fell over and they pointed, "He's dead, he's gone and bloomin' died, he wasn't enlightened at all, he just went and carked it before saying a word. He was probably just trying to think of something to say and... Look.. " they said, kicking at his body "Dead as the pig I had for lunch last week, dead as Elvis, bleedin' liar!!"

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fast I move still as I am

A rusty old pile of junk car, tires burst and long since perished, no paint, all rust, half buried in dirt. Moving as it is above the speed of light, a speeding time machine it is.

Spinning fast daily around the center of the earth, it also travels over half a billion miles a year around the sun, and too several trillion miles a day as our galaxy rushes its way in orbit of one and away from another, relatively faster than the speed of light to one thing, and dead still in my yard to another.

So the particles that make the rust are all in place to my eye. To one looking closer they are covering distance, going at speeds unimaginable, acting as waves that penetrate all and mean nothing alone, they collectively form the form of a rusty old car and on their own could not yet be registered by science.

So the mind knows so much and yet this knowing mind is made of things it does not understand, not even close. The mind made of thoughts alone, sitting in goo, that is beyond the mind itself too.

All whizzing through space of which we can't find a structure, at speeds we can't gather, covering distances we can't measure, remaining still and not moving an inch we burst with power.

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If you had just opened your eyes for the very first time then what?

No distinctions between this and that, no this, no that. No concept of big, small, near, far. No labels, no separation of it and you. All you, to infinity, not broken, split, measured or defined.

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....that can be told...

The most important thing that anyone can understand is the limit of knowledge.

The height of knowledge is the recognition of its limit.

The smartest person is the one who knows that all things that sound smart, no matter how grand, well said, well documented, proved, backed up, referenced, are just the words of one who is gifted in the manipulation of words and that it is nothing close to the wisest knowledge of all, that is - the limit of knowledge, that is, that knowledge is limited.

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Tao Hippy

It turns out that I am not a bloke who is into Taoist thinking but.. .. a hippy

From the defining words on what make a hippy/ie (I suggest copying the text from the site to a text document as reading it on a blue background without the use of rose tinted shades is hard).

""My view is that being a hippie is a matter of accepting a universal belief system that transcends the social, political, and moral norms of any established structure, be it a class, church, or government. Each of these powerful institutions has it’s own agenda for controlling, even enslaving people. Each has to defend itself when threatened by real or imagined enemies. So we see though history a parade of endless conflicts with country vs. country, religion vs. religion, class vs. class. After millennia of war and strife, in which uncounted millions have suffered, we have yet to rise above our petty differences.

The way of the hippie is antithetical to all repressive hierarchical power structures since these are adverse to the hippie goals of peace, love and freedom. This is why the “Establishment” feared and suppressed the hippie movement of the ’60s, as it was a revolution against the established order. It is also the reason why the hippies were unable to unite and overthrow the system since they refused to build their own power base. Hippies don’t impose their beliefs on others. Instead, hippies seek to change the world through reason and by living what they believe.

To be a hippie you must believe in peace as the way to resolve differences among peoples, ideologies and religions. The way to peace is through love and tolerance. Loving means accepting others as they are, giving them freedom to express themselves and not judging them based on appearances. This is the core of the hippie philosophy. ""

Yep, I'm a hippy alright

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Ideas on gravity

Static electricity has an attractive force that is quickly lost as the charge jumps from the statically charged object to the other object.

Imagine for a moment that a magnet is an object holding a static electrical charge that is unable to jump, it may be held by the structure of the magnet so that the attractive force can be used but not lost. Only when a large enough force comes into play will the magnet give up its power.

Imagine then that the earth behaves like a huge magnet, it holds a very large static charge that it is unable to lose to its surroundings, space. Due to this trapped charge the objects that are free to move over the earths surface are constantly being attracted to the earth. So gravity is the result of earth holding a large static electrical charge.

How did earth get this charge and what is the evidence for it? The aurora borealis is the charge being ripped off the earth as we whizz through the charge of other bodies. Seen from far enough away earth has a cometary tail. Venus is a large comet not a planet, it has a massive tail and it also floats the opposite way to the planets in our system. Space has many examples of charge being given off by bodies and even exchanged, it may well be the cause of attractive and repulsive events in space such as elliptical orbits, orbits, flares, sunspots (polar in nature, there is always one the exact opposite side of the sun to the one you saw) and so on.

It may well be the the sun and moon are anode and cathode to our once neutral earth and our floating around, or them around us, or whatever school you buy the books of, has lead to us having a vast charge that we can not release. This charge is gravity.

Now, I could have written that better but it is a slightly formatted flow of consciousness so I'll leave it that way.

I haven't a bloody clue but for some reason as I was dozing off I thought about it.

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Balanced Mental Diet

Picking only what satisfies the tongue and eating that in excess will naturally lead to an imbalanced body, probably overweight and likely hungry.

Eating a small diet that contains all of the minerals, acids, proteins, and so on that you need then you are likely light, energetic and content.

With an excess of one thing there is a lack in another and so the craving never ceases.

Take a look now how Taoism guides you to see the world and you will see how the balanced way is just as useful to the mind as a good diet is to the body.

I cut this piece short and rather than give examples just leave you to spot them for yourself.

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Try Change

You can't change a thing. Try.

It had already occurred before you registered it.

The mind is an after effect, constructed from the vapour trail of what happened.

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How to alter the past

Simple really...

She worried all night to change what happened earlier and he shouted a lot about something that happened last week...

If they keep at it, maybe the past will change..(?)

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You're as mad as you

I walked past a "mad" woman today. She was pointing into the middle distance and shouting at people who were there for her but not for the rest of us.

I thought briefly how, "well, for her she's right and for us she's ..."

and I stopped when a big laugh came out of mouth: I saw how we all could be laughed at by an observer for running around believing our little path was real. We're all insainly living out our own mad side-show and convinced of its reality.

All there is is the ceaseless being, seeming to live, live through many apparent forms, doing what it does - and then identifying with these individual abstracted forms, playing the part, playing it so well it convinces itself that each version matters...

"I'm right and everyone else is shit"

...Playing at being separate parts when all it is is indivisible potential.

Observed, the sleeping dog who runs in his sleep and wakes himself from a dreamed bark that came out loud. The same as the crazy boss shouting and screaming over how important something is. The same as the person beeping his horn over what a poor and impatient driver the other guy is. The same as the fly head-butting the glass window repeatedly until death. The same as any ordinary person doing anything.

Bonkers. Stark raving, mad as balloon in bath.

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Willful Lobotomy

A friend at work asked me if I'd heard a new tune, a remix of the theme tune to the news (of all things). Of course I had not heard it and I said I wouldn't even know if I had as I did not know the theme tune to the news.

"You don't know it?" he exclaimed, slightly bemused.

I said to watch the news I'd need a TV, and anyway the news is just the same as you removing your brain and having the thought: what you should think about, and what you should think about it, placed in your head for you.

"Yeah, well anyway" he said "I's a good tune, you should hear it"

Sure there is nothing wrong with that tune, if nothing else it set him on the path for a wake up.

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You think that you are thinking - but all you are doing is putting the thoughts into words - when the thoughts came before.

You think that you are doing but all is done before you notice, before the thoughts of and before the doings.

You think you see the event but the event has happened before you consign it.

Be done with you.

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Pride is a flaw not a quality.

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descartes should have said

descartes should have said...

"I think and therefore I am.. ..separate from the world due only to these thoughts.

I stop thinking, I stop the idea of separation, I am no longer a separate idea-I and I am instead, being itself."


"I am human and therefore I think. I think that I am separate, but I'm not, so maybe I'll skip writing this book and go and skim some stones."

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Life... you having a near death experience.

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No one Enlightened

I made a comment on another blog about enlightenment...

""That a person is enlightened or not is void as a person is a collection of ideas and concepts. The person only appears separate from reality due to these very concepts and is not in fact real but for mind made ideas.

To take an undivided whole and split it with the mind into people, environment, enlightened and unenlightened and then spend time trying to reconcile the split is the farce of seeking enlightenment.

There is not actually a person with the qualities of enlightenment as that would simply be a further idea or concept attached to the person who is already only a separate person due to a set of ideas and concepts.

Removing all concepts then there is no separation, no separate being or person, and so no one to have this quality of enlightenment applied to them.

The only title a person may have is 'unenlightened' and that is the case of the seeker, one who has separated themselves, and is now seeking to reconnect with, that which they could never be separate from in all of infinity.

Enlightenment is not the state of a person but a state free from the concept of the separate person.

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Embracing the poles or the middle way...

... not that we should choose as choosing would be a very polar way to conclude a question of balance ;-)

It is often said in Buddhism and Taoism that we should go for the middle way, the balance point.

It is also often said that the intention of this is to recognize what it is that leads to polar positions. To be 'anti this' is to be 'pro that' and both uphold one another. In a post due later in the year on Daily Cup of Tao I say this of war...

"Embrace war and evil.

Sounds odd, yet to embrace them will aid in their removal. If you oppose them, you enforce them. Take them on board, consider them. It was someone who was against something who brought about war. So only those who embrace all can put an end to it."

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