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The universe is consciousness- scientific 'proof'

Now. There are no strict and real answers. We must take with caution the words of a smoothly spoken person trying to convince us* of anything, even an educated one. It is with some doubt that the large percentage of scientists would hold up these claims and much of the science is unprovable due to the scales involved. To people without very high mathematical ability these proofs are taken on trust alone, but also feeling.

I have to post as much of what is said in these videos is similar to what I say, though the tone is quite different and I'm never claiming absolute proof, the message is well worth spreading to those with the wish to investigate.
*all that he says I already know as a personal truth. I differ only on that he says it is scientifically proven. That I question.

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Tesla as Magic

This is such a creative way to tell the story of one of my hero scientist/inventors...

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Essentially Identical, Conceptually Distinct (and String Theory)

I've been watching a lot of Ed Written talks, not because I understand (or think I can) but because, in hearing amazing things regarding the universe, my mind commonly feels pleasure and I have my own interesting thoughts. I particularly enjoy M-Theory (also string/bubble..) as it seems to be saying that a vibration, in oneness, can be interpreted as many different things. Imagining a string vibrating in 11 dimensions allows us to consider that this vibration witnessed in our 4 dimensions would appear as different 'things' (be they; quark, photon, electron, goldfish, goose or quack) as only bits of the vibration are witnessed interacting in our space and time then they seem like separate 'bits or things'.

This idea of all things being, in reality 'a oneness waving' seems to me incredibly Taoist and for that matter, Buddhist too, when we consider their phrase "Essentially identical, conceptually distinct".

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The THAT of non duality

Stop reading when you no longer agree.

Sun beating, rain falling, grass growing.

Sun does not cause the grass, the grass does not invoke the sun.

An interplay, seemingly on automatic.

Science can identify features of the grass where sunlight, rain and earth are combined. The very reasons for the grass, rain, earth or sun are not to be known. Evolution can inform us that grass was the best fit for the role and the apparent design fits the job done so well as all other attempts fell by the way side.

Your heart beats. Your breath is often unguided by you, as you sleep, in much of your wake, the lungs rise and fall. In a way, very unlike the grass, you feel that you are someone, you can pause your respiration and set it off again. Not indefinitely, but there is a feeling of control, not over your heart beat, your mind forming images from light and surface, not over when and which thoughts arise or dissipate, not on how much your fingernails will grow in a second, not over your height age 3, but you feel control over some things. That is what you are, you may think.

Lets say that the top of the spine and the bulk of the brain take care of that which makes for an animal and that there are areas where additional processing may take place, for example the frontal area in the brain, which, by evolution, have set us apart from animals and provided a higher individuality and feeling of self. Is that self then real? Or a set of survival tendencies charged with key roles such as spreading and processing information and ideas within generations rather than, as standard evolution goes, over many generations?

Both answers are complementary and need not actually be chosen between, yet hundreds more exist, hundreds of ways of explaining what we are, why we act the way we do feel the way we do, why we're here, where we're going and whether that is right, wrong or the only possible outcome. As with the grass and the sun, the answer is unknown but in a grander way, the answer is unknowable. The very knowing, one way or another, is only an opinion of the very subject matter at hand, so may well be a complex justification for what is already the case or a pitifully weak explanation.

The answers are not in the mind.

Take an area of space, 3 feet ahead, 3 inches up and a foot to the right. Just over there in front of you. In the air. Zoom in to that space and the invisible gasses move in currents that great mathematicians and powerful computers can't strictly model or predict. Zoom into the atoms that you or science can't truly depict. Zoom into the level where quantum physics say that "It is not stranger than we suppose, but more strange than we can suppose" and along side the supposed particles, that aren't really particles, is a lot of space, full of forces, that you can't explain. The particles that aren't particles are not made of bits and are primarily empty, and so on and so on. We reach a place where there is 'not a something'.

Zoom into any area in the room, deep in a cushion, inside the liquid in your drink, inside your body, and zoom and zoom, you'll find 'not a something'. Go into the depths of space and while we're at it, to save time, go into the depths of star, zoom and zoom, you'll reach 'not a something' in both places and anywhere else you look.

The mind needs things, names for things and explanations of relationships between those things. Yet everywhere you go, as soon as you delve deep enough 'not a something' is there and the mind must draw closure on desire for explanation.

As the space just over there and deep space, and the core of a star, core of an apple, each neuron in your brain, each hair, each flake of skin, cell, anything, anywhere, is ultimately 'not composed' of 'not a something' then there is no you, no star, no space, and .... all is a oneness.

In the mind, in part the automated section and in part the 'free thinking me' section, parts are formed, named, given interactions, given reason, given cause and so the world, made of mind. The world is a construct of the mind and in reality, not a thing exists.

The 'not a something' is THAT and when we say; That is a tree, that is a brick, that is a hair, that is a person, we are saying that 'not a something' is appearing, via the mind, as X.

The power of the meditation Neti Neti (not this, not this) is to see that THAT is all there is, THAT is what you are, not this person, but the same that that is the air over there, the same that that is everything, you are that. In hearing writings that come from the Neti Neti school "You are not happiness, you are not sadness you are not the perceiver you are not the perceived, you are not life you are not death...etc etc" then remember to add: "You are not happiness, because you are that (the one mentioned above), you are not sadness, because you are that, you are not the perceiver, because you are that, you are not the perceived, because you are that, you are not life, because you are that, you are not death, because you are that...etc etc"

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Why you are Christian

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Fulfilling our future need

Here we sit in a future only dreamed of; Computers in our pockets more powerful than ones that used to fill rooms, robots to perform repetitive chores* and a wealth of information updated by the minute. (*although we thought robots in this day would be humanoid in form they just worked out as more functional)

We still dream of the future, sometimes in fear and sometimes in hope. For the sake of our children, hope would be the wiser and more productive. We dream of environmentally sound energy, food production, transport. We dream of faster pocket computers we can talk to, we hope to find life elsewhere in space. (We estimate a billion planets for each of the billion billion galaxies are capable of holding life, good odds)

In our present futuristic life, in the one we see coming, as with that engraved in history, are the same fallible, needy, emotional lumps of lard, just like us, the humans.

No matter how advanced we are technologically, or how far we go, we will still be similar in our wants, needs and feelings. What is not going to happen is that we suddenly find ourselves blissfully enlightened. We will likely, the more technologically dependant we are, be more confused by our place in the universe, more dissatisfied with our life expectancies, achievements, wants and needs.

In the future, as now, as with all of written history, the solace of a simple rendering of a truth, one that can stand through change, stand up against time, stand hand in hand with science, no matter where it leads, will be a universal need. And what we refer to on these pages, unlike religion, unlike politics, unlike any one thing known by us to date or to be made at a future date, is that.

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Tao Wow!

There you, here you, are.

This is it. Now it has shifted, changed. It is still it.

Named then it is not it, but one seeming interpretation. Seeking something fitting a fixed name or definition is impossible. This nameless, formless, does nothing but change.

Change is relative to what? Change is not relative to a fixedness, or fixed observer. There is no fixed thing, no observer. Observation is a moving, a shifting, a changing.

We are a swirling dance. Not one thing, vast as the universe, as small as light, is still, fixed or unchanging.

These are fixed answers, fixed truths. And so false. Yet in proclaiming truth while admitting falseness, they are both invalid and, in our case here, most valid.

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