For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Don't miss the show

I often find it quite amazing that I can touch a solid object. What is this and that that can not go through each other? What makes that possible? This resistance, the way the object resonates and gives out a sound, what gives it this life? Who am I to be looking upon this incredible show?

I'm neither the created nor the creator. I do not experience it nor do I produce it. Tao is before this split occurs.

Behind what is deemed to be important, the latest thing to catch the senses or mind, is this persistent, deeply magical source. Inside each moment, be it spent on the seemingly frivolous or the act which seems of great importance, is the real show.

The world of mind and senses is not discounted as unreal, it is as much real as not. It is seen instead as an extension, another way to view the show, tied to only the mind view though people miss the magic and can claim life to be dull or saddening, unfulfilling perhaps.

To miss the magical side of the show and follow nothing but the mind and senses is average.

To live a simple life and realize this is perpetual bliss.

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Enough pressure and it bursts, this is good.

I really really liked a very clever metaphor at the end of Scott Bradley's book "The Simple Way, the life and teachings of Zhouzi".

The book was approaching its end and after many good simple and funny pointers to the simple life, things got a little more complicated. Troops came to break up the commune as there was suspicion and misunderstanding about the place, was it Buddhist, Taoist, just what was it all about?

By demonstration but only said in the following verse Zhouzi entered the hall and blew the seeds off a dandelion. Everyone cheered at his act but did they really know what it meant?

The next day he announced that the commune was to be disbanded and we saw how clever the dandelion metaphor was. In all of this time the teachings had been learned by all the little seedlings and now was the time they should all spread over the land to take root.

It hit me as to the Yin and Yang in life - We cry at how Tibet is destroyed by the Chinese but a wise man says, 'Maybe'. And then we see how the seeds of this powerful culture are given much more power to germinate as the disbanded leader becomes a world best seller in books, the people and monks take their wisdom to other lands and the teachings of the land are now very famous and sought after.

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Been Enlightened Got the T-Shirt

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My new religion (2)

Here is the rapidly edited wiki entry for my new religion:

Religions Name: Infinity. (trading as the infinite warriors of nee nee nee waaaahooobaa) But best to call it by its real name not the trading name which is reserved primarily as a way to prevent people cashing refunds if they claim their enrollment fees back through court.

Prime Objectives: To be infinite and recognize that all things are just an expression of infinity. To not be surprised by anything as, well, infinity, you know, it contains infinite possibilities. Emotions and all dualities are respected as natural and flowing parts of infinity, be happy, cry when shit happens, but never forget, all things pass. Infinity has no norm.

Religious days: All days are deemed sacred and you must not work on any of them (unless infinity demands it, say you accidentally walk into an office, pull up a chair and begin typing memos to the Director). Your employer, sort of ex-employer now, must respect your religion and so pay you for the rest of your life on all religious days.

Religious Ceremonies: All actions are the infinite so all are ceremonial in nature and your every act must be respected by everyone. Due to infinity you may also get laughed at or ridiculed but this too is ceremonial and all in respect of the great one, infinity.

Religions acts: You are to remain in a hammock at all times unless infinity says otherwise, say it breaks or you need the loo or just have to get up and go buy chocolate as you're bored.

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And now for my new religion

As all religion is made up then I'm quite within my rights to make up my own.

As many religions have special days of the year that are upheld by law to be respected and for followers to be given days off work and other concessions then mine will also benefit from that.

It is a little odd that on religious days (where people are expected to take days off in respect of a God) that the religious leaders work that day.

It is odd indeed that one or a few days can be deemed sacred as that degrades all other days.

My religion has a few rules.

1) All days are sacred so all followers are deemed paid holiday by their employer for life.

2) Anyone asking questions about this faith will be seen as a non-follower and banished.

3) No more rules are required but those choosing to spend most of their time in hammocks will probably go to heaven and will be seen in a good light by God.

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Origin of God and Devil

The oldest written origin of God and Devil is in relation to Good and Evil incarnations of man. Not any other worldly beings. Only in folk lore have they become extraterrestrial.

Then the origins of Good and Evil are the mind itself which then confuses itself over attempting to solve a problem it invented.

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We are one world

We are one world!!

United by our almost unanimous inability to see that fact :D

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The Secret - Book - Is crap

I knew this on first smell and I have written about it before but for some reason I felt like I've not got my reasoning perfectly tight and so must revisit.

In the book The Secret they say how ancient wisdom tells us of a great secret that only successful people have lived by and the rest of us must get wise to if we are to get anywhere.

Smells fishy already but genius in marketing skills, hats off.

The secret is....... To visualize the future you want, emotionally, financially, in love affairs, and naturally life and your decisions will guide your future into line with these visions.

The book, but especially the movie version, of The Secret spends far too much time then pointing people towards materialistic visions which are naturally completely unfulfillable for all 7billion of us to all realize. They then call us to examples of people who've used this secret to attain comfortable materialist living conditions.

The idea that a bad outlook leads to bad seeing and bad being and that a positive outlook leads you to better choices has a logic, but that this can extend to "Drawing, from the inner cosmos, material things to make you happy" are smelly indeed.

The reason the book and the theory totally fail is that they point humans towards their greatest source of pain and massage their greatest flaw - desire.

The Secret tells people to live on hope and desire and dreams of the future. Desire is though the gateway and the path of despair.

The real secret is: There is no secret.

The addition to that is that: There is no future and Now Is It.

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India is ALIVE

It is fascinating to see India living to a poetry laid down by ancestors high on intoxicants who made a creation story that so permeated all aspects of life that everyone knows what to do, life is a celebration, and all the necessary work gets done by this dance.

Most are aware that this is only a story which beyond and above, once your duties are done, it is then your goal to find liberation through wisdom before death.

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Waterfall Awake Nature Pt47

Why seek happiness,
When the quest only defines sadness?
Breathe deeply thrice,
And realise this moment suffice.

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Buddha boy to emerge this year

Preface: I have have absolute respect and a great interest in anyone who can meditate so deeply and who's messages to date are of peace. But this is a critical piece.

Later this year if all goes to his rough plan and the desires of his followers are fulfilled the Buddha Boy (who doesn't like being called that) will emerge after years of meditation to teach his message. He is of the school of the Grand Vehicle - enlightenment for all.

I am of the school of the small vehicle, the enlightenment of the the individual to the recognition of their being no individual.

People will see the Buddha boy in one of 3 broad ways.

1) as a wonder and inspiration
2) as a modern day hoax or hark back to foolish times
3) as a conspiracy by the New World Order

and I have a 4th view.

First view 3) That the buddha boy is an MKULTRA victim being used by a New World Order attempt at unifying the world by a modern day messiah.

View 2) Obviously many people are skeptical of such tales of people going days without food and the benefit of long meditation. It has however been documented, on camera, that the boy went at least 4 days with no sustenance and not moving more than a shuffle from his mediation pose. He has by any standard an incredible ability for single pointed meditation.

View 1) Following on from the points raised above, there is a serious credibility to much of the story that does, in anyone, rouse curiosity and this expands unfortunately to such fairy tales as him not eating ever, surviving self combustion and so on which are poor hoaxes made not by him but by natural hangers on and profiteers.

View 4) is mine that he is a genuine caring wonderful person with a gift but while most welcome in my world is taking the dangerous path of one rule for all.

The Grand Vehicle is the path of Tibetan Buddhism and many other schools that is looking, very compassionately indeed, for enlightenment for all sentient beings, even Gods.

Buddhas sit above Gods even advising them how their desire that gives rise to universes is the cause of suffering, they want instead to enlighten all, even Gods. Certainly they wish for the enlightenment of all humans and all beings.


Imagine though if one person says to the world - "You must all now live in peace with respect for all life". This is a wondrous saying and sentiment but - it is the rule of one over the many - which is an absolutely dangerous idea whenever and however and whoever says it.

There will always be this endless intertwining of all things, as we are infinite.

It is your own path that leads to realization - don't follow without first investigating.

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