For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

To cure a weakling child

Karma (More correctly Phala as Karma is action and Phala is the fruit)
Reigns for the childish ego who wishes to do bad.

A blanket for the childish ego which fears the end of false identity.

Any personal god such as God, Infinite Energy, or any other name given to an ultimate but especially one looked towards for support is parent or guardian for the weakling ego.

Meaning DarkLight, the person to guide you from darkness to light, or any other middle man such as vicar, rabbi, spiritual leader is the ego admitting it is small but also stating that it one day wishes that, with help, it shall be proved valid.

Any personal mantra from "Om" to "All is good" is a weak clinging of the ego to some false positive.

The company of wise people is a weak ego looking for someone it deems better to pat them on the head and say "it's ok, you're ok".

An ego entering a state it wishes to maintain during all acts. The ego refuses to accept change and flow as it is too fragile so pines for a place with no movement.

The childish ego wishing to realign with that which it was never separate.

The childish ego wishing to yoke or rejoin with that to which it was never separate.

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Conversations when you see all as one and your friend does not lead down all sorts of common avenues.

Doership is one key point and when you ask them are they really the autonomous entity they believe themselves to be then, of course, they believe it and have no reason to deny it.

They may say "Look, I can raise my hand or not." or other common examples of their being the driver of their independent body.

I ask them "Can you do both? Can you do that again but do the opposite?" and they say of course and offer both moves to me.

They miss the exactness of the act though as the 'hand up' was then and the 'hand down' a different then. They can not act the hand up and the hand down at the exact same time, go and alter the position of "what was". They can not "choose" to do both so is there really a choice or an alternative? Could it not be that the up happened and the down happened and it could never have ever been different?

To illustrate their choice they say, "Look now it is up and now it is down." Do they understand now though?

I challenge them to raise their hand any other time than now.

"Ok" they say "I'll raise my hand in 3 seconds time.

And they raise it to prove their point. But they do it NOW.

I say can you really raise it three seconds from now? and they say of course, they just did.

Language as they are using it seems so sly and what I say seems so weak to them. Language and the meaning of what they say is their winning the argument and it is also the barrier to them seeing the subtlety of what they are arguing against.

Language so easily has us saying that the hand was up and then down and now this and will be that. Observe it as the now it always is though. Think through the situation without any theoretical times. See it only now. It is a waving in mind and in reality it is simply what is.

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The Enlightened one

It is a sorry thing that people seek enlightenment and that some people are titled as Enlightened.

All you can possibly be is 'One who is pretending to be unenlightened' as if you were not pretending such then you would see that all is enlightenment and this is not a title for a person or a any thing which is other than something else.

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Advaita Tao

Advaita, All that can be, and yet, what every I can not see.

Unless you have directly burned through and detached from I-in-the-world then you’ll find this next statement seems to be conceptual, far fetched, meaningless nonsense.

'I can not die, I have lived every life, I have been the environment in which that life was lived and I have been that living natural world.'

You are nothing but what I am also, except for group reinforced mistaken identity.

A clothes line is no longer a clothes line when the string is cut. 48 strings and a stick are 48 strings and a stick but using one string to tie 47 to the stick it is a mop. One piece of string and a stick could be a fishing pole, bow, whip, or a way to hang a basket. A heap of sheet metal and rivets could be made to float you over the ocean. The arrangement of parts calls for a name. Disassembled or reassembled the name must be changed.

No matter your view or understanding of science, even if you deem it fanciful guesswork or if you are sold down the line as to how it holds the answer to every question, then either way or any other way you say: “The universe is made of parts”. The arrangement of parts would have you say that you are you and a tree is a tree. Why not indeed? This forms a very practical situation.

Given your own version of science the universe will be constructed of anything from the five elements to the 7 flavours of Quark or some other similar or far fetched theory. Analyzing these parts then you or the scientists you depend upon will find parts, they will do this ad infinitum but convinced at each step they have reached the indivisible atom. Of course the atom was only literally atomic, indivisible, until it was divided. Then the mop became a stick and String Theory.

Science aims to prove and some people agree without looking that there will eventually be a true atom, a point where division is impossible. How their logic allows for this I have no idea as 1) If unsplittable, then what is it made from? 2) Where is it? ‘Where’ is very important a question when you are looking at ‘what’ as the ‘what’ and the ‘where’ seem to be two things and thus disproving that the ‘what’ is elementary. This is saying nothing even of what is observing the what.

Besides the actual searching and various descriptions we have come up with for ‘what stuff is made of’ the generally held idea is that arrangements of this ‘what’ goes to make the independent separate entities, person and tree.

You will be in one of many schools of thought then but clustered into one of only two groups; They who see that one elementary part arranged in various ways forms the world described by language, and They who see that language induces the very idea that there must be some base part.

Those who say that the universe is merely arrangements of one core part -must- now see that there is no true division one thing to another, and those who see that language infers parts from what is truly One, have already seen this. A consensus.

Now that all parties hold a similar consensus, that the universe is One but for labels, then we have what Advaita says. One, not Two. Tao.

The Two that is so strongly denied by Advaita is rendered in so many ways from Me and You, to Friend and Foe, Life and Death, Good and Bad, Heaven and Hell, God and Devil, object and subject, thing and observer, to any duality and any entry into the world of conceptual thought and labels, life as we “know” it.

Advaita is not though to deny life as we know it, but to affirm it, just as it IS and not as it seems to be.

When you can exist with a consistent background of peace, you can see all life as is, living forever deathless, then you are being what you truly are.

When you question or compare this to that, affirm or deny, seek, think, then you are pretending to be a conceptual part 'I-separate'.

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Alternative to Tea and very healthy

This is a great alternative to tea and very healthy. It came to light from an email that did the rounds but even that is only echoing ancient knowledge of the medicinal qualities of plants.

Boil some water and let it cool off a little, until you guess it has dropped from boiling point (100C) down to about 80C. Stir in quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and then half a spoon of honey. You can increase on these amounts when you understand how strong each flavour is on your palate.

It makes for a fine caffeine free drink and the medicinal qualities are quite special. Along with the calming effect it brings about, the cinnamon and honey both have individual qualities plus even more qualities that emerge when the pair are mixed. Do take care not to use water that is too hot as you will negate several of these qualities by scalding the ingredients.

Have a little web search to find the medicinal qualities, they range from the incidental to the major.

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New Book: "Pop!"

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In the stream bubbles appear one new one a second and as we watch old ones pop every second, pop, pop, pop. These bubbles represent humans coming into the world by birth and leaving by death, each second is this swirl of bubbles, pop, pop, pop, pop, and one day that pop will be you!

The thought of a death a second is not such a nice one as to dwell on it and so we do not, the thought though of the ongoing mass game of Russian Roulette where your number is guaranteed to come up at some unknown time should force a smart adjustment in perspective and awakening to the moment and living, now.

You do not spend your time sitting mourning each and every pop, considered though the thought of your own popping may be of some concern. Will you pop out of the blue unprepared or will you feel your pop coming? Part of your concern over your pop is sadness and loss you'll leave behind in others.

Each moment a pop, pop, pop, each moment people suffering that. Aren't you though, the stream?

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My noble truths


1) The highest knowledge is the recognition that knowledge is limited.

2) The only thing you can change about the world is your attitude towards it.

3) All attempts to change the external world are like shadows playing catch. Look to the source, not to the projection.

4) All external fixes eventually become sources of sorrow.

5) One thing will not change, the truth which can not be said. All things in the material world will pass.

6) Good and bad will last as long as the mind is allowed to govern.

7) Infinity is such that all states will exist at all times. Never expect perfection in the external. Find it only at the root.

8) Bliss is not wanting to change a thing, the recognition that perfection remains eternally unchanging.

9) That which changes is mind. The source of sorrow is mind. Doing to fix the world is action brought about by inner imbalance.

10) It is those who attempt to alter the world who mess it up. Those who accept the world live in awe and wonder.

11) Think you've got the world worked out and it will surprise you.

12) The only benefit of analysis is to finally realize that analysis must cease to allow truth to emerge.

13) There is no external source to worship, there is nothing to become - All Is.

14) Being itself is wonder beyond any measure of pleasure.

15) Be effortless.

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All is Tao

It's all Tao.

There is nothing new here, nothing that is not Tao.

There is always perfection.

And only the mind is the creator of good and bad, right and wrong.

Exercising the mind, even in analyzing this Oneness is a trap.

Accepting the perfection of One Tao and All That Is,

Forgetting the mind.

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