For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

To cure a weakling child

Karma (More correctly Phala as Karma is action and Phala is the fruit)
Reigns for the childish ego who wishes to do bad.

A blanket for the childish ego which fears the end of false identity.

Any personal god such as God, Infinite Energy, or any other name given to an ultimate but especially one looked towards for support is parent or guardian for the weakling ego.

Meaning DarkLight, the person to guide you from darkness to light, or any other middle man such as vicar, rabbi, spiritual leader is the ego admitting it is small but also stating that it one day wishes that, with help, it shall be proved valid.

Any personal mantra from "Om" to "All is good" is a weak clinging of the ego to some false positive.

The company of wise people is a weak ego looking for someone it deems better to pat them on the head and say "it's ok, you're ok".

An ego entering a state it wishes to maintain during all acts. The ego refuses to accept change and flow as it is too fragile so pines for a place with no movement.

The childish ego wishing to realign with that which it was never separate.

The childish ego wishing to yoke or rejoin with that to which it was never separate.

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My. That is extremely sharp.