For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Taoist cuts god to size

"You say there can be no god within infinity because - well whatever silly reason you give... Yet there is a you. Why no god? "

"Choose the largest most ferocious animal on earth, in fact, invent one, give it the most voracious appetite - can it eat the world?"

"No to be in the world you can't then consume the entire world. Does this answer my question?"

"I think so yes. Can the sharpest blade, of the grandest knife, thrust with the greatest force, slice space?"

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Being at the birth of religion

Here's the trap - Religion is full of contradiction - yet - the universe is clearly magical - we can see exactly why religion would come to be.

The place to be would be the open awe, the recognition of the magic, but with no predefined way of explaining the mystery. And as soon as the urge to explain rise - it be instantly quashed.

An open mind taking in the universe, with no story, no justification, no rationale. Recognising a deep beauty and maintaining that beauty by refusing to taint it with even one thought.

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Is there such a thing as nonduality?

After Nonduality comes Taoism. There is oneness, which is everything 'one with no two' but that - seems - to give rise to life and death, up and down, right and wrong. Nonduality commonly denies these elements but no human does. Taoism accepts the apparent duality and then points out that they arise together and so resolve back into oneness. [As described so perfectly, requiring no words, by the Tai Chi]

We can deny all dualities, we can aim to live in perpetual bliss - as that is we are told that non-dual masters have - but we won't. You may listen to the great 5 syllable mantra for hour upon hour, breathe deeply, eat the freshest new growth, relax your body and mind, have nothing to do with the mundane world at large - but shit will happen. You may detach from this and continue in your perfect state, you may, you may.... But you won't. Accept life just as it appears to be and, that's Taoism. Nonduality that accepts the apparent duality. [After all - nonduality itself is a dual concept in opposition to the term duality. Taoism resolves this via the Tai Chi back to one]

Enlightenment is accepting your nature [not trying to define it] …

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