For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

By the lake (Leon)

Leon Basin just went out on his bike, sat by the lake and wrote this...

Calmly sitting by the river, water moved in an undisturbed rhythm, progressing to begin anew. A cycling process of the nature was continuous. Life beginning and ending to give room for future life force to grow and develop. Ducks swam without a worry of where to swim next. Birds sang tunes of freedom. And I sit here and begin to sing my own freedom tune.

“Gentle waves of the river
Let me flow with you
Therefore, I know what it is like to be free!
Nothing on my mind, but
Freedom in my eyes
And in my heart and in nature too
Tears rolling down my cheek
Because life force is calling me!!!
I want to be free

“So, let me sing a song
With you birds today
Long forgotten
Since the Ancient Times.”

“Let my heart speak to you
So my soul could be released
From the dark caves of time
It’s the only way I know
How to live!”

As I sang the song of freedom. The birds followed for chorus:

“Lovely day
Lovely night
Let his heart be free tonight
Of darkness in his mind
And with that he can
Write more so his writing touches all.”

All that singing power came to a sweet haul. And the sun came out to join the fun. The sun beamed upon my face. I felt blessed to sit in silence, while singing my freedom tune.

A poetic version of the pleasure I get from nature and my lone bicycle rides. Life is good for Leon.

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A duel with dual

Mind is unreal
Matter is unreal

"Mind-Matter" is real! As you can see.

Plus is an abstract nothing without minus.

Plus is unreal
Minus is unreal

Plus-Minus (or the infinity therein) is real

Death is meaningless without life.

Life is unreal
Death is unreal

Suchness is real, as you can see.

I is unreal
The reality unreal

I-reality is wow


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Original face

Drop the desire for enlightenment and then you are "not-I" and you regain your original face.

Anyone seeking enlightenment is of course not enlightened. Nor could anyone ever be enlightened, as on enlightenment, there is no I.

"I seeking enlightenment" is bound.

"Enlightened" is no-I, free.

So drop the idea you could ever achieve, as that achiever is not even possibly real. Drop the idea of an achieving entity so there is no longer a desirer; and then you reach the non-I, and there is enlightenment...

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The one you are is that which is

"The one you are is that which is"

You get it? or

"The one you are is the be what am"

"The out there is not"

"The in here is not"

"The out there is you"

When you eat or breath there is something appearing to be out that goes in. That boundary you have a notion of is imaginary. Truly the food was always and will always be you. It was you way before you ate it and it crossing that imaginary boundary where you tasted it and began to dissolve it did not mean it was outside of you and is now inside of you.

This whole thing is acting. This whole thing is the only reality and it has always been. With no time, no real dimensions, it just acts. "You" then form time and ideas of separation "I ate the cabbage, I put it in my belly" - No you didn't, the universe acted and you got the impression that there is a you and some "thing" you did.

Few take on this as an intellectual endeavour to prove this to the intellect - "there is no I" - and they don't have to. The goal is truly to heart it, no thought, no logic, no analysis, just be it. Very very very few have done that.

Yet it is the only way it could be, it just is that way, recognised or not, it is.

Many just live with the false illusion, few try to work out the truth, very very very few live it.

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What to do in killing I?

It is not to remove this "I"

It is not to work on the "I"

It is to recognise the true reality

and that is absent of any "I"

To work on the "I", to improve, or fix,
To aim to remove the "I" or prove it unreal,
are to re-enforce the "I" which is to enforce an illusion.

To recognise the true nature of reality will kill any idea of "I"
Job done.

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True self-help

As all is you, you are that (explained in many posts including the two below this one) then the only true self-help becomes evident and powerfully present.

All action "you" do is the action of the universe and is an action on and to your true self.

You stir up anything and you are doing that to yourself.

Now this smells like Karma but is not to be mixed with any preconceptions you may have of that term. Karma in a pure sense is "action"

"Karma. Firstly is not rebirth or past lives, but action, make, do, work or deed. Karma can relate to the result of past deeds, but that is more properly known as the phalam, or fruit of action."...

All I am really pointing out is that you are the universe and not you who thinks it is "I". There is a colossal difference and the idea most people carry with karma is that they must be good, do good, or they carry good or bad due to past good or bad - I say NO.

There is no past or present to carry that from or to, there is no I who could carry it. The true I is the action of the universe.

So the only true self-help is good action right now, in every now - absolute presence.

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No there no me no worries

Lets begin from the dual position that all I's live in.

There is perceiver and perceived.


Turn off perceiver -> there is nothing perceived.


Turn off perceived -> there is no perceiving.

So that dual split that people see as real and have so much trouble shaking is not even possible. It is not and can not be the case.

These emotions and feelings and qualities good and bad that are applied to things, they are only possible when there is an "I" saying they are there. And I has no reality, so what of these qualities?

They are a delusion of illusion.

There is no separation, there is an action: all.

You have very little choice in the face of this truth - you simply have to be blown away by it. You, the I is blown away.. it leaves only the true reality.

This is bliss.

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Fixing the self

As long as you work on the self you are working on an illusion, an idea.

The self has no reality so all work on the self is trying to clean your reflection from a mirror.

The more you try, the more you re-enforce the very illusion you are out to drop.

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Now has already happened

It has gone already. and this new now is also gone.

I have the pleasure of working during the week with a guy who gets very angry and stressed, he is one of the many things in my life that I use to re-emphasise truths.

He will be angry at things past, things happening, and angry about future events that he is sure are coming. So he is almost constantly annoyed with life. It is all someone else's fault and he is always right.

Thursday he had a new iPhone, he was pissed off at some lack of features and then the day went on, annoyed with this, with that, with this coming. He also makes many definite plans. "From now on I am leaving at 6 on the dot, I don't give a fuck what anyone says" and come 7.30 he is still there working and annoyed at something new. "I can't go home can I? That stupid so-n-so had that last minute job and now I'm expected to finish it"

During this time, I do the task at hand and sip my tea.

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The opposite enlightenment

Enlightenment is just so, not dual, and so has no opposite.

"Clearly factually false" says the thinker. "The opposite of enlightenment is un-enlightenment"


Enlightenment has no opposite as it contains no opposites, or even notions. It is, just.

This is why it hmmmmm

it is not even






Here we sit with not one idea,
no-thought and your life are one kind;
The solid reality that you can touch,
is one with the ungraspable mind.



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(from here)

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I assume you have the necessary equipment for enlightenment

You are with a computer now. So you have all you will need.

Enlightenment can not be got but if you keep learning that and you don't try to get it then it will get you, it will creep up on you and get you, you won't be able to stop it - There is no you who could get it, so trying is failing - but it will get you, you can't stop that, it will take you, you'll feel it and then you'll know you never were but are.

1) You looking at computer - Dual

2) You seeing computer as you - Recognising oneness, but dual - Important recognition - The last step of mind

3) One being - Neither ? or ! just     all

"It's a computer made of bits and I am a human made of goo?" NO big fail, these are past memories being dragged up and given reality and shaping reality and that is not reality.

Reality is not this, not that, not this knowing that that is also this - but                 neither | or | just     all

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Wei Wu Wei (Author)

I just can't ever be bored of this man. He is a dead man. Rotten, dusty and no fun at parties. But when he was alive he wrote some great books on Zen and Tao and now many of the best quotes sit here:

Wei Wu Wei Bits and Pieces

I was going to post a number of them but it is impossible to select some as worth posting with out posting them all - so off you go, take a look (link).

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True or loud. Right or eloquent.

This was on a computer blog about how we do not need people shouting how good something is as the best computer system for you is just that. A Ferrari may well be better, louder, faster, redder than a VW Golf. But when the kids have to go to school the ... well the bus is better than both.

Labels: I like to meet a person so free as to have none. This is one reason I would love my wife even if she were not wonderful in every other way - she is so un-phased by anything - as if she were immune to peers, society or any idea of making herself look "right".

She will be completely honest and this is wonderful.

I love people like that. I have a tendency to find balance, most often this is my position, that I do see balance, two sides and so on, but it is also the case that I wish to avoid upset. In style to this notion I do not feel this is a good or bad quality ;)

More and more, this has been the case all my life, but it becomes more and more correct the more I see it in action - I see we must remove prejudice and labeling. I used to like to say I have no religion. "religion: none" I had also said on may occasions "religiously un-religious" but these are labels in themselves.

I noted of late that I love religious people. I love people of all mindsets as they always make me recheck myself - "am I as bigoted as that but in my own way?" - "Is there a ridiculous thing I think that I have not done a full investigation of?" It is always a good reminder and nudge to further the path to complete and total non-bondage.

But in answer to those questions: No I'm not as foolish as any one of them. This path of mine may run along a similar paths to religious characters such as the Buddha but only in the fact this is a one person route to casting it all aside, to meet the beauty of non-bondage. Non-attachment - as when you have your mind on nothing in particular, you have it all.

When you love nothing in particular your love has no bounds. When you have no compassion for these people or these, your compassion is to all life, life itself and it's source.

The Energy and the stillness, the everything and the nothing, the everynothing. Ah a label!!

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Moment by moment the only moment

"The short lived glimpse of your true nature is only the beginning of the awakening process and the practice of observing one's self. As this practice continues and strengthens in consistency and duration, we start to become more and more established in this satori.

We may realize that no matter what, there is only one moment at a time. We may also realize that we can only be in a state of higher consciousness during that one moment (at a time). So no matter what, we can only be enlightened one moment at a time."

from One at a time by C.Om on what is really good.

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Is attachment to enlightenment the final hurdle?

"Don’t waste time in arguments and discussion,
attempting to grasp the ungraspable."

"To live in this Realization
is to not worry about perfection or non-perfection."

Hsin Hsin Ming - Verses on the perfect mind

"even an attachment to enlightenment is to go astray.
Just let things be in their own way as they are,"

"Be in harmony with the Way
and you will be free of disturbances.
Tied by your thoughts, you lose the truth,"

Enlightenment is not a thing that can be had but once recognised becomes a thing we would always love to maintain. This of course is as as tied to things as any other state so is failure.

"Indeed, to accept them fully
is identical with true Enlightenment.
The wise attaches to no goals,
but the foolish fetter themselves."

Here this Zen poem echoes the wisdom of the Tao (well summed up in a number of passages of the Ch'ing Ching Ching and in nearly all Taoist writings) in saying that it is the movement that we have to be in touch with, to embrace it all with no such distinctions as wanting one state or another.

Tied permanently to a state you feel to be enlightened is as much bondage and death as to be tied to any other thing.

"Using mind to stir up the mind
is the original mistake."

"Peaceful and troubled derive from thinking;
Enlightenment has no likes or dislikes."


Verses on the perfect mind is a lovely work - you can download it in full here. Hsin Hsin Ming.

"Words! Words!
The Way is beyond language,
Words never could, can not now, and never will describe the Way."

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Ch'ing-ching Ching (Crowley)

Alister Crowley: Many things have been said and written about him but his translation of the Ch'ing-ching Ching to an English poem is a serious piece of art, and paints the Tao beautifully.



Lao-chun the Master said:
Tao is, devoid of form;
Yet Heaven and Earth are brought to birth,
And nurtured by Its norm.

Tao hath no Will to Work;
Yet by its Way of Heaven
The Moon and Sun rejoice to run
Among the Starry Seven.

Tao hath no Name; Its Word
Is Growth, and Sustenance
To all; I aim to give It Name:
Tao (Heaven prosper Chance!)

Tao hath twin phase, with Te:
The Silent and the Stressed.
Of Motion, those; of these, Repose
Sublimely manifest.

Heaven moves, pure Silence He;
Earth rests, beneath the Strain;
Shuttle and Loom, as Word and Womb,
Their Mystery sustain.

Pure Motion maketh Rest
As Silence maketh Stress.
If man were still, then Heaven should thrill
With Earth to Nothingness.

Self loveth Silence. Yea,
But Mind distracteth it.
Mind loveth Rest; but Passions' Pest
Allures the trembling Wit.

If man restrain desire
His mind will cease to roll,
And mind's release allow pure peace
Of Silence to the Soul.

The senses will not soil;
The thought will not upstress;
Nor poisons (Greed, Wrath, Dulness) breed
Their triform deadliness.

Men earn not ease of Tao
For their desires' disease;
Because their mind is not refined
Of thought by killing these.

If one should slay desires,
His mind and body seem
No longer his; but phantasies
Danced in a wanton's dream.

Slay mind, slay body, slay
The external: matter goes.
Then space remains; renew the pains!
Up! Front the final foes!

Slay space; then Naught abides.
Hold on thine holy hand!
When Naught gives back before the attack,
Serene thy Silence stand!

All's rest, devoid of mark;
How should desires fix tooth?
When they are past, thou surely hast
The Silence of the Truth.

Flawless that Truth and Fixed,
Yet apt to each appeal
Nature and Sense to influence-
The magnet to the steel!

Oh! This true Touch with all
Elastic and exact
That yet abides above their tides-
The Silence free from Act!

He that hath this shall come
Little by little, a breath,
So floweth he now, to Truth of Tao,
Wherein he vanisheth.

Men style him Lord of Tao
Yet He hath none to lord.
His motive He of all that be:
Enough for His reward!

He that can comprehend
This Doctrine may transmit
This Sacred Tao to men that vow
Themselves to fathom It.


Lao-chun the Master said:
The adept in skill of soul
Hath never an aim; the bungler's shame
Is that he gropes a goal.

Who most possess the Te
Conceal their magick power;
Who least possess exert their Stress
Seven times in every hour.

These, who cling fast to Powers,
Who guard them, and display
Their magick Art-they are not part
Of Tao nor yet of Te.

Men win not Truth of Tao
Beacause their minds are wried.
The mind uncurbed, the self's perturbed,
And loses tune of tide.

Lost, the external lures;
They turn to seek it: then
All things perplex, confuse, and vex
Those miserable men.

Disordered thoughts arise;
Body and mind grow sick.
Disgrace and fear grow year by year
To their climacteric.

Wild, they are tossed about
Through Life and Death; they quiver,
Sunk in sea-stress of Bitterness,
And lose the Tao for ever.

The true, the abiding Tao!
Who understandeth hath;
Who hath the Tao is Here and Now
In Silence of the Path


And that is quite something if you take the time to grasp every meaning, on surface and in depth.

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Time is not change is

Look at these 3;

1) a movie is playing and people move across the screen
2) a computer game or animation is processing and people on the screen
3) life, people moving around

What is happening is just a happening which appears to be peopling. I was walking and smiling at this for some time earlier today, the happening was a happening, I was a smiling happening peopling but not aware of myselfeling. I was not there it was just a happening, then someone said 'excuse me' and it made me laugh, one of these peoplings spoke to me. I then felt like a happening peopling a answering - but the happening was still happening, I was the happening briefly identifying with a character.

You can identify with a character on screen, watch them flow through the story, but there is no one there - on the screen there is just a constant wave of changing colours.

The film or computer animation or game is occuring from a timeless source and the change produced is giving the idea of people doing things over time. There is no going back in the processor, no before or after. There is only that 110100100101 there right now becoming what you see, then it is 001010010111 it has just changed and you form a continuity from that.

There is just a changing happening. One of my parents friends just died, they are sad - the happening is no longer animating that person as was, that person is just the impression people have in their minds of them - but that is all they ever were ever anyway.

When you are not there and the universe is happening with no attachment to forms you are absent and in bliss due to this, you may view the happening from the level of the film or the viewer or the other characters but you'll get hung up if you do most of those. The state is not achieved by trying as the entity trying is starting from inside the trap of self to escape the self. Self can not escape self by trying as self is the doer.

It seems though by setting the task as something for the mind to do it short circuits, the camera no longer thinks it is moving the objects around on the film. The screen no longer thinks it is doing the processor.

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Buddhist Economics

I found this on Awake in This Life ...

it is a quote from Buddhist Economics

"To organise work in such a manner that it becomes meaningless, boring, stultifying, or nerve-racking for the worker would be little short of criminal; it would indicate a greater concern with goods than with people, an evil lack of compassion and a soul-destroying degree of attachment to the most primitive side of this worldly existence. Equally, to strive for leisure as an alternative to work would be considered a complete misunderstanding of one of the basic truths of human existence, namely that work and leisure are complementary parts of the same living process and cannot be separated without destroying the joy of work and the bliss of leisure."

"While the materialist is mainly interested in goods, the Buddhist is mainly interested in liberation. But Buddhism is “The Middle Way” and therefore in no way antagonistic to physical well-being. It is not wealth that stands in the way of liberation but the attachment to wealth; not the enjoyment of pleasurable things but the craving for them. The keynote of Buddhist economics, therefore, is simplicity and non-violence. From an economist’s point of view, the marvel of the Buddhist way of life is the utter rationality of its pattern—amazingly small means leading to extraordinarily satisfactory results."

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If not I then who?

If you say to someone there is no I and they decide to accommodate you rather than just assume you are mad - assuming they open up to the conversation, then they ask ..

"If there is no me, then who is doing it?"

..and of course that has no answer as if there is no I or me, then there is also no other to do it.

When there is no I there is also no universe, no possible thing. So they probably just nod and hope you go away soon.

This concept that is outside the bounds of language, is of a no-thing, not any thing. It comes over as you may accept there is everything or you may accept there is nothing - in either case you can not then have a notion of I or other or anything - even in the concept of everything you must see this comes to a one outside of definition.

All of this word play sounds like a pointless headache, the key writers on it do seem to go on and on and thinking about it is a koan in itself, and there is the point.. as on trying, you see the fallacy of trying and your mind stumps itself and stops - open to bliss. Bam - and you get it (well not you but it is got), the notion of I is blown away, you may smile or laugh and see the magic.

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The universe said Hi by the way

I'm not sure this would make you laugh anywhere near as much as me but;

I was in meditation, very deep I had had layers and layers of me fly away, I had sailed off to nothingness, seen the immense power of the universe acting out on scales unimaginable, seen massive space systems moving gracefully and powerfully through an empty void - I started to feel that this was me, (all of us in truth), but this was the great body, this is what it takes to make for the complex needs of a human -

my journey continued through suns producing chemicals and gasses, then sub-atomically the super small scale energy blasting around giving the impression by its fast movements of matter, matter that seemed to exist and seemed to form complexity, seemed to form me - -

and at that moment, from a deep meditation I heard, and was shocked by at the same time to hear, me say "hello?"

It made me laugh out loud.

The vast power and motion behind the universe, the true I body, coming together at a point that it saw itself looking back at itself and all it could say was "hello?".

You take away the sun and earth dies so the sun is more a part of you than your teeth. You do not end at the hairs on your arms, you start infinitely far away and come together at a center point you call I.

It was funny to hear the universe say hi.

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Patriotic narcotic

The only thing I like on my iGoogle page is the random TTC passage... Here is today's;

When people lose touch with Tao,
they start talking about
"righteousness" and "sanctity."

When people forget what's true,
they start talking about
"self-evident truths."

When people have no respect
for one another,
they start talking about
"political correctness"
and "family values."

When the nation is unstable,
people start talking about "patriotism."

from Ron Hogan

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Living at the speed of time - bliss is 0

Information comes to us and we place the first bit of information as an image, the next bit of information we place behind (this is only visible if the first information was not filling the "field of vision"). We add layer after layer, behind, behind, behind, and by the time information "outside our field of vision" (truly outside our field of relevant interest) comes to us we ignore it. These layers constitute the impression of I-Time-Space.

We form the illusion of time, and so space, through the speed we process the moment. How long it takes us to do that forms the illusion of time and gives it the 'speed of time'. A fly with less to process whizzes around faster than we can wave our hand towards it for these reasons. Our time is slower than theirs, we process more.

Information that comes to you last is seen to be furthest away although space and distance are as false as 'I' and 'time' are. All are manufactured 'from source' as a way of displaying the information. What is on your computer screen happened in the processor some time ago.

Information is ever present in consciousness, we build a representation of the information after it was the case, by the time we see reality the new information that is the actual moment would by our standards be the immediate future. We can then attune to the magic of this macro-a-happening and not get too hung up on the now (which is past) or especially the past, which is long gone.

This should give rise to a blissful being but is probably a very confused and abstract concept that has to be recognised not passed on in words.

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Acting the true self or acting the fake

Where a Buddhist text may say "Be nice/act right and you are right with the universe" - that is in fact a false emulation. The truth is that; "in-line with the universe, you are nice/acting right". If you act then you are acting the fake as there is not even a real I who could act.

All false and bad action comes from an "I".

This has been my living meditation of the last few days - "I'm not 'doing it'".

Even still, we can not "do it" as the reality we see is always a little behind the true present. The notion of time and self are ideas so we should not then tie qualities to these.

Something that has become apparent is the dialectic between doing what is right for the world in its current state of unrest and non-action when in truth there is no such choice. One who is working for the betterment of the world is acting in tune with the way of the universe already. Right action is the action of the universe, the unrest in the world is of fake I's forcing against the current - this is why they have to try so hard and it is so apparent to us that what they do is wrong.

As always there is a fine line between non-acting and acting the fake but the pleasure in having it right is only there when you have it right. Self awareness is a key to loosing self awareness and regaining self(the universe)awareness.

It could be like surfing the edge of a silk thread, so easy to push it and not realise, easy to move away and not notice, but perfectly smooth when right.

The fake i will suffer as ever with "aaa i'm not in control" or "oh i will do as i like and reach out for the closest lazy act or vice of the ego" - both cases being bondage.


All we can do is feel in tune with it as to have a noisy mind that treats the past and future like things it did is a waste and undue pressure that clouds the present.

By being in tune with 'the way' your actions are with it and more powerful more real and the most basic 'act' more magical.

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A trip in the park

I left behind my Tao Te Ching and headed for some real life living Tao in the park. I had been cycling around the paths between the lakes when I reached the point I would often exit and head out towards the beach - but today I felt more like staying in the park and saw a thin dirt path wiggling off besides another of the large lakes. As I followed the path a familiar smell came to me, it reminded me of the heavy rain the night before, it reminded me of a particular time of year, a certain type of earth, then I saw a mushroom.

I found myself off my bike, pushing it slowly under the large trees, toes in the grass, looking down, another mushroom. I followed the unfamiliar path interested in this part of the large park I had never been to. After some walking I was coming closer to a path I recognised but something else caught my eye. This was a very unique, twisted, dead grass. It looked like it had been deliberately twisted into a very porous bird nest and I took this as a message from nature to head the way it had made me look.

Again I headed off the normal track, through a swampy ditch and out onto an area with tightly cut grass. This was the edge of a cricket field and I walked where the long swamp grass bordered the very short pitch - more mushrooms, odd ones, not edible, like mini puffballs only visible due to the very short grass. As I looked up the most plainly interesting thing was a small group of huge fir trees, as I walked towards them maybe 300m away I saw more and more little puffballs and stooped down to see a few of them up close. ----

As we take a while to process reality, it is really the past that we call now. The future is going on invisibly in the now and we are seeing the recent past - in fact this is how we form the illusion that there is even time at all when there is not. The moment is all there is yet our living slightly after the moment due to the time it takes us to process, the speed it takes us to do this is the "speed of time".

Thinking no time has passed is because, no time did pass, it never does, you form the illusion that it does - the times it appears to not pass is because you are so in the moment that you form no time.

---- I arrived almost instantly and was underneath the huge fir trees. As I walked on I saw larger and larger mushrooms, I saw leaves of plants resembling mushrooms and I took each one to be nature guiding me along where she wanted me to see. I went through more swamp-like land, I was expecting to see a snake and the grass slithered over itself, the sun cast individual rays and danced like a laser show off the distant lake, birds left multicoloured trails behind as they flew.

No time later, the sun was much lower in the sky, I realised I was inside a massive mushroom, I opened the door and walked out of the park.

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Live for 100's of years

Most people have school until ~16 (under half is leisure)

work for ~50 years (well under 10% is leisure)

retire for ~20 (mostly leisure but you sleep a lot and aren't so able)

of the 50 at work you have very little leisure time, always too'ing and fro'ing with even time at home recouping and preparing for the next day - time you would surely be spending differently if you had no work.

Of the whole lot you get ~32 years leisure time of a 86 year life.


However, if you live a simple life, not so desperate for wages to spend on things you don't really need - if you work minimal hours to have a simple life, you get a huge percentage jump.

If you say the normal person gets 100% life, then you, with a simple life get 5-600%, you effectively live 50 or 60 years longer than the average person.

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More Tao Te Ching quotes

One more:

Tao te Ching Chapter 37

True happiness and a content life comes from simplicity, again we are asked to see this point.

"If leaders and people could just act by not acting (the concept of Wu Wei) then life would regain its balance, the natural course would take place, and the world would be right with Tao."

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Revisiting the Tao Te Ching

I've done some rubbish posts recently, I've deleted a few but let some remain. As I was spending the long weekend with my wife my meditation and silent times with nature were swapped for holding hands in the park, talking about life and enjoying food together. That was wonderful but it came over in my posts as rushed out rubbish.

So after someone commented on my Meaning of Tao Te Ching blog I have decided to revisit some of those posts, edit out typos, clarify them and mainly to enjoy reading the TTC all over again.

I will take my books down to the lake (hopefully I won't be so distracted as to read them when nature is all around me, but I may take a quick peak at different chapters)

From Tao te Ching Chapter 20

"How can you see me as a simple man as having it all so right? If you see the man of gold as the leader for you then what can I say? I will not chose to guide you, nor will I take any habit from you. You see what you will as good, I will see it my way, for any following of any way is foolish for anyone not going that way."

"I would rather be simple, a tree is perfect no matter its form, it will never ask questions and is always right. A baby is happy without being told to smile, can get an erection without the knowledge of union, it knows no measure or value in any of this."

From Meaning of Tao Te Ching Chapter 16

"the old grass that dies to form food for the new, the mistake you made that lead you to the success."

It's all just one flowing thing, if you get hung up on any aspect you are trying to grab a tree branch to stop your raft. You may slow it, you may fall, but more importantly you will miss what is coming. And almost without fail, good follows bad. Hanging on to the bad amplifies it, yet the coming good washes it away with no effort.

This is often taken right to the limit in many translations and asks you to see death in the same way "Did you fear birth?" It is change and your prejudice will not help unless you see it as such. Change, the butterfly may not remember it was a caterpillar, the caterpillar may have feared its end.

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Cook for free

A $6 solar cooker made from cardboard can not only cook food but also sterilize water set to help three billion people reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The Kenya-based Norwegian creator of the cooker, Jon Bøhmer, has been awarded $75,000 to put the idea into production.

The cooker is made from two cardboard boxes, one inside the other, with either paper or straw insulation placed in between; an acrylic cover on top lets in and traps sunlight. Black paint on the inner box, and silver foil on the outer one, help concentrate the heat. The trapped rays make the inside hot enough to cook casseroles, bake bread and boil water [CNN]. Covering the cooking pot with a transparent cover retains heat and water [BBC], and temperatures inside the pot can reach about 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the news

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"I" am the action of the universe

"I" am the action of the universe
"fake I" is a black-box recording unit

The universe is universing and doing all acts.

Wherever it makes something of interest, where it wants to monitor what is going on it places a black-box recording unit - you call this your mind or self.

As the black-box recording unit sees all acts just after they happen and records them, it thinks it is seeing them in real-time and it thinks it is doing them!

The plane turns left, the black-box records the event but thinks it did it.

The black-box in a plane thinks it is flying the plane, you think you are acting out your life. It is being acted out in complete oneness, you are a monitoring unit fooling itself it is driving.

When you see that you are truly the action of the universe and not this monitoring unit you go beyond the scope of the senses. Rather than "I, hear the rain, see the wall" it is "I am the rain, the wall, the garden, the human and the tree in one unified action".

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Extremist Taoism

The Hua Hu Ching states in its opening passage;

"My teachings are simple; if you try to make a religion or science of them, they will elude you."

and Taoism is at its best a philosophy, famously stating in the Tao Te Ching "The Tao that can be told is not the Tao" so by ruling out any religion or set method to its discovery. I recommend sitting by a lake over reading any book explaining Tao.

Yet even against the intent and strong statements in nearly all Tao literature that Tao should not form a religion - Taoism as a religion exists, it is a religion based around the Tao and has all the rubbish of all religion attached to it such as worship of deities and so on.

If we accept that anything that can lead to a religion will eventually give rise to extremist action and "us VS them", then wouldn't it be fun to set up a sect that was extremely lazy?

Take all the lines we can such as; "The sage, by doing nothing, does nothing wrong." and adapting the lines slightly like that to give them a real leaning towards the slacker.

We would then, in not too long have a Tao of absolute laziness loved by stoners, students, slackers and co - hopefully with time a member would take the teachings and see them as an undisputed truth that must be stood up for. With their leadership the whole group will be crystallised around the teachings and they will be seen as the word of God.

When the inevitable happens and the new extremist Tao is seen by its members to be being encroached upon by another group of people, politics or lawmakers, they will fight back.

Being the religious extremists they are they will go to the letter of their doctrine and fight their cause by staying in bed a lot, showing up late for everything, being religiously disorganised and aiming to fail.

The end result being a religious war where a group of disorganised folk don't really get much done. I'd say the body count would be very low.

So if anything, even when not intended to become a religion, even in stating it shouldn't, still does - we then by encouraging passivity, disorganisation and laziness, make for a very laid back group of extremists come the revolution.

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Buddha was right

When I looked into Buddhism numerous times on my spiritual journey it would often induce a little depression and misalignment with the world. I though that this must be either due to me needing more work or because the teachings were contaminated and I was not seeing what the Buddha intended his teachings to carry.

I would always default to my position of "Tao-but not wanting to call it tao-nature-freedom-be-yourselfness". Not letting my mind be shaped, just reflecting and letting go, walking my own way. The message from Buddhism seemed to be that you could attain a "perfection" but Tao and life showed over and over that perfection is a bad, impossible, unnatural, tough and transient delusion.

Then though, as I walked the path of me, I discovered that that was just what the Buddha had done and said others should do (you're reading this and aiming for the comment button to say how obvious that is but ..). This may seem obvious; even I had grasped it by logic, said it, written it, "known it" - but only on it being the case within, was it a real truth.

And I have to say, looking back at similar times to today and today, there is an incredibly powerful energy, devoid of good, bad, I, you, this that, happy, sad - which does manifest as a bliss, sitting ever present behind every act of the universe.

I did have to unlearn a lot, forgive, accept, meditate, work - work not to achieve but to unachieve the "qualities" life had instilled my ego with, to uncover a truth that the Buddha had too discovered and wished to share with the world.

He was right, it was always there, will always be, we just have to see the obvious and this does take some work; just not perhaps of the kind carried by the mountains of text in the Buddhist canon, but just work to be sure you are being the real you and not the one shaped by the external world, family and peers.

As the 130 year old woman said of her life now, "It is nice to have no peer pressure".

He was right. Anyone following him is a fool. Anything written is dirt. But is sure is a powerful truth resting behind the mask.

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If you place 1000 taoists at 1000 keyboards, eventually this will happen..

I enjoy following the posts of the rambling taoist and today he has made one of his best posts to date, so here it is in it's entirety...

"A common theme of modern life is self-improvement. Lose Weight. Stop smoking, drinking or overeating. Get more education. Gain job skills. Drive a faster car. Get a boob job. Try a variety of remedies for patterned baldness. Learn a second language. On and on it goes...

But, if the truth be told, none of these things changes you or me. It does indeed alter the manifestations of who we are, but it doesn't change the essential essence.

The you or me that exists down below the multitude of human-constructed layers just is. It doesn't need to be improved; in fact, I dare say it would be impossible to alter it one way or the other.

Some folks of a religious ilk might define this essence as perfection. You won't find me using such a term because who is to say if our essence is perfect or not? I happen to believe that perfection is yet another human construct that doesn't exist independent of the human mind. In other words, Tao isn't perfect; it just is what it is.

It would do all of us a lot of good if we could learn to eschew the manifestations and accept ourselves as the essences we are. But to lead a life in the human sphere of consciousness, we must pay some heed to those outer manifestations.

What I believe it boils down to is one of the overall themes of Taoism: balance. We need not to define ourselves solely by external definitions. When we do just that, we fall into an eternal trap. No matter how hard we try to be the prettiest, fastest, strongest, most youthful person we can be, there will always be someone who is prettier, faster, stronger, and more youthful than we are. It's like running a race on a treadmill; no matter how hard and fast we run, we don't seem to get anywhere!

So, if we want improve "ourselves", we should do so for internal reasons with the understanding that all we are doing is improving the vessel we're housed in or benefiting the mind we engage the world with. We're not genuinely improving ourselves because because the self -- itself -- needs no improvement.

Copied word for word from the rambling taoist

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Natures Fractals

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Inside and outside of happiness

Happiness and sadness are felt inside. People look for it outside.

Look within and you can never be without.

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Dharma and the distortion

A friend (internet friend I have never met) has made a movie which looks to be a powerful piece of work the full playlist is here.

and the movie can be downloaded as a full piece from here.

Take a look.


Aimed predominantly at a Christian west with a teaching for anyone open enough to listen it is still walking the balance of duality while saying the truth is within you.

Like all the best pointers to that truth it is always a little tainted by the way the metaphor and media are communicated but a good overall message assuming people are wise enough to get it.

Overall - "don't get trapped by this vs that, don't worship anything as that is giving you for no return and the truth is within and obvious, so don't look outside, to books or anywhere but inner truth."

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Mrs Tao on happiness

I asked my wife what she would say to people who may come to this blog. She said:

"People should realise just one thing that 'nothing lasts'. Everything you have is going to disappear, you buy something new and it is already starting to get old. Ok if you have it but don't worry if you don't."

She is quite direct in her words.

I mentioned a passage of the Tao Te Ching that "the sage is one who watches the world and keeps their true focus on what is real". She has never read the TTC so was not too taken by the quote, she said:

"People don't have to want this and that for themselves, they should want it for the world. I don't want a simple life for myself, to be happy and healthy with just enough, I want that for everyone."

She went on to talk about "e ba" big car and "e ba" louis vitton handbags, how people buy pressure and problems, not happiness. (e ba is an impolite Thai term).

I mentioned how the things we have are still perfectly useful and that someone with an iPhone was already in the position that newer models were coming out all the time. She said:

"They are not selling you anything useful or making you happy they just want your money. To be happy you just have to live like this" (refering to us as we walked) she looked around and laughed.

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Tao of the Internet

Tao is everywhere so where should someone new to the idea of Tao look for Tao?

They have learned that this exists, they have interest, they wish to learn. The following list is ways to go about finding Tao, the list is in a deliberate order with the best at the top.

1) Go out somewhere nice, sit down, relax.
2) Have a nice cup of tea, don't think too much, but don't worry if you do.
3) Have a nice day not doing anything, just watch with an empty head.
4) Read one chapter of the Tao Te Ching (don't read the whole thing as a book), then meditate briefly on that chapter.
5) Read a Chuang Tzu story and see if you laugh.
6) Look at the Hua Hu Ching, but don't take it seriously or literally.
99) Books explaining Tao
100) The internet

I place books explaining Tao and the internet very low on the list. You don't look for Tao on the internet. You can not be told by a book what Tao is. Anyone saying what Tao is does not know, as if they knew they would know it was not possible to say.

The Tao Te Ching does not define Tao or tell you what Tao is, in fact it begins by saying that is not possible.

That is why numbers one, two and three on my list do not even involve any writings on Tao.

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What we call not knowing is true knowing

What we call not knowing is true knowing, the empty thought is not attached to any one thing so has it all. Draw a concept, focus at all and you miss so much.

The "vastness" of space and time and the 10,000 things are, like us, the mind - and our knowing that is emptiness.

Our term emptiness is further example that English is not a language suited to spiritual truth. But when it is seen, it is truly grasped. Named, it is not.

Empty mind is whole mind.

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You are not everywhere but everythere. Conciser it.

Where is "where"? it is questioning and not present.

"There" is direct and "there"

"I am everywhere", sounds meaningful and deep and wholesome.


"I am everythere" is truth.


In meditation try an English mantra. I don't use mantras normally but can occasionally find use in them. In developing single pointedness or concentration they can be a tool but what is the use of one that means nothing to you? Ok it may remove wasteful thoughts but the mantras are meaningful to those whos language they are born from.

Try: "Absent" "Absent" "Absent" "Absent"

or if it is generating too much negativity and you don't have the strength to get to the core;

Try: "There" "There" "There" "There" "Here" "Here" "Here" "Now" "Now"

"This" "This" "This"

and other words that draw you from the dual.

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We live in a Yang orientated world

"We live in a Yang orientated world"

I heard that quote for the first time some years ago and though "Oooo how deep". - but it is meaningless.

Yang can only yang as yin allows this. We can not take the statement and say well "Yin must push back" as yin would then be yang. The nature of yin is to allow and for yang to enter. Yin by it's virtue allows yang.

To say "We live in a Yang orientated world" is to say that you are focusing on the Yang and it is to miss that we must always have a yin yang world - so the key to the whole is to see the yin and not ask yin to be yang. If yin pushed it would be yang and if yin stopped it would be death.

Neither is more powerful, yang can only yang as yin allows, yin can only allow for something with a virtue to take - they are just words for aspects of the whole and NOT things to tie to western ideas of dualism. Yin VS Yang is not the case, yin and yang are actions of the whole.

When yin has done all she can and yang has taken all he can then yin becomes yang , that is to say the nature alters to be the taking aspect of the whole. Yang always "pushes" as yin always takes, they do not alternate in action but the name alternates.

On a bicycle the legs change role of yin yang as they push or come up, if they both pushed the wheels could not turn.

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What time is it where you are?


Now, it is always now, here is now, there is now, now is now...

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Icke Interview

This guy takes a beating for his views but his way of seeing reality is very much more healthy than everyday people and society. This interview tells you how he sees the way the world is controlled but also how he sees what reality really is and why...

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My religion says I can't work

It crossed my mind some years ago to take on all religions so that I could have lots of days off work and lots of holidays. My friend invented his own religion called COJ (the Cult of John) with it's own holy book the Bibble, I have not asked him yet but I'm pretty sure that if I joined his cult he'd give me as many days off as I liked. - But why when I can have my own?

I find the hours we keep and days in seven's to be quite out of sync with my natural rhythms; so I state from here on in that I am now a tax exempt, work exempt, Wowist priest. Wowists do not recognise days of the week or time, so are exempt from everything.

When I meet you I (may) say the word wow in conversation and this should be seen as reverence to the great wow, you should respond by not really noticing and this shall be the way we honour the wow. I will wear wowist clothing which will be just like normal clothing so that anyone wearing normal clothes will too be stating love of the wow.

I may also like a bowl of ice cream, so I'll see to that myself now. - Apart from that, all will be about the same but I won't be paying tax or working again.

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Graphical Happiness Meditation

This goes back a long way to the way my dad introduced me to drugs, not as in gave me drugs, but educated me on them.

He was always open and when I asked what the man chicken in our garden was doing to the lady chickens he explained at great length. I apparently listened with great interest, nodding at the right times, and walked away seemingly a wiser young 5 year old than before.

I returned later in the day to ask "but dad, how does he squirt it through the shell of the egg?"

With drugs he classed everything together, seeing no use in boundaries we got the chocolate, caffeine, nicotine, heroin, lsd, lecture all in one. All these things gave an Up that was followed by a Down. The problem with the more addictive ones was that the first Up was never matched, and the Downs went lower - dragging the baseline down with them so that with no drug the person felt worse than they had previous to ever taking drugs.

So when the Change you Mind Change your Brain lecturer mentioned a similar wave of happiness in the talk he gave it got me thinking again.

He said it was possible, and scientifically measured to be the case, that mediation can lift your baseline of happiness. He did not go into great detail, and I have not read the report, but it is quite easy to infer that a well practised mediator can have a unhappiness that is still higher than a day-to-day persons happiness.

like my graph will now show:

^ Meditator's High
| Meditator's Baseline
| Meditator's Low
| Normal folks High
| Normal folks baseline
\/ Normal folks Low

(You're probably fairly blown away by my graphing skills so take a breath to get over it...)

and here we go, Enlightenment in a scientific way may still be a normal state with highs and lows but even the lows are comparatively high compared to Mr and Mrs average.

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Waterfall Awake Nature eBook

Here is a book I wrote some years ago, ideas my have clarified/altered since then but it is a spiritual book about:

"A couple who are deserted on an island with nothing, they have a child and decide not to educate it at all - the child grows up with nature and reaches enlightenment under a waterfall"

Download Waterfall Awake Nature the free eBook.

Download Waterfall Awake Nature Notes the miniaturised version. (not the full story, just main points raised by the full book)

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Why complicate conciousness?

Gaia theory states that the Earth is a concious being, Hindus texts have concious planets and stars, Egyptian texts talk of concious stars and the ideal next life to aim for would be that of a star.

Conventional science says we are of such complexity that we each produce a conciousness of our own. Some religions would say that the conciousness we have is given to us by some grace or process.

The idea that there is an unconscious goo in the womb that at such a level of complexity develops conciousness keeps the catholic priests busy in debate. The idea that planets like earth regulate an atmosphere to nurse life (Gaia Theory) is compelling.

But none of the theories add up to a complete simple "aaah" they leave much open and add complication.

I'm not sure that the Taoists ever got to explaining conciousness directly but instead told us to not bother with dual thinking and see all is "of one" - The idea that bits do not make up a whole rather that a whole divided to give the impression of bits.

The way I have come to see how it all fits together, and I think this is how Buddhists see it is that:
There is a conciousness and we are OF that one and only conciousness. - we are bits of it like bubbles on a stream.

Allan Watts said something like; 'Apples do not come into a tree but out of a tree, people do not come into the world but out of the world' I have this notion too that there is a conciousness of no shape form or time, that brings this about.

None of us then have conciousness, we are of the one conciousness we are in it, of it. Fed by it, infused with it. - Like a TV and the way TV Shows and electricity from one main source give the TV's their animatedness, the TV show is everywhere. A TV can become unfit to receive the show and new TV's just have to be able to receive TV shows, and not be such that they have to make TV shows.

This does perhaps leave some unanswered questions but none I have a problem with - it just seems to wrap it all up in a simple lovely package and removes all the complexity attached to many consciousnesses in a complex universe.

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Buddhist Science of Happiness

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Where Tao is nothing to do with Buddhism

Hinduism is so ingrained in Indian culture that it can not truly exist outside of India. It left India as Buddhism - As Allan Watts said: Buddhism is Hinduism stripped for export.

Buddhism hit Tibet and was integrated into the existing religion so that it survives to carry the interesting complexity it has in that land. It hit Thailand, Burma and so on and integrated with the folk religions where the ideas of spirits, spirit houses and the ancestor worship of Confucianism are intertwined. It hit China and exploded.

Where Buddhism enveloped the cultural preference of most nations it was different in China. The Buddhists and the Taoists had very strong respect for each other and with similarities and a great wisdom in each canon one could not make way for the other, the mixture lead to Chan.

There are ancient tales of the Buddhists, Taoists and often Confucian's playing for the favour of the then emperor plus signs in their classic texts of confrontation. It must be said that the Confucians lost here very quickly as the brunt of the jokes of the Taoists. A number of Taoist texts are simply pointing fun at the strict Confucians.

Zen is the name Chan took when it hit Japan so we have the commonly known name Zen Buddhism which would make more sense as Zen Taoism but anyway. In the Zen book "Transmission of the Light" the Zen masters try to say how Tao was great but the Tao masters failed to point to the absolute clarity reached by the Buddha. The Taoist response was how the Buddhists, like all others, were failing by both looking for perfection "elsewhere" and also by formalising their path.

Where Zen and Buddhism will say the truth, enlightenment, and so on can be reached through dedicated meditation and practice, a Tao master may sip some wine, fart, and go to sleep.

Lately it has become hard to find Tao as separate to Buddhism. As Zen and Chan carry the Tao Te Ching and quotes thereof in their canon many can miss there is even a separation between the two, when in fact there is very much so. People coming to find interest in Zen and Tao may intermingle and pick and choose - great! (but)

While I think it is great to pick up wisdom from any source be it book, tree or calamity and mix them up, find what is good and what is not: - I do also think it very important not to think "I like this cake, I will eat the whole shop", especially when you can not see where one shop joins another. The point being that people meeting Tao may then try to take on too much Buddhism without proper separation or enquiry and instead see it all as one big yummy cake.

You may well find wisdom in one teaching but to then try to adjust your whole being to integrate the whole thing, then, it is just not Wu Wei. Remember that all of these systems have come about of a time and a place, they do all have masses to teach you but in the end you must have your truth, a truth that is now not when or then.

There is nothing to look for, only to see the obvious.

So look and learn but don't force anything, don't try to adopt things that just don't fit together with you. Don't get so tied to one shore that you miss the next beach. Don't get too comfy under one tree. Don't carry a pile of books around where there is loving living and dancing to be done.

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Where are you again?

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Wu Wu - That is That - [no longer Free] ebook

The book can be summarised in this short poem:
"The way of Tao Wow".


That is That is a free ebook by WuWu and it delves into some of the issues met by everyday people such as love and death and some of the things on the path of the spiritual seeker such as enlightenment, what to do after enlightenment, and more.

Download That is That by Wu Wu The free ebook to keep or print. (The free period is over and the book should now be purchased from this link)

It begins;

"It is enough to accept that all is bliss and that anything else is a misinterpretation"

...and it refuses to allow you to have restrictive thoughts such as religion, political position, ideas of right or wrong as they are traps keeping you from the ultimate reality.

"If you take true spiritual truth and try to make a science or religion from it then you will fail."
- Hua Hu Ching

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Spiritual Blog Reviews - Tao Wow

Link to Review

Thanks to Darcy at Spiritual Blog Reviews for a very nice review of Tao Wow. It seems she skipped the mountains of rubbish here and skilfully made it seem like I had something to say - brilliant.

Check her site for more interest.

I will now have to put a sparkly new banner on my site saying "reviewed" so next time you see me I'll be in shades.

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Just to make you jealous

I had 12 hours meditation today, paid.

I travelled home in a chauffeur driven vehicle so big that I could carry many people with me.

Really I had a long day at work cutting and folding paper, but it gave me lots of time to meditate.

And I got the bus home.

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Know it all

Think you know the universe and it will give you something to prove you don't.

Talk of knowing and it will trip you up.

Admit you don't know and you bathe in bliss.

Say you know nothing and you know it all.

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Tao Wisdom

Tao is Wisdom

Taoism is religion

If it is not clear yet then let me state I am not religious and I feel religion to be a failure in the person.

Wisdom is everywhere and it happens that some of the purest recorded wisdom comes in the Tao Te Ching. To feel though that the 81 verses are all perfection and that nothing exists outside of them is error and understanding of the first chapter is clarification of this.

"The Tao that can be told is not the Tao."

Tao was the term Lau Tzu came up with when he backed himself into a corner and decided that, if pushed, he would call it Tao. Truly, and the way I see, there is and can be no name.

I would like to use another name, this is the trap of language, we kind of need a name to communicate, yet communication can not carry Tao.

Truth is FUUUUUUU!!!!!! WOW!! and then a calm deep intake of breath.

That we can have !!!! here, this - look I can touch, feel, see a reality, there is an indication there is a me, and a you, and so many of us, animals creatures, love, hair, feelings, bam! infront of us.. us, wow! that is incredible.

To conceptualise reality (what you do all the time and the next 80 chapters of the Tao Te Ching) is error.

There is absolute magic!

The atheist, the nihilist, the day to day person, is not wrong, they just deny or miss the magic.

The religious person any form of "-ist" or "-ism" is not wrong they just feel there is somewhere they have to find "it" - not wrong, they are just looking not seeing.

Teaching and wisdom points, that is all.

It seems so many, even though they can quote "finger pointing to the moon" still are hung up on the finger.

Well, finger to you, middle that is, there is bliss and WOW here and that is all I am here for.

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