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Living at the speed of time - bliss is 0

Information comes to us and we place the first bit of information as an image, the next bit of information we place behind (this is only visible if the first information was not filling the "field of vision"). We add layer after layer, behind, behind, behind, and by the time information "outside our field of vision" (truly outside our field of relevant interest) comes to us we ignore it. These layers constitute the impression of I-Time-Space.

We form the illusion of time, and so space, through the speed we process the moment. How long it takes us to do that forms the illusion of time and gives it the 'speed of time'. A fly with less to process whizzes around faster than we can wave our hand towards it for these reasons. Our time is slower than theirs, we process more.

Information that comes to you last is seen to be furthest away although space and distance are as false as 'I' and 'time' are. All are manufactured 'from source' as a way of displaying the information. What is on your computer screen happened in the processor some time ago.

Information is ever present in consciousness, we build a representation of the information after it was the case, by the time we see reality the new information that is the actual moment would by our standards be the immediate future. We can then attune to the magic of this macro-a-happening and not get too hung up on the now (which is past) or especially the past, which is long gone.

This should give rise to a blissful being but is probably a very confused and abstract concept that has to be recognised not passed on in words.

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