For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

The one you are is that which is

"The one you are is that which is"

You get it? or

"The one you are is the be what am"

"The out there is not"

"The in here is not"

"The out there is you"

When you eat or breath there is something appearing to be out that goes in. That boundary you have a notion of is imaginary. Truly the food was always and will always be you. It was you way before you ate it and it crossing that imaginary boundary where you tasted it and began to dissolve it did not mean it was outside of you and is now inside of you.

This whole thing is acting. This whole thing is the only reality and it has always been. With no time, no real dimensions, it just acts. "You" then form time and ideas of separation "I ate the cabbage, I put it in my belly" - No you didn't, the universe acted and you got the impression that there is a you and some "thing" you did.

Few take on this as an intellectual endeavour to prove this to the intellect - "there is no I" - and they don't have to. The goal is truly to heart it, no thought, no logic, no analysis, just be it. Very very very few have done that.

Yet it is the only way it could be, it just is that way, recognised or not, it is.

Many just live with the false illusion, few try to work out the truth, very very very few live it.

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C. Om said...

"Don't think. Feel!" It's the only way to break the illusion.

Once again, you nailed it.