For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Tao With No Limit

Tao, an imagination with no limit, unfathomable depth. Into the deep water we plunge, molecules swirling, clear shimmering above. A fish pops out from a rock, chews his meal and spits. A limited mind could never reach this, only unfettered can Tao dance beyond, an infinity beyond.

A tree grows, twisting its fibers, digging into the earth, breathing, building meat from air. What more?

Could you imagine this? Mind so limited, always stopping to evaluate personal gain, Tao beyond, never seeking a lot for itself, gives rise to infinity.

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Your Sadness or Happiness Contribute to the World

Only happy people can fix the world in any meaningful and enduring manner.

A serious caring or a passion motivated by disgust or any common motivation which sends a person forth on a mission to save the planet is less effective and even detrimental to the cause.

I feel that we can all relate to my point but for rigorous doubt brought about by peer training, a doubt so engrained that you're already arguing inside at the mere suggestion of an alternate view. 'The worlds problems are serious' you may say.

There does appear to be a many generation belief that life the world and the issues faced by us all are to be taken very seriously. Perhaps the daily news is a partial cause but perhaps it is feeding people just what they wish to consume.

When people are driven by anything other than happiness they will be able to bring about absolutely anything at all, except that is for happiness. The recording of bird song won't provide eggs.

A serious want and desire for change will certainly raise a person to act no doubt, they may kick start a whole movement. Never though will the result be the same as one brought about by a person who was happy from the core of their being.

'How is one supposed to be happy in a troubled world' a serious person would naturally ask as I raise this point, and fortunately the answer to that goes to clarifying my case.

A person who embodies and shines happiness has an incredible effect on those around them. If your child was very sick and in a place of recovery with many more sick children, would you hope the nurses were serious in making the children better or very happy in their roles even when things appeared bleak?

Smiles and pleasant surroundings are powerful aids to recovery. genuine smiles have powerful effects on others, warmth and happiness in one person can fill a room. You've experienced that and you've experienced too how a bad mood rubs off on others.

Let's again take a child's view. Would a child like a serious or a happy dentist, would they like to visit serious grandma or fun grandma. Would they like a stern man in a suit to organize their birthday party?

Do we want stern men in suits to organize our future?

A happy person has happy ideas and wishes to spread happiness, they spread happiness even to the sick and the needy. Someone who takes matters seriously will likely offer serious solutions and rather than replace your frown with a smile they'll advise you wear a hat to cover it.

So then are you thinking about the world as a terrible place with serious problems to be solved or are you happy with a happiness that will rub off on all you meet and a happiness that will make your every act more beneficial?

If you see the worlds problems as maters to be upset and serious about, I'd say you should steer clear of helping. Test this yourself take two similar acts in your life, live it out once with happiness and once with seriousness.

Seriousness is a man-made disease, terminal in nature.

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Is Your Solution a Reaction?

If your solution is a reaction, then it is flawed.

Consider an island of 3 families and over time a situation has emerged where one family has gained power enough to overburden and stress the others. If these two oppressed families act in almost any way to this, then the result will be substandard and liable to failure. If they instead free themselves from the idea they are oppressed and begin a whole new way they are free and their freedom will last.

If the two families stood against the one, then they are saying that that one family had power and they believe it to have strength. If they act their own way, they are saying they have the power and that which the one family believes they have is not upheld.

If the two begin to farm alone, trade free of the one, decide their own motivations and goals, then the one will go hungry, become poor, or join them.

If the two had approached the one asking for permission or requesting right procedure in bringing about their wishes, they'd have got nowhere and simply supported the false claim to power the one family had made.

Apply this simplified example to the world.

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The Compassionate Model of Happiness

Compassion is proven scientifically and in real world cases to be the root of true happiness. All other sources of happiness, such as material goods, activities or relationships, can be taken away and the result is sadness. Compassion cannot be taken away, but it can be ignored. It can be ignored and replaced by selfishness - but we can be compassionate to selfishness too.

A lady sits home alone and the door-bell rings. She is not expecting visitors so she ignores the bell. From the window she sees a man she does not know and she decided for safety to ignore the bell for 20 minutes of ongoing ringing as she selfishly protects herself.

Compassion may say that she should answer the call as this person may need help. Compassion for her says she may well be right to ignore the bell as he may have other plans.

Compassion for him, even if he has evil intentions, would see that he has a past leading him to such behavior.

Sitting by with compassion for what is happening anyway and cannot be changed would leave all parties with an "empty boat" and ongoing happiness. When compassion moves to selfishness any party in any case can then move from compassion towards self centred desire and an unhappy act will emerge.

And so if it does we can be compassionate towards that as we see why it happened. We, compassionate to all events, can remain happy no matter the outcome.

Compassion without wisdom though can lead to misunderstanding the real issue and can lead to self/desire driven goals and rationales, and this is dangerous. Compassion with true wisdom will always see the whole picture and will be free of self. As a person donating to charity and picking up a receipt so they can claim a tax break is apparently different to a person helping a stranger anonymously and with no expectation of recompense.

Being compassionate to all removes you from the selfish separate (and provably illusory) self "I" and it results in scientifically and real world case proven happiness.

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Reboot your mind

Recognition recognize re wire the cognitive apparatus so that a new link is made.

Information place "facts" in-formation, in an acceptable formation.

Is this what it takes for that thing called awakening?

To disturb a persons normal way of thinking so as to force a recognition of the same old information in a new way.

For anyone to have the information they hold already recognized as something quite new.

Methods used in awakening can be negation and paradox. "This can't be the case with/without this." "This can equally be the case along side that being the case." and for the mind of the person to be cracked from its rigid way and reconfigured in a new way.

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Happy to Have No Choice

When I was born I was completely happy with my face as I didn't think about it. When I was a teenager I was not, it had spots. Now I'm older I don't think about it. Except just now ending this thought.

When my parents got me an old 2nd hand bike I was completely happy with it, over the moon, I'd go everywhere on it. When I was a teenager I had a really cool bike I'd bought myself, I was not happy with this bike as there were so many other ones on offer. Now I just ride an old bike, 2 wheels is good enough for me, no frills required.

When I borrowed my wife's iPhone I thought "I just don't need this thing" but I got hooked on one simple game on the phone, it was fun! Now due to work and life I have my own Android phone and the hundreds of games on offer stun me with the inability to choose one at all, and when I do I'm dissatisfied with it. I'm about to leave the teenage phase and take the adult perspective again "I don't need this thing!".

When a sad person considers their life they say "I don't like my X" "I made a bad choice with Y" "Why can't I have a Z?". When a happy person considers life they say "actually I don't think about it".

Overwhelming choice is, overwhelming, and leads to dissatisfaction. When your only meal is rice and dried mushroom, and you're hungry, you eat it like it were the best meal you'd ever had. When you sit in the best restaurant money can pay for and choose from the most amazing menu you've ever seen, you're in line for dissatisfaction. "Waiter, this Matsutake salad is slightly too khaki in colour when it should be buff, take it back at once!"

The simple life is promoted by Taoist philosophy, can you see why?

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The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

Here's a funny idea for you.

If you knew you were to die as a species and you were as flawed, unwell prepared and selfish as humans are.. you may try this.

Send a huge nuclear bomb first, followed by a space ark with people on it. Send these up into space and towards the best bet planet to live upon. This could be as local as Mars to Earth or much much further away a planet and towards what we now call Earth.

The bomb would strike the planet first and kill all who may live there (dinosaurs) and the space ark would arrive much later with the soon to be cave men.

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ancient wisdom?

Mankind used to believe that all there was to know was held by past masters and that knowledge were either; still with some, lost, or possibly even held occult in secret places out of our reach perhaps even to be used against us.

Now with each step we make we see that old ideas crumble. It is what we know now that is the highest knowledge. With time this too though will become dust.

The only immovable knowledge is still: That knowledge is limited.

Maybe then aside from scientific breakthroughs, that immovable knowledge was held by all of our ancestors.

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my theory of everything

Time did not exist until someone said it did. A universe in a state of any arrangement whatsoever but with no one there could not be said to be existing in time, especially time with a set direction.

Take an ocean tide. This way, that way, the tide swaps sides. That is perfectly reversible so has no time line or arrow of time. Now place an observer in the picture and they will insist on an arrow and direction of time. They make time where there was none.

Rather than try to predict the universe previous to right now and need to guess, especially to need to theorize before the start of the big bang (if there were one*). Science can not tell us the early moments so let's leave the guess and start right here with what we do know.

What we do know is that we live in a universe which is accelerating in its expansion and increasing in entropy. From that we can say that this will continue for some time along our imagined direction arrow of time and it has no good reason to decrease in entropy, size or acceleration.

The universe will then be massive and very very sparse, but at very high entropy. As expansion continues then even the most massive bodies will be minutely small relative to the universe's size.

Even now with increasing size and at increasing acceleration the entropy will 'seem' to drop. The overall size and pressure of space will render any bodies more and more insignificant to the norm state of things. We have no real say whether the massiveness of space may force solid bodies to evaporate or otherwise disappear but even if they don't the entropy would seem to drop off.

Entropy has no real reason to always increase and the nature of randomness is that from this state the next step could well be a slight contraction. From this all of the energy in space and any little bits of matter (little relative to the size of the universe even if vast by our standards) would accelerate "inwards". This would lead inevitably to a small point of intense energy, initially quite high in entropy but reducing to a tiny dot of near or true zero entropy.

Then boom! Expansion and increasing entropy. And in all of the random possibilities, "hello!" the universe would be as we see it now. Tao, somewhere in the early middle of the Yin Yang cycle would sit on a train on a smart phone and write this.

* Note I do not need to say a big bang existed but instead reach a place where I predict there will be one and from here I result in a cyclic, fully reversible theory not dependent on a linear time arrow.

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Why we produce time and why it is of no use.

Infinite randomness. Why we produce this illusory time in our heads.

Low entropy, knowable simple less possibility of there being a difference.

High entropy, the opposite.

This is why you know your past but not your future.

It's why you know when you were born but have no idea when you'll die.

(Aren't the worst people the ones who say "You should have done it like this." As there really is no alternative)

My friends were talking about someone who could see the future and none of us believed it so were joking around the subject.

One of my friends said "I have a very similar skill to the man who can see the future."

We said "Oh yes?"

He said "I can see into the past"

"Ha Ha! Very good!" we laughed.

Some skill indeed! We can see what could never have been different.

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Funny spirituality posts

Monk Mojo is posting again.

There is a little more activity than normal over on his blog, check it out.

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the greatest minds

From my research over the years of the greatest minds and thinkers I've found the following.

They don't know anything for sure.

Two highly educated people can give two perfectly good and well reasoned, fully convincing arguments on the same topic and provide solid evidence proving outright the exact opposite conclusions.

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Things and happiness

Things can make you sad but you do not need things to make you happy.


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The power of 100 suns, accident or design

That sounds a very grand title for a post but is really a minor post just to tell you about this.

In Sydney's already lovely Darling Harbour area they have developed further still. There is now a great interactive children's adventure playground, a host of new restaurants and offices and all housed inside or next to a grand modern building.

The buildings design had to suit various needs for it to fit the surroundings and one major feature is that it curve its length to fit the shape of the land it occupied. As with many modern designs and especially in Sydney the buildings entire face is glass.

As the building is curved but the glass covers flat there is a curious feature that is unlikely to be by design but I wonder how during design this was missed. I was sitting in the shade close to sun set and as people passed by me I could hear groups or pairs of them all commenting on the heat. Only when I stood up did I see and feel what they were talking about.

The sun was hitting us to one side as it dropped in the sky but the reflection of the sun in every window hit us too. It was like being the insect subject to the small boy science experiment with a magnifying glass or like being at the focal point of a satellite dish.

As the sun set and the shape of the building reflecting the sun back and inwards to this central point it really did heat that one area up quite a bit.

Strange design or curious accident?

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All the jokes you'll ever need in your next anti-god conversation

These are all the best jokes, witty put-downs and intelligent one-liners you'll need in your next anti-god conversation.

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Why I don't vote

Until these and more begin to be the case, you wont find me voting in elections.

No one is left hungry.

Money is not made from debt.

Arms are the very very last resort and are used with regret against aggressors. Never as attack or to bring about change.

Issues related to individuals are left to individuals. The government has no say over what an individual chooses to do. Recommendations are the limit of their power, not enforcement.

Votes are not cast by the population to choose a leader who then does as they please, votes are on issues.

Leaders are remodelled as public servants and not powerful directors.

Happiness and freedom are the main priorities.

Rulebooks are simplified and not built upon.

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Why you're not continuously happy and how to be

This is a very well put version of something I very often attempt to vocalize

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What is Wisdom

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A bitch and a moan down at the Pyramid building site

"Why can't we have a new sense or power?" he asked "Wouldn't it be so cool to evolve and develop some new power and shake free of this stale world we live in?".

You have incredible senses, how about seeing, to see objects, cast in front of you, in bright colour, visual forms created by sense apparatus and projected by the brain out there as some colourful visual world.

This sounds a little odd to describe just how amazing sight is but also it demonstrates how we can not truly imagine any other sense but the ones we have as all thought and description is for and of what we do have, to imagine and describe another sense altogether is quite a leap of creativity and of descriptive ability.

Take the pineal gland, the 3rd eye, that which sits in reptiles still with light sensitivity and sits for us deeper in the brain, could it be sensitive to presence? The trigger that lets you know you're being looked at, when someone is behind you or when you "just know" something?

"What if the pineal gland or some other could give me the power of telekinesis?" he asked "wouldn't it be so cool to move things without touching them?"

You can move things without touching them, use a machine. And you can move things quite easily, you lift things with your arms and you do a little work. Are you fascinated instead by how telekinesis would not really be work as in the end it would be you know? You'd be sitting in a large open mine with your buddy's standing complaining about the boss "I work my third eye off for this prick every day. Lifting rocks for this slime ball - why can't we invent machines to do this for us?".

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non doing is not doing nothing

Now retired he said to his son in the garden, as he pulled a weed and his son sat lounging, "I'm not sure what to do in my retirement as suddenly, from being a dedicated worker with a set routine, I have nothing to do".

"That's great" his son said "now it is time for you to let your mind regain its youth and to be at one with life".

The son explained an idea known as 'wei wu wei' to his father as the elder moved his position to the next area of garden needing attention.

"I should do nothing?" The man asked his son after the explanation. "Lie there lazily like you?" He laughed.

The younger one explained the contrary. He said how neither of them were doing anything only one of them thought they were. That doing nothing was allowing things to go as they naturally were whilst only being the awareness of the moment and not the doer.

As being the doer, even of a lovely act, is naturally tied to future outcome or past incentive. Being the awareness of the moment, letting life go ahead was instead was so peaceful, even around acts of mayhem as, it's happening anyway, thoughts wont change it.

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