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The power of 100 suns, accident or design

That sounds a very grand title for a post but is really a minor post just to tell you about this.

In Sydney's already lovely Darling Harbour area they have developed further still. There is now a great interactive children's adventure playground, a host of new restaurants and offices and all housed inside or next to a grand modern building.

The buildings design had to suit various needs for it to fit the surroundings and one major feature is that it curve its length to fit the shape of the land it occupied. As with many modern designs and especially in Sydney the buildings entire face is glass.

As the building is curved but the glass covers flat there is a curious feature that is unlikely to be by design but I wonder how during design this was missed. I was sitting in the shade close to sun set and as people passed by me I could hear groups or pairs of them all commenting on the heat. Only when I stood up did I see and feel what they were talking about.

The sun was hitting us to one side as it dropped in the sky but the reflection of the sun in every window hit us too. It was like being the insect subject to the small boy science experiment with a magnifying glass or like being at the focal point of a satellite dish.

As the sun set and the shape of the building reflecting the sun back and inwards to this central point it really did heat that one area up quite a bit.

Strange design or curious accident?

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