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Reasons cveitch is wrong to call for revolution – and reasons he's right.

EDITED: For clarity.

Charlie Veitch comes with a difference, he is funny, he has got all our attention and he is determined to make a difference. Let it be known from the outset that I support and admire his work. I love the cheeky Neo and the angle he has taken in fighting and standing up against oppression.

Two things emerged in one of his latest videos. One a reoccurring theme and one new. The new one was in response to a letter he received. And to paraphrase his paraphrase it was along the lines of: "War is just as when you force one side against another, as ultimately they are all actions of the same Oneness, the One is forced to choose who wins."

Now this sounds like wise esoterica, well yes we say, "all is one so this has truth here..." Yet what is happening is that a dual and simplistic mind view is being leapfrogged into an enlightened view. This is done by mystics and gurus over and over, it is a powerful tool. You set up an obvious truth to get the 'nod' you attach it to an undeniable truth such as 'all is one' and you place a full stop and a knowing smile. Your audience too nod – They accept it, and few take time to sit with it.

If you do sit with it though you are left with this: 'Ultimate truth is not dual and is inexplicable in words. To tie a dualistic notion to it is just a trick of the mind and with no more substance.'

There is no One separate to One to make this decision. The most that could be said is that 'war is action of the whole' but given sitting time that too is false: war is always against another and true oneness is against nothing.


The meat of the issue is that Charlie calls for revolution and states how this must be the way we end all the problems. My reaction is always "You can not end violence with violence" "A bomb does not stop bombs".

The position of the NWO and the forces who forge this veil of separation that people then fight, like a clown fighting his way out of a bag that; 1) is open and 2) he placed over himself, is that they are the ones who believe violence and oppression wins. - For them it does. For us it is the antithesis.

They place the weapons, the issues, the famine the death, the fear of failure, the society that paints you as separate, weak, failed, - who must buy your way out of this mess, who can not be happy or complete without acting your part in their play. They put that in place. They place you in a game of chess and you fight back under their rules. Get off the chess board!

To fight back with violence, revolution or any such method is to accept as real the illusion, the bag over the head, and fight within that rule set. I call for no such thing.

What is important is to realise your true being. That self you have and fear for the life of is one of a trillion costumes you wear. You look out of a pair of eyes that is one pair of trillions. You think with a mind that is one of trillions. You are all of this. Not the one reading. You are the environment, you are the experiencer – but ultimately you are this. You are that from which all this comes and that which it is. On that level we are all one. See the futility in fighting now?

From that perspective also, and with great importance, you must also see how non-compliance is the most powerful tool. NO I wont vote as all the choices I have will go to war. I will not vote in a government that will go to war, any war. NO I will not vote as all the choices I have are telling me how to live. I will not vote for a system that attempts to tell me how to be. NO I will not pay tax as that tax is used in horrific ways. NO I will not buy your shit, I will not watch your TV, your adverts, I will not watch your programs (DOWNLOAD your PROGRAMS into myself of how to think and act) I will not watch your movies that pre-program me into the goals and desires of your game, I will not accept the news, I will not fear peer pressure over stating my heartfelt distaste for your game and your lies. I WILL take every moment to expose you.

And in that way (above paragraph), I support Charlie all the way. But not for revolution. Revolution will come from peace.

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"That in which all these worlds seem to exist steadily, that of which all these worlds are a possession, that from which all these worlds arise, that for which all these exist, that by which all these worlds come into existence and that which is indeed all these - that alone is the existing reality. Let us cherish that Self, which is the Reality, in the Heart."

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