For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Subject Object One

To you there may seem to be subject object.

You may then reduce all to being object to your being the subject.

Yet you are the object to someone else and they are your object.

Everything is an object of mind and there is only one subject.

The only subject is the infinity.

All else, including you, is an object of mind.

Don't get hung up on split mind analysis. All is, That is all.

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What is Zen Taoism?

.. to be smacked in the face with nothing.

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Lost in ideas

We are always in touch with the ultimate reality - we have to be.

We touch it in meditation but we are never free from it ever - how?

In normal conciousness we are in ultimate reality but we make a concept or idea of it.

We then attach to the idea not the ultimate.

Ooops :-D

In the ultimate reality there is no 'happy' 'sad'

they are ideas, silly ideas :-)

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I is just an idea

Imagine a radar that emited from the core of your brain, it would say;


then it may rescan and hit more detail

I (who is thirsty)
Tea cup
Computer Monitor

..and on, picking up all the detail around you and always begining with I

As the first point of recognition is this "I" it is given lots of validity, it seems always present.

But I is an idea. Your name was the first lie you were ever told, and probably that was by your trusted parents, it separated you. Society and life reaffirm the idea of I all the time and one is seen as quite odd for looking into this phenomenon or questioning it.

But where is I?

My cells are working alone, I have no say over my beating heart, nothing much of me is me. I even say "my body" as if body were something I had so where is the I that has that body?

We say mmmn, maybe there, somewhere in here in my head or chest or I don't know. I don't know. I should know! as it is it being asked and if you ask where a TV is well it is there. Ask where I am to another person and they'll point at your body (or call the men in white to take you away) - but ask yourself where I is and you'll have to say it is the body or some vague area inside your body.

Taking away all that is automated and trying to find an I in there, you won't. I is an idea.

You are infinite, you can't remove the air, you can't remove Earth, the galaxy or your head, they are all bits of you.

I is an idea and that feeling of I as separate to the world is 1) entirely required for sane living and 2) the basis of all suffering (and pleasure - don't get me wrong I'm not saying this is a bad thing but beware when bad stuff happens and you get all "oh I this I that" - than I does not even exist).


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The Ultimate Question and the Ultimate Answer

The Ultimate Question:

Does this provide me a feeling of separateness or wholeness?

Ask yourself about everything that occurs in front of you in life and every thought that bubbles up. Does this provide me a feeling of separateness or wholeness? If something is causing you a to feel separate then it is not a useful thought, drop it.

This can be known by us all who understand the unity of all things. Separateness is illusion so any thought or notion inducing that illusion can be dropped without a second thought.

Take a look at the news; It fills people with separation and a feeling of individual weakness. Take a look at the worlds of fashion, marketing, self improvement, weight loss, sex gain, good life, love life, wealth wins and religious sins. All amplify the self, the separate self, in a world of comparisons.

The ultimate answer;

No! Nothing can make me feel separate.
(Clause A, Unless I let it, so I don't, or I drop it).

So, here is the simple truth of it all.

Does this provide me a feeling of separateness or wholeness?

Yes, drop it.



When No has become the living normality and yes's are dropped without consideration then enlightenment has been fully realised.

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Smelly lady in the lift.

I just saw this and it made me smile:


A haggard old lady rides in a fancy hotel's elevator. On the second floor, a beautiful woman steps on and arrogantly says to the old lady, "Georgio, $100 an ounce."

On the next floor, an equally beautiful women steps on and says, "Chanel, $150 an ounce."

The old lady's floor approaches and as the doors open, she bends over, farts and says, "Broccoli, 49 cents a pound."

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Filling a form

Religion: None.

"No religion Sir?"

"That is right."

"So you don't believe in any God or have you not made up your mind?"

"I have gone through it all, thank you, I am awake."

"Then what is all this?" (the man makes an open gesture at the world and reality around him)

"This is bigger than God" I smiled.

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Just me and my Monkey

No one is freer than the one with no religion, set routines, solid philosophy, goals, ambitions, clear notions or ways. Those in society program each other to have these things then recursively program themselves and the infinite recursion becomes a set of beliefs and strong "knowledge" that is 100% second hand.

She said "I don't know" and I clapped my hands in joy at her honesty and simple perfected bliss.

The way of Tao is not to have such ways, ok we tend to read books and quote passages to each other when we see a connection, but each passage can have 100 readings. The philosophy of no philosophy, the path of no path, the Wu Way.

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For me to be truly free, I can not tell another how to be.

It is my not leaning on another in any way that truly justifies my position of freedom. Should I tell a friend that they are wrong to do such a thing or take a stand against a powerful corporation about their policy - I am in both cases asking for the same in return, that they can also do the same to me.

Only by not forcing on another, can I be just in my position of true freedom, and not have any force come upon myself.

How then do we take a stand and form the world if we can not act like that? There are those who will saw the branches off the tree. There are those more cunning who will tie the branches at a young age to have them grow a desired way. There are those, like me, who love a natural form no matter how it goes. Most people have grown up with wraps around them, they have restricted and deformed growth of their character that will take big work to even notice before it can be removed. From a restricted growth they look out and too wish to form the world around them by restricting, forming and shaping. They may even take out a saw to get their way.

The only way to go is allow others to have their way so you can live out your own natural form. Hopefully with time they will notice the constraints on them and reform themselves by inner desire than by extremal force.

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Not there there not there

I have just been to the very core of "no space, no time, all is cast about from an infinitely un-present void which is not there as there is no anywhere to be... " he who speaks does not know.

I was there, then I had thoughts abut there and so there became not there but here writing and it fails.

Oh to stay in the world of not knowing and be able to say it, yet it is impossible, and you need to be a poet or an artist to get close. But close is nothing compared to there, where it is not there and so you must go and not say.

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One plus one equals (double) trouble.

As God is merely a label for the the extremes of imagination there is another trap at the other side of the circle. Moving along the lines of "all is one, nothing is separate, there are no things as separate to the whole, so all is the whole, so I am the whole ... "

A person can reach a state where they think they are God or the universe or the creator of their universe. This is a funny place as they have gone "all is one" but then on doing so have then re-separated themselves and said "so I am..".

Truly when one is reached there is no I to be saying that. Language and logic trap and kill.

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What is the difference between Enlightenment and Love?

I'm holding this article back until it makes more sense.

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Only have what you can afford to lose

This is an idea I have had for a long time but only on saying it to a friend this evening did I find it worthy of note;

"Only have what you can afford to lose"

So that anything; savings, house, car, iPoo, etc:- only to the value of that which you could lose and replace. Which, of course, is much lower than that which most people have, especially those who live on credit or debt.

If someone took this laptop, ok, it is very old, runs Linux Mint and all the good stuff is backed up on an external disk, internet or both. If our landlord took the room from us, if someone took all my savings or food, or so on, if my shirt was stolen from my back. More so if I lost my wife, my family or life. In all cases it has been justified.

My wife is far more wise than I am. She embraces death, has no religion whatsoever, has a fine mind and philosophy; She has often said that if death came, then good, I have lived perfectly well, done my best; If I were born again I would ask for exactly the same and if not, then ok, I had fun, did my best.

What do you have that if you lost it it would be a great drain? Really would it be a drain or a release? Could you throw it all away?

Only when you have given it all up, do you have it all.

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