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Not there there not there

I have just been to the very core of "no space, no time, all is cast about from an infinitely un-present void which is not there as there is no anywhere to be... " he who speaks does not know.

I was there, then I had thoughts abut there and so there became not there but here writing and it fails.

Oh to stay in the world of not knowing and be able to say it, yet it is impossible, and you need to be a poet or an artist to get close. But close is nothing compared to there, where it is not there and so you must go and not say.

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The Crow said...

You can be there and come back.
You can try to describe it.
How could you not?
Knowing you don't know is good.
But not knowing that you know is even better.

Tao said...

hehe, thanks Crow :)