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A bitch and a moan down at the Pyramid building site

"Why can't we have a new sense or power?" he asked "Wouldn't it be so cool to evolve and develop some new power and shake free of this stale world we live in?".

You have incredible senses, how about seeing, to see objects, cast in front of you, in bright colour, visual forms created by sense apparatus and projected by the brain out there as some colourful visual world.

This sounds a little odd to describe just how amazing sight is but also it demonstrates how we can not truly imagine any other sense but the ones we have as all thought and description is for and of what we do have, to imagine and describe another sense altogether is quite a leap of creativity and of descriptive ability.

Take the pineal gland, the 3rd eye, that which sits in reptiles still with light sensitivity and sits for us deeper in the brain, could it be sensitive to presence? The trigger that lets you know you're being looked at, when someone is behind you or when you "just know" something?

"What if the pineal gland or some other could give me the power of telekinesis?" he asked "wouldn't it be so cool to move things without touching them?"

You can move things without touching them, use a machine. And you can move things quite easily, you lift things with your arms and you do a little work. Are you fascinated instead by how telekinesis would not really be work as in the end it would be you know? You'd be sitting in a large open mine with your buddy's standing complaining about the boss "I work my third eye off for this prick every day. Lifting rocks for this slime ball - why can't we invent machines to do this for us?".

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