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Is Your Solution a Reaction?

If your solution is a reaction, then it is flawed.

Consider an island of 3 families and over time a situation has emerged where one family has gained power enough to overburden and stress the others. If these two oppressed families act in almost any way to this, then the result will be substandard and liable to failure. If they instead free themselves from the idea they are oppressed and begin a whole new way they are free and their freedom will last.

If the two families stood against the one, then they are saying that that one family had power and they believe it to have strength. If they act their own way, they are saying they have the power and that which the one family believes they have is not upheld.

If the two begin to farm alone, trade free of the one, decide their own motivations and goals, then the one will go hungry, become poor, or join them.

If the two had approached the one asking for permission or requesting right procedure in bringing about their wishes, they'd have got nowhere and simply supported the false claim to power the one family had made.

Apply this simplified example to the world.

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