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Waterfall Awake Nature eBook

Here is a book I wrote some years ago, ideas my have clarified/altered since then but it is a spiritual book about:

"A couple who are deserted on an island with nothing, they have a child and decide not to educate it at all - the child grows up with nature and reaches enlightenment under a waterfall"

Download Waterfall Awake Nature the free eBook.

Download Waterfall Awake Nature Notes the miniaturised version. (not the full story, just main points raised by the full book)

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Free ebooks said...

This is a nice post. Looks interesting. Thank you for sharing this ebook. Really Appreciate it.

Tao said...

It is an old book, I'm no writer so can't vouch it makes for a good story - but contains nice ideas I hope :)

My new book can be found towards the top right of any page "That is That" by Wu Wu.

Leon Basin said...

I enjoyed this book!:)