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By the lake (Leon)

Leon Basin just went out on his bike, sat by the lake and wrote this...

Calmly sitting by the river, water moved in an undisturbed rhythm, progressing to begin anew. A cycling process of the nature was continuous. Life beginning and ending to give room for future life force to grow and develop. Ducks swam without a worry of where to swim next. Birds sang tunes of freedom. And I sit here and begin to sing my own freedom tune.

“Gentle waves of the river
Let me flow with you
Therefore, I know what it is like to be free!
Nothing on my mind, but
Freedom in my eyes
And in my heart and in nature too
Tears rolling down my cheek
Because life force is calling me!!!
I want to be free

“So, let me sing a song
With you birds today
Long forgotten
Since the Ancient Times.”

“Let my heart speak to you
So my soul could be released
From the dark caves of time
It’s the only way I know
How to live!”

As I sang the song of freedom. The birds followed for chorus:

“Lovely day
Lovely night
Let his heart be free tonight
Of darkness in his mind
And with that he can
Write more so his writing touches all.”

All that singing power came to a sweet haul. And the sun came out to join the fun. The sun beamed upon my face. I felt blessed to sit in silence, while singing my freedom tune.

A poetic version of the pleasure I get from nature and my lone bicycle rides. Life is good for Leon.

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Leon Basin said...

Hey! Thank you so much. Life is not just good, but great and simply waiting for me, so I could discover it more!:)