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True self-help

As all is you, you are that (explained in many posts including the two below this one) then the only true self-help becomes evident and powerfully present.

All action "you" do is the action of the universe and is an action on and to your true self.

You stir up anything and you are doing that to yourself.

Now this smells like Karma but is not to be mixed with any preconceptions you may have of that term. Karma in a pure sense is "action"

"Karma. Firstly is not rebirth or past lives, but action, make, do, work or deed. Karma can relate to the result of past deeds, but that is more properly known as the phalam, or fruit of action."...

All I am really pointing out is that you are the universe and not you who thinks it is "I". There is a colossal difference and the idea most people carry with karma is that they must be good, do good, or they carry good or bad due to past good or bad - I say NO.

There is no past or present to carry that from or to, there is no I who could carry it. The true I is the action of the universe.

So the only true self-help is good action right now, in every now - absolute presence.

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The Rambling Taoist said...

I like that -- short, simple and to the point. Now.

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