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The universe said Hi by the way

I'm not sure this would make you laugh anywhere near as much as me but;

I was in meditation, very deep I had had layers and layers of me fly away, I had sailed off to nothingness, seen the immense power of the universe acting out on scales unimaginable, seen massive space systems moving gracefully and powerfully through an empty void - I started to feel that this was me, (all of us in truth), but this was the great body, this is what it takes to make for the complex needs of a human -

my journey continued through suns producing chemicals and gasses, then sub-atomically the super small scale energy blasting around giving the impression by its fast movements of matter, matter that seemed to exist and seemed to form complexity, seemed to form me - -

and at that moment, from a deep meditation I heard, and was shocked by at the same time to hear, me say "hello?"

It made me laugh out loud.

The vast power and motion behind the universe, the true I body, coming together at a point that it saw itself looking back at itself and all it could say was "hello?".

You take away the sun and earth dies so the sun is more a part of you than your teeth. You do not end at the hairs on your arms, you start infinitely far away and come together at a center point you call I.

It was funny to hear the universe say hi.

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Elz said...

love it :-)