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Revisiting the Tao Te Ching

I've done some rubbish posts recently, I've deleted a few but let some remain. As I was spending the long weekend with my wife my meditation and silent times with nature were swapped for holding hands in the park, talking about life and enjoying food together. That was wonderful but it came over in my posts as rushed out rubbish.

So after someone commented on my Meaning of Tao Te Ching blog I have decided to revisit some of those posts, edit out typos, clarify them and mainly to enjoy reading the TTC all over again.

I will take my books down to the lake (hopefully I won't be so distracted as to read them when nature is all around me, but I may take a quick peak at different chapters)

From Tao te Ching Chapter 20

"How can you see me as a simple man as having it all so right? If you see the man of gold as the leader for you then what can I say? I will not chose to guide you, nor will I take any habit from you. You see what you will as good, I will see it my way, for any following of any way is foolish for anyone not going that way."

"I would rather be simple, a tree is perfect no matter its form, it will never ask questions and is always right. A baby is happy without being told to smile, can get an erection without the knowledge of union, it knows no measure or value in any of this."

From Meaning of Tao Te Ching Chapter 16

"the old grass that dies to form food for the new, the mistake you made that lead you to the success."

It's all just one flowing thing, if you get hung up on any aspect you are trying to grab a tree branch to stop your raft. You may slow it, you may fall, but more importantly you will miss what is coming. And almost without fail, good follows bad. Hanging on to the bad amplifies it, yet the coming good washes it away with no effort.

This is often taken right to the limit in many translations and asks you to see death in the same way "Did you fear birth?" It is change and your prejudice will not help unless you see it as such. Change, the butterfly may not remember it was a caterpillar, the caterpillar may have feared its end.

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