For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

True or loud. Right or eloquent.

This was on a computer blog about how we do not need people shouting how good something is as the best computer system for you is just that. A Ferrari may well be better, louder, faster, redder than a VW Golf. But when the kids have to go to school the ... well the bus is better than both.

Labels: I like to meet a person so free as to have none. This is one reason I would love my wife even if she were not wonderful in every other way - she is so un-phased by anything - as if she were immune to peers, society or any idea of making herself look "right".

She will be completely honest and this is wonderful.

I love people like that. I have a tendency to find balance, most often this is my position, that I do see balance, two sides and so on, but it is also the case that I wish to avoid upset. In style to this notion I do not feel this is a good or bad quality ;)

More and more, this has been the case all my life, but it becomes more and more correct the more I see it in action - I see we must remove prejudice and labeling. I used to like to say I have no religion. "religion: none" I had also said on may occasions "religiously un-religious" but these are labels in themselves.

I noted of late that I love religious people. I love people of all mindsets as they always make me recheck myself - "am I as bigoted as that but in my own way?" - "Is there a ridiculous thing I think that I have not done a full investigation of?" It is always a good reminder and nudge to further the path to complete and total non-bondage.

But in answer to those questions: No I'm not as foolish as any one of them. This path of mine may run along a similar paths to religious characters such as the Buddha but only in the fact this is a one person route to casting it all aside, to meet the beauty of non-bondage. Non-attachment - as when you have your mind on nothing in particular, you have it all.

When you love nothing in particular your love has no bounds. When you have no compassion for these people or these, your compassion is to all life, life itself and it's source.

The Energy and the stillness, the everything and the nothing, the everynothing. Ah a label!!

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