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Wu Wu - That is That - [no longer Free] ebook

The book can be summarised in this short poem:
"The way of Tao Wow".


That is That is a free ebook by WuWu and it delves into some of the issues met by everyday people such as love and death and some of the things on the path of the spiritual seeker such as enlightenment, what to do after enlightenment, and more.

Download That is That by Wu Wu The free ebook to keep or print. (The free period is over and the book should now be purchased from this link)

It begins;

"It is enough to accept that all is bliss and that anything else is a misinterpretation"

...and it refuses to allow you to have restrictive thoughts such as religion, political position, ideas of right or wrong as they are traps keeping you from the ultimate reality.

"If you take true spiritual truth and try to make a science or religion from it then you will fail."
- Hua Hu Ching

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Tao said...

For those who commented on the previous post about this book the comments have gone as I deleted the post and posted again.

Google was not finding the post because I had not named it correctly and renaming a post does not always have the desired effect.

So here it is again with a new name and words.

The Rambling Taoist said...

OK, I've downloaded it. Thanks for the link. Are you going to lead the book discussion? :)

Tao said...

I will begin by saying it is very badly written and incoherent, probably rubbish :)

Leon Basin said...

This was book was fuckin awesome! Thank you so much. I want you to write more.. i have read all of your posts and enjoyed them so much. especially the one about work and how you take pride in it and such... Amazing stuff.. really helped me things differently.

tikno said...

I like of your quotes above.

C. Om said...

I'm feeling the book so far.

Buddha Torrents said...

Who is Wu Wu? You?

Tao said...

"Buddha Torrents said...

Who is Wu Wu? You?"

...well it is a pen name for someone who wishes to remain anonymous, but they did steal quite a few of my posts and graphics.

Anonymous said...
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Buddha Torrents said...

I could post it to Buddha Torrents if you like? Just need a cover and a synopsis.

Tao said...

I would probably say this for the cover.

(please upload the image to your blog as hot linking that file will kill the bandwidth as the site is on a free virtual server)

and synopsis...

"That is That by Wu Wu takes a walk through philosophy, Eastern Thought and many elements of the spiritual path.

The book aims to remove ideas of philosophy, religion and so on to expose the bliss that sits behind the ideas. Encouraging the spiritual seeker to see not look.

"It is enough to accept that all is bliss and that anything else is a misinterpretation"

The book has to do precisely what it says you should not so that it can reach this point and covers everything from love, death, rebirth, via ideas in the Vedanta, Tao, Dharma and more and concludes:

"Now just simplify your mind and self,
that's all there is so just sit;
Be balance and unknowing flow,
Natures truth is here that's it."


Wu Wu would love it if you posted it, I asked him/her and she/he said Mu!

Buddha Torrents said...

I jazzed up the cover a little.