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Live for 100's of years

Most people have school until ~16 (under half is leisure)

work for ~50 years (well under 10% is leisure)

retire for ~20 (mostly leisure but you sleep a lot and aren't so able)

of the 50 at work you have very little leisure time, always too'ing and fro'ing with even time at home recouping and preparing for the next day - time you would surely be spending differently if you had no work.

Of the whole lot you get ~32 years leisure time of a 86 year life.


However, if you live a simple life, not so desperate for wages to spend on things you don't really need - if you work minimal hours to have a simple life, you get a huge percentage jump.

If you say the normal person gets 100% life, then you, with a simple life get 5-600%, you effectively live 50 or 60 years longer than the average person.

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Tao said...

There may be a fair bit of guesstimation in the numbers, but you get the point.