For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.


Conversations when you see all as one and your friend does not lead down all sorts of common avenues.

Doership is one key point and when you ask them are they really the autonomous entity they believe themselves to be then, of course, they believe it and have no reason to deny it.

They may say "Look, I can raise my hand or not." or other common examples of their being the driver of their independent body.

I ask them "Can you do both? Can you do that again but do the opposite?" and they say of course and offer both moves to me.

They miss the exactness of the act though as the 'hand up' was then and the 'hand down' a different then. They can not act the hand up and the hand down at the exact same time, go and alter the position of "what was". They can not "choose" to do both so is there really a choice or an alternative? Could it not be that the up happened and the down happened and it could never have ever been different?

To illustrate their choice they say, "Look now it is up and now it is down." Do they understand now though?

I challenge them to raise their hand any other time than now.

"Ok" they say "I'll raise my hand in 3 seconds time.

And they raise it to prove their point. But they do it NOW.

I say can you really raise it three seconds from now? and they say of course, they just did.

Language as they are using it seems so sly and what I say seems so weak to them. Language and the meaning of what they say is their winning the argument and it is also the barrier to them seeing the subtlety of what they are arguing against.

Language so easily has us saying that the hand was up and then down and now this and will be that. Observe it as the now it always is though. Think through the situation without any theoretical times. See it only now. It is a waving in mind and in reality it is simply what is.

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