For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

My noble truths


1) The highest knowledge is the recognition that knowledge is limited.

2) The only thing you can change about the world is your attitude towards it.

3) All attempts to change the external world are like shadows playing catch. Look to the source, not to the projection.

4) All external fixes eventually become sources of sorrow.

5) One thing will not change, the truth which can not be said. All things in the material world will pass.

6) Good and bad will last as long as the mind is allowed to govern.

7) Infinity is such that all states will exist at all times. Never expect perfection in the external. Find it only at the root.

8) Bliss is not wanting to change a thing, the recognition that perfection remains eternally unchanging.

9) That which changes is mind. The source of sorrow is mind. Doing to fix the world is action brought about by inner imbalance.

10) It is those who attempt to alter the world who mess it up. Those who accept the world live in awe and wonder.

11) Think you've got the world worked out and it will surprise you.

12) The only benefit of analysis is to finally realize that analysis must cease to allow truth to emerge.

13) There is no external source to worship, there is nothing to become - All Is.

14) Being itself is wonder beyond any measure of pleasure.

15) Be effortless.

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C. Om said...

*Cha-ching!* (cash register sound effect denoting the fact this stuff is on the money.)

David "Shinzen" Nelson said...

Yep...good as usual.
My noble truths: ^-^ I forgot

StepVheN said...

How many people have you reached with this stuff? DOes it have any positive effects at all?

Ta-Wan said...

The only 'positive' effect is to recognize that positivity depends on negativity and when they are recognized as one inseparable interdependent pair, and not real things in themselves, then 'positivity' is not striven for and negativity never suffered.

N-Spot said...