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It Infinity You

Perhaps the best name in the modern vernacular is not; Tao, The Self, Brahman, God, Nature, I Don't Know, Buddha Mind, Suchness or any other, but


This word can speak to us all so much more clearly than any old terms and it can enlighten in an instant if its meaning is understood.

Infinity is not a number, it is a concept. Numbers, weights, distances, do not run to infinity, numbers are finite. Numbers are conceptual, have purpose, limit. Infinity is not "a very big number", it is that which can not be quantified, beyond measure.

If any one thing is infinite, then as this thing is beyond measure it can not be one of two, it must be all. If there is anything in your mind-map of life as we know it that you deem infinite then everything must be that infinity.

The infinity you have in your own cosmology, your way of mapping out what-is, is it, and, you're that. There can not be infinity and you. There can only be infinity, and, it is all, and - all is it - and,

You're it.


All else is mere abstraction.

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