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Why try to describe the indescribable

For as long as we know, as the oldest known written work to us is on this subject also, man has attempted to explain the indescribable.

We do it today as keenly as ever, why?

I know my reason and I think it goes for many. You find something that resonates so deeply with you that you first try to explain it to yourself. The offshoot is that you want to share it with others. As a man who has opened the curtains to see spring time is likely to wish to rouse his family and neighbours to look out doors with him.

The problem is that this resonance rang from no particular source, it came from no book, from no retraceable action, from no stimulant but it rang, it rang with clarity and it was life altering.

With no place to point people to we try in as many ways as we can to clear the path, we try perhaps to cut the crap, condense, reword, clarify all that we find points but does not strike. And so we go on, attempting to describe the indescribable, just hoping that others can by chance open up to and feel it too.

Tao Wow | Daily Cup of Tao