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And now for my new religion

As all religion is made up then I'm quite within my rights to make up my own.

As many religions have special days of the year that are upheld by law to be respected and for followers to be given days off work and other concessions then mine will also benefit from that.

It is a little odd that on religious days (where people are expected to take days off in respect of a God) that the religious leaders work that day.

It is odd indeed that one or a few days can be deemed sacred as that degrades all other days.

My religion has a few rules.

1) All days are sacred so all followers are deemed paid holiday by their employer for life.

2) Anyone asking questions about this faith will be seen as a non-follower and banished.

3) No more rules are required but those choosing to spend most of their time in hammocks will probably go to heaven and will be seen in a good light by God.

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