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Buddha boy to emerge this year

Preface: I have have absolute respect and a great interest in anyone who can meditate so deeply and who's messages to date are of peace. But this is a critical piece.

Later this year if all goes to his rough plan and the desires of his followers are fulfilled the Buddha Boy (who doesn't like being called that) will emerge after years of meditation to teach his message. He is of the school of the Grand Vehicle - enlightenment for all.

I am of the school of the small vehicle, the enlightenment of the the individual to the recognition of their being no individual.

People will see the Buddha boy in one of 3 broad ways.

1) as a wonder and inspiration
2) as a modern day hoax or hark back to foolish times
3) as a conspiracy by the New World Order

and I have a 4th view.

First view 3) That the buddha boy is an MKULTRA victim being used by a New World Order attempt at unifying the world by a modern day messiah.

View 2) Obviously many people are skeptical of such tales of people going days without food and the benefit of long meditation. It has however been documented, on camera, that the boy went at least 4 days with no sustenance and not moving more than a shuffle from his mediation pose. He has by any standard an incredible ability for single pointed meditation.

View 1) Following on from the points raised above, there is a serious credibility to much of the story that does, in anyone, rouse curiosity and this expands unfortunately to such fairy tales as him not eating ever, surviving self combustion and so on which are poor hoaxes made not by him but by natural hangers on and profiteers.

View 4) is mine that he is a genuine caring wonderful person with a gift but while most welcome in my world is taking the dangerous path of one rule for all.

The Grand Vehicle is the path of Tibetan Buddhism and many other schools that is looking, very compassionately indeed, for enlightenment for all sentient beings, even Gods.

Buddhas sit above Gods even advising them how their desire that gives rise to universes is the cause of suffering, they want instead to enlighten all, even Gods. Certainly they wish for the enlightenment of all humans and all beings.


Imagine though if one person says to the world - "You must all now live in peace with respect for all life". This is a wondrous saying and sentiment but - it is the rule of one over the many - which is an absolutely dangerous idea whenever and however and whoever says it.

There will always be this endless intertwining of all things, as we are infinite.

It is your own path that leads to realization - don't follow without first investigating.

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