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The Secret - Book - Is crap

I knew this on first smell and I have written about it before but for some reason I felt like I've not got my reasoning perfectly tight and so must revisit.

In the book The Secret they say how ancient wisdom tells us of a great secret that only successful people have lived by and the rest of us must get wise to if we are to get anywhere.

Smells fishy already but genius in marketing skills, hats off.

The secret is....... To visualize the future you want, emotionally, financially, in love affairs, and naturally life and your decisions will guide your future into line with these visions.

The book, but especially the movie version, of The Secret spends far too much time then pointing people towards materialistic visions which are naturally completely unfulfillable for all 7billion of us to all realize. They then call us to examples of people who've used this secret to attain comfortable materialist living conditions.

The idea that a bad outlook leads to bad seeing and bad being and that a positive outlook leads you to better choices has a logic, but that this can extend to "Drawing, from the inner cosmos, material things to make you happy" are smelly indeed.

The reason the book and the theory totally fail is that they point humans towards their greatest source of pain and massage their greatest flaw - desire.

The Secret tells people to live on hope and desire and dreams of the future. Desire is though the gateway and the path of despair.

The real secret is: There is no secret.

The addition to that is that: There is no future and Now Is It.

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