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My new religion (2)

Here is the rapidly edited wiki entry for my new religion:

Religions Name: Infinity. (trading as the infinite warriors of nee nee nee waaaahooobaa) But best to call it by its real name not the trading name which is reserved primarily as a way to prevent people cashing refunds if they claim their enrollment fees back through court.

Prime Objectives: To be infinite and recognize that all things are just an expression of infinity. To not be surprised by anything as, well, infinity, you know, it contains infinite possibilities. Emotions and all dualities are respected as natural and flowing parts of infinity, be happy, cry when shit happens, but never forget, all things pass. Infinity has no norm.

Religious days: All days are deemed sacred and you must not work on any of them (unless infinity demands it, say you accidentally walk into an office, pull up a chair and begin typing memos to the Director). Your employer, sort of ex-employer now, must respect your religion and so pay you for the rest of your life on all religious days.

Religious Ceremonies: All actions are the infinite so all are ceremonial in nature and your every act must be respected by everyone. Due to infinity you may also get laughed at or ridiculed but this too is ceremonial and all in respect of the great one, infinity.

Religions acts: You are to remain in a hammock at all times unless infinity says otherwise, say it breaks or you need the loo or just have to get up and go buy chocolate as you're bored.

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C. Om said...

Sounds good. Sign me up. But remember that since there's no beginning & no end, I've always been down with this & so has everyone else (whether they realize it or not). Looks like a winner by default. lol

Ta Wan said...

Yeah by being in the cult or not you're in it by default.

Unknowlege of this great religion is one of the highest forms of praise to it (but I stole that idea from COJ).

Thanks by the way for your praising this great religion by typing and pressing 'publish' - that was great praise for the infinite indeed.

Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...