For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Fulfilling our future need

Here we sit in a future only dreamed of; Computers in our pockets more powerful than ones that used to fill rooms, robots to perform repetitive chores* and a wealth of information updated by the minute. (*although we thought robots in this day would be humanoid in form they just worked out as more functional)

We still dream of the future, sometimes in fear and sometimes in hope. For the sake of our children, hope would be the wiser and more productive. We dream of environmentally sound energy, food production, transport. We dream of faster pocket computers we can talk to, we hope to find life elsewhere in space. (We estimate a billion planets for each of the billion billion galaxies are capable of holding life, good odds)

In our present futuristic life, in the one we see coming, as with that engraved in history, are the same fallible, needy, emotional lumps of lard, just like us, the humans.

No matter how advanced we are technologically, or how far we go, we will still be similar in our wants, needs and feelings. What is not going to happen is that we suddenly find ourselves blissfully enlightened. We will likely, the more technologically dependant we are, be more confused by our place in the universe, more dissatisfied with our life expectancies, achievements, wants and needs.

In the future, as now, as with all of written history, the solace of a simple rendering of a truth, one that can stand through change, stand up against time, stand hand in hand with science, no matter where it leads, will be a universal need. And what we refer to on these pages, unlike religion, unlike politics, unlike any one thing known by us to date or to be made at a future date, is that.

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