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Essentially Identical, Conceptually Distinct (and String Theory)

I've been watching a lot of Ed Written talks, not because I understand (or think I can) but because, in hearing amazing things regarding the universe, my mind commonly feels pleasure and I have my own interesting thoughts. I particularly enjoy M-Theory (also string/bubble..) as it seems to be saying that a vibration, in oneness, can be interpreted as many different things. Imagining a string vibrating in 11 dimensions allows us to consider that this vibration witnessed in our 4 dimensions would appear as different 'things' (be they; quark, photon, electron, goldfish, goose or quack) as only bits of the vibration are witnessed interacting in our space and time then they seem like separate 'bits or things'.

This idea of all things being, in reality 'a oneness waving' seems to me incredibly Taoist and for that matter, Buddhist too, when we consider their phrase "Essentially identical, conceptually distinct".

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