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You're as mad as you

I walked past a "mad" woman today. She was pointing into the middle distance and shouting at people who were there for her but not for the rest of us.

I thought briefly how, "well, for her she's right and for us she's ..."

and I stopped when a big laugh came out of mouth: I saw how we all could be laughed at by an observer for running around believing our little path was real. We're all insainly living out our own mad side-show and convinced of its reality.

All there is is the ceaseless being, seeming to live, live through many apparent forms, doing what it does - and then identifying with these individual abstracted forms, playing the part, playing it so well it convinces itself that each version matters...

"I'm right and everyone else is shit"

...Playing at being separate parts when all it is is indivisible potential.

Observed, the sleeping dog who runs in his sleep and wakes himself from a dreamed bark that came out loud. The same as the crazy boss shouting and screaming over how important something is. The same as the person beeping his horn over what a poor and impatient driver the other guy is. The same as the fly head-butting the glass window repeatedly until death. The same as any ordinary person doing anything.

Bonkers. Stark raving, mad as balloon in bath.

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Liara Covert said...

The silent witness notices everything yet reacts to nothing. Thanks to Rizal for guiding me here.