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someone in my bed

One guy at work today described how he went to bed last night and before he could go to sleep he was pounced upon and smothered. As he wrestled with the assailant he fell to the floor - when he looked up to his bed he saw himself in the bed. Then he awoke from a dream and he was on the bed.

He is happy that this was an outer body experience or OBE. But he asked everyone at work to please help him explain what it all meant.

What surprised me is that in these modern times we all had such varying yet highly superstitious responses and reasonings for this event.

Responses ranged from; Someone trying to tell you something, a message from God, punishment for not praying, punishment for thinking or doing something, a haunted house, and a chemical flooding the brain.

The latter was my input. I said how the strongest hallucinogen known to man is DMT and it is produced by and released by the brain. A little is released to induce dreams but if too much is released when you are not unconscious then the conscious mind has trouble dealing with normality and a dream all at once. OBE, NDE, alien abductions, and more have been explained by this and not only that but clinical trials where patients who are wide awake are hit with a dose of DMT all, bar none, had OBE, alien abduction experiences and so on.

So was his mind flooded with an unexpected does of DMT or was he attacked by a ghost?

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Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

He was experience OBE, or should I say the case where awareness transcends bodily experience.

Any explanation, whether it's a ghost attack, or the rush of DMT, really takes us all away from that experience itself.

Whahahahahahahah :D

Ta Wan said...

Yes the idea of DMT is the modern day superstition called science.

Fay's Too said...

It was obviously a witch sitting on him. Or classic night terror. Or an alien abduction. Or drugs. Or pepperoni.

Ta Wan said...

with his Italian heritage it was undoubtedly pepperoni :D ha thanks

Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Modern day superstition, haha! :D