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No one Enlightened

I made a comment on another blog about enlightenment...

""That a person is enlightened or not is void as a person is a collection of ideas and concepts. The person only appears separate from reality due to these very concepts and is not in fact real but for mind made ideas.

To take an undivided whole and split it with the mind into people, environment, enlightened and unenlightened and then spend time trying to reconcile the split is the farce of seeking enlightenment.

There is not actually a person with the qualities of enlightenment as that would simply be a further idea or concept attached to the person who is already only a separate person due to a set of ideas and concepts.

Removing all concepts then there is no separation, no separate being or person, and so no one to have this quality of enlightenment applied to them.

The only title a person may have is 'unenlightened' and that is the case of the seeker, one who has separated themselves, and is now seeking to reconnect with, that which they could never be separate from in all of infinity.

Enlightenment is not the state of a person but a state free from the concept of the separate person.

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Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...


Share the blog link, please? :)

Ta Wan said...

It was here

Eric Dubay said...

Hahaha, the word that popped into my head after reading the post was, "Nice!" and then I clicked comments and that was exactly what Rizal wrote. Nice.