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Ideas on gravity

Static electricity has an attractive force that is quickly lost as the charge jumps from the statically charged object to the other object.

Imagine for a moment that a magnet is an object holding a static electrical charge that is unable to jump, it may be held by the structure of the magnet so that the attractive force can be used but not lost. Only when a large enough force comes into play will the magnet give up its power.

Imagine then that the earth behaves like a huge magnet, it holds a very large static charge that it is unable to lose to its surroundings, space. Due to this trapped charge the objects that are free to move over the earths surface are constantly being attracted to the earth. So gravity is the result of earth holding a large static electrical charge.

How did earth get this charge and what is the evidence for it? The aurora borealis is the charge being ripped off the earth as we whizz through the charge of other bodies. Seen from far enough away earth has a cometary tail. Venus is a large comet not a planet, it has a massive tail and it also floats the opposite way to the planets in our system. Space has many examples of charge being given off by bodies and even exchanged, it may well be the cause of attractive and repulsive events in space such as elliptical orbits, orbits, flares, sunspots (polar in nature, there is always one the exact opposite side of the sun to the one you saw) and so on.

It may well be the the sun and moon are anode and cathode to our once neutral earth and our floating around, or them around us, or whatever school you buy the books of, has lead to us having a vast charge that we can not release. This charge is gravity.

Now, I could have written that better but it is a slightly formatted flow of consciousness so I'll leave it that way.

I haven't a bloody clue but for some reason as I was dozing off I thought about it.

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Doug McMillan said...

So...let's get this straight. You're clueless and this came to you whilst you were partially asleep? And we should take you seriously Ta-Wan? Still, it was bloody well written for a man in slumber mode ;-)