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fast I move still as I am

A rusty old pile of junk car, tires burst and long since perished, no paint, all rust, half buried in dirt. Moving as it is above the speed of light, a speeding time machine it is.

Spinning fast daily around the center of the earth, it also travels over half a billion miles a year around the sun, and too several trillion miles a day as our galaxy rushes its way in orbit of one and away from another, relatively faster than the speed of light to one thing, and dead still in my yard to another.

So the particles that make the rust are all in place to my eye. To one looking closer they are covering distance, going at speeds unimaginable, acting as waves that penetrate all and mean nothing alone, they collectively form the form of a rusty old car and on their own could not yet be registered by science.

So the mind knows so much and yet this knowing mind is made of things it does not understand, not even close. The mind made of thoughts alone, sitting in goo, that is beyond the mind itself too.

All whizzing through space of which we can't find a structure, at speeds we can't gather, covering distances we can't measure, remaining still and not moving an inch we burst with power.

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Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Faster than the speed of light?

Ta Wan said...

Yes, in infinity there are no limits.

We are going faster than the speed of light relative to some other thing somewhere.

Above the speed of light and completely still depending who's measuring.