For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Awareness, just as you go to sleep

You're forming a world with your senses, and your 6th sense is forming thought. All of this makes for a very convincing illusion that you call being awake and living in a world.

You make this world in precisely the opposite way that you think you sense it.

As you are dropping to sleep there is just one moment, hard to catch, where the 5 senses stop making a world but thought is still produced. In this moment you may float, fly, dream, but what you are doing is making thought without also making a world to relate the thought to.

This state where you stop forming the world illusion but continue to create the thought illusion, of someone thinking, is a very telling state. You're still aware and awareness is all knowing. Given a glimpse of this state the intelligence held by awareness becomes more wise to reality.

Awareness never tires or sleeps but the senses and mind, as they work so hard and consume so much energy to keep the show alive, do need rest. Awareness is able to watch as the senses stop and the world ceases to be. Awareness is able to watch as thought stops and awareness remains, the only true reality, your whole life and beyond.

Awareness is truth as in all of the transience, it is the one unchanging, root, element.

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