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End times 2012

Christian cosmology supposedly has end times, apparent ends of days, ends of lives, and so on. What happens at the end of one era though is the beginning of another.

Taoist, Hindu, Mayan and Egyptian cosmologies all have cyclic time and not linear time, we alter form one era to another and on until repetition.

The Hindu cosmology is the most adventurous and pictorial, it has a golden age of perfection followed by the seed of imperfection which gives rise to the silver age, as man worsens and becomes more self centered we have a bronze age and finally iron, the worst, yet also shortest time-frame where there is nothing but bad. People say we are there now.

This cosmology and epic time-frame is also mirrored by Mayan and Egyptian ideas which may well have shaped the Hindu thought via the Vedas.

Taoism is a little different, we are all aware of the great Tai Chi, often referred to as the Yin Yang and the two small dots that live within the signature. These dots are the seeds signifying that when one thing is at its peak then the seed of the opposite is set, so in times of total Yang -the seed of Yin is set to burst through - what we have here is a cyclic version of time which does not signify time-frames or that one end of the spectrum is any better or worse than the other. It is all change one way or another and that is the life and beauty of the universe, not something to fear or to egotistically feel one should take control over.

So these end times supposedly seen by the Mayan civilization and now feared and theorized over by many are certainly nothing to worry about. After all midsummer and midwinter are far more of a big deal than the subtle transition of spring to summer and in all of these there is gradual change, not chaos. Nature and the universe operate on time scales we don't fathom and they don't jump and start, they smoothly and regularly rotate.

If we are convinced that 2012 is a turning point then we must accept that 2014 will be very similar to 2010 and that 2012 is just the middle of this minor shift. Large differences will be seen between years 1800 and 2200 but the differences come about gradually and not in a big jump. Just watch the seasons rotate, also look at the difference between 23:59 tonight and 00:01 or even the wheel of a bicycle - note how cyclic motion is smooth, it has no jumps or catastrophe, it continues on and on because it is smooth and free from the binary and linear traps of the human mind.

As one thing reaches climax so the seed of the opposite is set to return. No part of the rotation is better or worse than any other and this particular cyclic motion, that where 2012 is a supposed turning point, is one far and beyond the limited human life span, so nothing to fret over.

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Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Very nice. I see 2012 as a turning point to. Nothing to worry about, it is in fact something to celebrate.

Just like this very moment.

Ta Wan said...


Every moment is a turning point and 2012 is no more important than any degree in a circle.

Brandon said...

I'm also not worried about 2012. I'm not sure if I believe anything will happen, but if it is a turning point... well, I agree with you in general, but sometimes shifts can happen rapidly. There's a book called Tipping Point that explores this: once a critical mass is reached, systems can change quickly. No one knows for sure, of course, but it's possible the shift could take a couple decades, or indeed maybe a few years. Then again, with the future, anything's possible, including nothing at all.

I'm certainly not afraid of the cataclysmic B.S. they try to sell us on History Channel and such.

Ta Wan said...

I'm not sure of the general mainstream consensus or ideas as fortunately I'm free from TV.

The idea of a tipping point does also relate and still fit with the natural and cyclic view. After all when the conditions are right it will suddenly rain. It can not though rain without this build up and preconditioning, so the "sudden" rain is in fact not sudden at all and just the natural next step of an ongoing process. Our binary and linear mind and language give us the "suddenly this" view when our inner wisdom sees the whole cycle.

Brandon said...

Oh, I certainly agree. I mean, even as a culture is collapsing, the new culture that will emerge in it's ashes has been developing all along, behind the scenes, so to speak. None of it is instantaneous; everything is birthed from smaller beginnings that had been there all along. The tipping point is just when it becomes noticable.

With respect to 2012 or the Age of Aquarius or whatever... if any of it is real, the new things that will happen will have been slowly evolving already, for maybe a very long time. Things like the environmental movement that started, in small ways, decades ago, point to a shift in consciousness. I'd like to hope so, anyways; and hope that it will continue.