For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Flow Ching

We all know the flow.
The flow you can know though, is not the one true flow.
Once described,
it has died.

We all know that up makes down,
and an upside down smile is a frown.
A valley is made deep by the height of the mountain.
soft water pressurized, makes for a fountain.

That we think we exist means we can not exist.
That we are born, guarantees we’ll be mourned.
Death, dying, aging, decaying,
life, the flow continues unswaying.

Where do we make divisions? They are all in the mind.
Where then is unity? In the palace of the no-mind.
Think you want peace?
Allow thinking to cease.

Accept that mountains make valleys.

A rope can only scare you if you know the snake,
You can only feel lost in the world because your true-self is awake.

Dual, the only battle is in the mind.

Doing speaks of non-doing,
Going comes with coming.
To see all gets done, don’t do.
See how the flow, does itself, and flow too.

Resistance is infertile.

There is no value over one part of the flow,
This is a very deep thing to get to know.
The value of dirt is to feed and hold the tree,
and the tree it aims to be dirt, you see?

If I say one thing has value, I’m discounting another,
Like saying that father is more important that mother.
Put gold on your head and you’ll loose both,
simplify your mind and needs, and you won’t.

Qualities they are most often hidden,
the thing given value often depends on the common.
Ask me if I need air or lungs,
You’ll see I don’t separate so my mind is not hung.

Earth, sun and air, they don’t choose to feed you,
Your bodies needs, so simple and see-through,
Caught up over one issue you’ll tie up your mind,
Realize the infinite and your thread will un-wind.

Those we see driven by greed,
and those we see living in need,
Put yourself beneath, to truly succeed,
As the ocean draws rivers you’ll gain wisdom indeed.

Empty of ideas you’re open to the flow,
A mind full of money we’ve seen you, we know,
Has no room for compassion, no love in the heart,
Draw to simplicity, life, the flow, is your art.

Is intelligence seen in concrete and steel,
or does the song of a bird and sweet perfume appeal?
Some know enough and for nothing await,
Others never content run circles, stagnate.

Drawing distinctions, making deals,
Is trapping the free-mind in bracelets of steel.
Gates wide open, accepting the flow,
Nothing here and no desire to go.

One climbing a rope and one on the way down,
Both have calamity here on the ground.
The one held routed in now, taking what-is,
Heaven is for no one else, for now it’s all his.

There is nothing we can say of the flow,
We chase to name it and see it go,
No qualities, loving, hating, having,
No compassion it has, but nourishes all things.

Wait and it settles, shake and it rattles,
A wise one knowing this leaves resonance to metals.
The way wise ones ride calamity is the example of gravity,
Flow redresses balance, this is all it will ever be.

See how water settles into a lake,
when the time is right a stream it will make.
Did you fear birth? Are you sure death is an issue?
Water never dies, let the flowing one guide you.

At peace we don’t offer our freedoms about,
Only by fear do we run scream and shout.
When you see people giving control to exteriors,
This is not the flow but the way of inferiors.

When you rely on customs to force you to love,
Then you’re a million miles away from your seat which is love.
Never should you need telling, all have equal blessing,
That this must be said to the world is so very telling.

The more there are rules, control and cunning,
The more the flow must yield to revert to smooth running.
When one hoards the wealth of the world, take take take,
be not surprised that of others robbers this make.

If I look simple then you have elevated opinion,
If I seem to have it right then you will drown in the ocean.
Only on the boat, open to change can you know,
that the only way is the way of the flow.

One can not guide, can not teach of the flow,
There is no one here and no one can truly know,
If you asked for my guidance I’ll send you away,
Only then will you hear what I say.

Give yourself up, give control away,
Tie to no idea, from this moment, today,
Be nothing, so that you can know all,
Infinite flow, now, this is your call.

Tao Wow | Daily Cup of Tao

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