For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

Take me to a lower dimension.

6. Torus live in loop, self consuming/regenerating. Dimension six. Complex Vortex.
Time space making no sense to linear minds.

5. All of time seen as one is torus. Dimension five. Doughnut.
Time-cycles and time-jumps easily passable but all 3D space and objects jumbled.

4. Wave viewed from constantly variable place is spin. Dimension four. Apparent spheres in space-time.
Where we live. 3D objects and space are traversed by linear perception of time. Loop time impossible to view from here.

3. Consciousness over time makes oscillation into wave. Dimension three. Waving.
Objects not seen here, only constituent wave-forms. Impossible to escape linear view of time.

2. Information, creation, between conscious and idea. Dimension two. Oscillation.
Infinite moment where objects and wave-forms impossible to see.

1. A point of reference is the idea. Dimension dot. Consciousness.
Nothing seen, time is not registered. Objects and space not seen. No parts.

0 Awareness. Dimensionless. Infinite.
All is one in unity, no space. no time, no division, non-dual, no observer.

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