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One rule for all

An Eskimo seeing how ice stuck to various objects and an Arab man seeing how ice slipped quickly over surfaces both took their new inventions to the land of the other to sell.

One size does not fit all.


It is very often the case that this mentality of humans, the one where they are right and all others are wrong. Also the fear of how 'others' will come to take their jobs, livelihood, freedoms, that they decide they must enforce rules that level the field, rules that say their way is THE way and there shall be no other way.

A man at sea level is healthy and fit eating fish and rice. A mountain man gets his warmth and sustenance from the buffalo, a man on the plains dips wheaty bread into home made soups a jungle man goes for fruits and drinks vines. While all very healthy they would be fools to enforce their diet on the others. All would starve if the diet of another were made compulsory.

So too then a man forced to think one thing is starved of free thought, a man forced to enjoy one thing is starved of free choice, a man forced to believe in one thing is starved of inner spirituality. The rule of one for all is deadly indeed.

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Rizal Affif - The Soul Sanctuary said...

Deadly indeed. It is the number one cause of war.

And, strangely, religion tends to promote this kind of thinking.