For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

God Love Evil

I will start with the simple play on words but will get much much deeper as I go.

The fight of Good and Evil.

The fight of God and Devil.


Love is not a dualistic device. Real love is not real when reciprocated but real. Real.

I do not need the love of my family to love my family, or my wife or my enemy - love is all, undivided.


The most powerful tool used to manipulate humankind is that of divide and conquer. India, the oldest living civilizations still with a genuine hold on that past, was next to impossible to control by normal means for the greedy invading nations. A near continent with no strict border it held a mass of people of many differing beliefs and values - who lived in an organic, generally accepting, manner. To control such an organic and, on the whole, peaceful group of people, for the subsequent control of recourses, took the method of Good Vs Evil. -Set the people amongst themselves, give them reason to feel different to others, to fear the strength of others over them, to instill borders and then, once in chaos, control the weaker system.

You too are manipulated by such devices; which political party you favour, which football team you like, which groups of religious people you favour or dislike. You're weaker, we as a whole are weaker, as we are kept divided.

Not one but one.

I do not say we must be one nation ruled by one rule - not at all! I say we must be one organic whole, with our natural differences, in celebration, and not at ficticious odds.


Love is not divisible, love is not the opposite to hate. Hate is a lack of information, hate is the result of division and division is a control agent injected into weak enough minds.

In the battle of Good and Evil you are always Good, everyone is always good and the "other" people are bad - there are no bad people in a war, everyone is good and everyone has god on their side - funny isn't it? In religious wars both sides are absolutely correct - a little irony to go with the stony issue.

Once a man is given the idea that another group of people are out to steal his livelihood, take his job, control his decisions, he is divided, weakened, and will be conquered. The most aggressive, simplistic and perhaps well meaning, plus those with most passion are drawn to the front lines of battle and so they prune their own numbers by killing each other in bloody battles.

Those with most love in their heart do not feel the divides and so call for reconciliation and so they too are divided and conquered over a different line, one of desire. "When desire opposes the situation at hand then conflict appears" [SOURCE] Once you have a reality in mind that is not the same as the reality you see/make in your head then you have a conflict, a conflict that separates you from the very loving and real bliss of being.

The natural simplicity is a dream for most and lived by a near zero human beings. Living a natural and simplistic life you are not divided, you are not looking out how to grow in relation to others, to fear their actions, stature, opinion, you are instead just a being - even more so you are free from being a being, you are being itself, dancing the Tao.

Humans are all too easily drawn to fear and competition and desire. Too easily drawn into a battle of Good and Evil of which they are always the good one. Too easily lead into false groups where only they are in the correct hemisphere. Too easily drawn from undivided, unconditional love into a battle where they stand apart, weaken, and are lead to give away control to manipulators.

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