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Interdependence. You the powerful entity

You don't need to understand the following picture from a technical standpoint but only need to see the interconnections and then go from there.

What it shows is how the larger packages on my computer depend in the smaller less visible ones - we may compare this to a world map showing trade, we may compare it to the interrelations of species over the food chain, we may see it as a mind map for our beliefs and values.

What we should all be able to see is how the big ideas we have and the giant corporations in the world and the largest of animals and he greatest of achievements all depend on intricate interconnectivity. Of course a large TV network or a large fashion brand know that they would be nowhere without an audience and they build the bonds as tightly as possible. They are not though the strong one on the relationship, far from it.

Great power exists and is transferred over these bonds and while the large seem powerful they are in fact in the weakest of positions. What I may do is generate this graph like so: "red green blue bacteria" - here all that depended on bacteria would be red, bacteria would be green and all that bacteria depended on would be blue. I may then call it again with: "red green blue lion" - all that the lion depended on would be red, the lion would be green and all that depended on the lion would be blue.

Can you imagine the two maps?

Little depends on the lion but the lion depends on much.

All depends on bacteria but bacteria depends on little. It is also very adaptable and can alter host or dependency with need.

To adapt is to survive.

You won't see a lion switch to a wheat diet, with no meat it would die. If people as a whole decide that they do not like a certain corporation, TV show, person then quickly that large entity suffers. If that large entity turns against they whom they depend on then the suffering reflects back and hits them.

The smaller we are, the more adaptable, the more we can yield, the more we can serve, the more we can share, the more we can cooperate over pretend borders and divisions, then the more we are a powerful survivor.

Humans do have a very varied diet and the ability to live 50C below zero and 50C above zero, but we can't get by without air, bacteria, water, and amino acids. We sit in a precarious position one that environmentalists and politicians will use to control mass thinking, but a position also that shows our great strength in overcoming control grids.

The first grid of control to escape is the hive-mind and to not hold up and adhere to the large accepted norms. The second control grid to escape is that of in and out groups where the situation in Thailand is a current example. All people are for Red or for Yellow, they polarize over this fictitious divide and they battle, they battle for the detriment of both sides and the victory of an invisible control and manipulation agent. This is the same in war, politics, religion and packaged for mass consumption as sporting events. "I love Manchester United - I hate Real Madrid" and the owners of these teams quaff champaign and get driven around in Bentleys. Many control grids exist and they operate by the old divide and conquer techniques and by the falsely presented dependencies where we are lead to believe that we need Nike, we need a government, we need Coke, we need Microsoft and not that they depend on us.

Once the false grids are escaped and the true dependencies seen then the true power is seen, it is seen to be you as the most powerful entity you know.

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