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Imaginary conversation with your boss.

Dear Boss,

You are aware of my dedication and strong work ethic. I can be relied upon to do my best and this has lead you to place much responsibility on me. Of late things have become a little out of hand and I must raise these issues.

I have decided the best method would be a conversation that neither of us took part in. The reasons are 1) time is precious and we have little enough without spending in a meeting 2) There is only one possible outcome.

Here is the conversation we do not need to have but should be aware of nearly having:

I enter and sit.

You provide a little small talk and attempt to relax the atmosphere. Seeing I am relaxed you give a little speech on how great I am and the future of the company. Hoping I have lessened the acidity of my complaint you allow me to speak.

I Raise the issues I have in a deliberate and succinct manner. I offer a few versions of a more desirable way but concede that given the circumstances things could never have been different.

You offer some solutions along the lines of "Could you have..? and "You could have.."

I respectfully tell you why in the current flow of things those solutions could never have been.

You consolidate and you offer the option to come to you with any future problems and you assure me that things will change. You thank me for raising the issues and for my dedication to the company and my job. You wish me and my family the best.

I thank you and leave.

The result is that things do not alter one bit but I feel better for speaking and you show up for golf 30 minutes late. to avoid the need for that conversation. There it was.

You may copy and paste that to your boss as required.

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Fay's Too said...

Ohmygrimm! How timely, appropriate and appreciated!