For every act of evil, there is an act of beauty. You Can't Change the World, Only Your Attitude Towards It.

the way to fix the world is to just be the peace you wish to see

I keep finding myself rewording this very same point over and over. It echoes back to me when I see people living their lives and commenting on the world as is.

Logic seems wishy washy when it is used to point out truthful paradoxes and this is perhaps why I try to reword this point over again. It is circular logic but I feel true in heart.

Here are 3 more attempts to add to my list of previous efforts:

'You are best to have no desire to alter the world or yourself one bit (unless the altering of yourself is in line with this point). The wish to alter the world is the very same wish that lead to all the problems that are seen as requiring fixing.'

'The desire to alter the world is the very same desire that lead to the problems in the world and therefore to leave well alone until balance is regained is the only sane way back to perfection. (and in a way therefore, no matter how bad the world can seem, it is in fact perfect as is but for the constant attempts at fixing it).'

'Seeing the world as imperfect and requiring a fix is precisely the same attitude that lead others before us to screw the world up. Realize it as perfect and not something that can be shaped by human desire and melt back this very instant to that very perfection you desire in the future.'

In line with the point I am making I shall now not attempt to alter it again.

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